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The all you need to know Void Knight Armor guide (OSRS)

Nearly every player needs to unlock the Void Knight armor at some point. The outfit allows for one of the highest damage dealing setups against low defense monsters. In addition to the high damage the outfit deals, the limited switches required make the Void Knight armor a perfect tool for players at all various end-game bosses. Two of the most notable places the Void Knight armor is among the best outfits are in the Chambers of Xeric and the Theater of Blood. Find out how you can unlock this outfit and maximize your points in the Pest Control minigame.

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The Void Knight outfit

The Void Knight outfit includes one of three helmets, the Void Knight Top, Robe, and Gloves. Each of the six total pieces is purchased separately at the Void Knight Outpost, from one of the Void Knights in the camp. To buy a portion of the Void Knight set, players require level 42 in Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged and Magic, and level 22 Prayer. 

Purchasing the helmets for every attack style, Magic, Range, and Melee, costs a total of 600 points. The Robe and Top costs 250 points each, with the final piece, the gloves priced at 150 points. Each of the helms grants a unique effect when worn with the remainder of the set. The Range and Melee helm offer a 10% damage and accuracy increase to their combat styles, respectively, where the Void Mage helm offers 45% Magic accuracy instead. 

The pieces of the Void Knight outfit all offer a significant amount of defense bonuses. However, unless the full set is worn, no offense bonus is granted to the player. The most notable stats are on the Void Knight Top and Robe, each offering some of the highest Magic defense bonuses for 42/45 defense accounts. 

The best way to unlock the Void set in OSRS

The best and only way to unlock the void armor set in Oldschool Runescape is through the Pest Control Minigame. Within the Pest Control minigame, players group up to clear an island of monsters. To accomplish this, players must work together to close the portals creating the monsters while protecting the Void Knight in the center of the map. 

In the past, players would not actively participate or remain AFK within the Pest Control minigame. Back in 2017, Jagex added an activity bar to the minigame and restricted players’ ability to use the Alchemy spells or to fletch on the Pest Control island. Alongside this update, each of the three boats got one additional point per game to further insensitive players to participate. 

Activity is gained by participating in closing the Portals, killing monsters on the Island, or by repairing barriers and gates that the Ravagers destroy. The “novice” boat, requires 40 combat and grants the lowest points per game at 3. The “Intermediate” boat needs level 70 combat and is the majority of the time the most popular boat. The intermediate boat grants 4 points per game. Most players consider this to be the best game for all players above level 70 combat. The final boat is the “advanced” boat, which requires level 100 combat and grants 5 points per completed game. This boat is far less popular than the intermediate boat, due to the frequent lack of players willing to enter the higher competition, due to the higher chance of losing. 

The monsters within the Pest Control minigame

There are several monsters within the Pest Control minigame. However, only a few are essential to target at various stages in the round. Players can often ignore The Defiler, Shifter, and Splatters whenever you have a good team going. For players looking to protect the Void Knight in the center of the map, these are most frequently the monsters you end up battling. 

The best way to describe the Defiler is as the ranger. It attacks from a massive distance, with highly inaccurate but high hitting attacks. Whenever possible, try to close the gates surrounding the Void Knight, as Defilers often get stuck behind the doors, which makes it impossible for them to attack. The Torcher is the Defiler’s “magic” counterpart and acts in the same manner as the Defilers do. 

The Shifters teleport themselves around frequently, slowly making their way to the middle. Most players won’t fight these creatures, as they aren’t crucial to the players battling the portals.

Monster Priority within Pest Control

The Brawlers and Splatters have a similar role in the game. In the early few spawns of minions, both of these should be a high priority target. The reason for this is that they both work to destroy the barricades and doors protecting the camp. However, after a portal is closed, both the Splatter and Brawler wander around aimlessly, causing them to no longer be a threat after the initial 30 to 60 seconds of the round. 

Pest Control Void Knight Set OSRS

The Spinner is the single most frustrating monster in the Pest Control minigame. Spinners act as healers for the portals, drastically reducing the number of points per hour you can obtain if they remain untouched. Because of this, the players who are paying attention during the minigame often shout out when a Spinner is at one of the portals. Make sure to kill these before continuing to pursue your attempt at closing the portal to speed up the rounds for everyone. 

The final monster is Brawler. Brawler is a colossal monster within the Pest Control minigame, blocking players and monsters alike from moving through it. At the start of a round, players should prioritize fighting the Brawlers. Brawlers have between 80 and 120 HP, making them a great source of early “activity score”, allowing you to relax more later throughout the games. 

The risk of using Void Knight armor in the wilderness

The Void Knight set is very powerful for players engaging in Player-vs-Player(PVP) activities. However, this doesn’t come without risk. As the Void Knight outfit is untradable, it is permanently lost when a player dies wearing it above the level 20 wilderness line. As the gear takes a very long time to obtain, most players avoid bringing it into the wilderness for this reason.

However, an item available as a reward of the Last Man Standing minigame can solve this problem. The Trouver Parchment protects untradeable items, such as the Fire cape, or pieces of the Void Knight outfit. The protection of the Trouver Parchment comes at the cost of about 500,000 coins per item, so it isn’t without risk. If a player dies wearing an enchanted, untradeable item, the “killer” receives 375,000 coins. 

Perdu OSRS

Upon death, the protected items revert to their un-enchanted state and require a new Trouver Parchment to enchant it. The scroll combines with the item at an NPC called “Perdu”. Players can find Perdu in four places on throughout Geillanor: 

  • The Lumbridge Courtyard (Pvp world only)
  • Catherby, in the house north of the bank
  • Edgeville, 1st floor of the General Store OR inside the bank on PvP & Bounty Hunter worlds.
  • Falador, on the 1st floor of the General Store.

The simple recommendation is not to bring the Void Knight set into the wilderness, except players who wish to train their Range skill at the Green Dragons in the Western Wilderness. This accessible money-making opportunity is located at level 14 to 17 Wilderness, and as such, the Void Knight set is not at risk if a player killer kills a player.  

Elite vs. regular Void Knight Armor in OSRS

After completion of the Western Provinces elite diary, players may upgrade the Void Knight Robe and Top to their Elite counterparts. The upgrades to the Elite armor require an additional 250 points each. The Void Knight Elite armor provides a further 1.25% damage per piece for both the Magic and Range combat styles. However, the melee style remains unaffected. 

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