A simple guide to unlocking your FPS in Hearthstone

A simple guide to unlocking your FPS in Hearthstone. Learn how to improve your FPS from the default 30 FPS cap.

Unlocking FPS in Hearthstone is something that people have known about since the release of Hearthstone. For whatever reason, for a large majority of people, the default FPS on Hearthstone is set to 30. However, increasing your FPS actually has several major effects on your ability to play the game, so here a quick recap guide on how to solve this issue. 

Locating your AppData for Hearthstone

The first step to unlocking your FPS in Hearthstone is by locating your AppData, and where the Hearthstone Data is saved within it, so we can edit those files. Don’t be afraid, that sounds far more complex than it actually is. First, open a map on your PC in Windows. Locate the bar at the top-end of your map or This PC Menu, which looks something like this. 

Now, click on the button and copy the following.

C:\Users\(your Username here)\AppData\Local\Blizzard\Hearthstone

Example: C:\Users\Arend\AppData\Local\Blizzard\Hearthstone 

Following this, you should end up on a map that looks like the following.

Changing the options.txt file to improve our FPS. 

Now that we have located the menu, open the options.txt file with whatever text editor you want to use. Personally, I think the Notepad app, which is installed by default, does the job perfectly. Now that we have a file that looks like a lot of text you might get overwhelmed a little. However, don’t be afraid, what we have to do is simple. If you happen to have it open, Close Battle.net and Hearthstone for a moment. Now, copy and paste the following at the end of the Options.txt file: 



Save, close, and enjoy your Hearthstone in 60 FPS! The same options work to disable vsync, or to increase FPS to 144hz if you prefer and your PC and monitor can handle the increased requirements. 

But why does increasing your FPS matter?

Increasing your FPS matters for a few simple things. The first is that it makes animations and other effects look smoother, which for some increases their experience playing Hearthstone. But for the competitive players among us, there is a whole other point. Increasing Hearthstone’s FPS cap allows you to play more cards, minions, or effects faster. One important time for that is with the Rope in Hearthstone, which is affected drastically by latency and performance of your PC since with higher FPS you’ll have a more accurate measure of how much time you – actually – have left. 

The setup for this was first shared with the community by a Reddit user CutleryCollector, over six years ago. Almost any streamer you watch probably already makes use of it, so don’t worry about this giving you an unfair advantage in some way. For now, please read about our guide to increasing your Weekly XP for the Hearthstone Reward pass! Or if you are looking for our Discord, you can find the invite here!

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