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An Introductory guide to the Mighty Wild Malygos Druid

Scholomance academy kicked off with Malygos Druid reigning supreme in the wild meta. With countless players hitting ranks higher than ever before with the One-turn-kill powerhouse. Malygos druid is the fastest OTK-deck I (Mik) have ever played! The deck can be crazy fast with the four ramp cards mainly in the deck and Jepetto Joybuzz pulling you Aviana for one mana! 

I’ve seen many variants of this deck, some lists running Ysiel Windsinger, but the most powerful list, in my opinion, is the variant that runs Sathrovarr and Kael’thas Sunstrider. Today I will be sharing my favorite lists and will explain how to play them!

The decklists for Malygos Druid

Malygos Druid Decks




The first list I want to feature here is my favorite Malygos Druid list. It is also the deck I used to get a top 400 Legend finish in the August season. I cut out double Living Roots used in the regular lists for Sphere of Sapience and an extra spreading plague to give us a chance against the heavily aggression dominated meta. Sphere of Sapience helps us draw our ramp or combo pieces and chuck away those useless cards that we may not need early on or late in the game. The extra Spreading Plague allows us to build a wall of taunts and give us more time to set up the combo.

The second list is the most popular Malygos list I’ve seen around, but it has slowly disappeared since the Darkglare took over the Wild format. The popular build of Malygos Druid wins extremely quickly against the slow control or combo decks like Cube Warlock, Reno Priest, and Odd Warrior. The extra double Living Roots helps the deck make the combo happen without drawing into damage as you go.

The final list is the original Malygos Druid list from Ashes of Outland, and a lot of people prefer. This particular deck uses fewer combo pieces and plays out a slower control game using cards like Oaken Summons to pull out Imprisoned Satyr to make any of your big combo pieces halved in their mana cost. 

Wrath helps with drawing cards and gives you the availability to ping off minions early game. On the other hand, Poison Seeds you use to deal with those big boards or large minions that you couldn’t remove.

Mulligan guide for Malygos Druid

The mulligan for Malygos Druid is a bit more complicated than most decks in the Wild Hearthstone format. Choosing the proper cards for each situation is vital for the deck to succeed.  

Malygos Druid Mulligan

In general, you are looking for your ramp and targeted draw, keeping Sphere of Sapience, Juicy Psychmelon, and Overgrowth in hand is pretty much correct 100% of the time. These cards allow you to gain mana quickly or draw your combo pieces.

If you have an Overgrowth or Juicy Psychmelon in your opening hand, one Lightning Bloom or Innervate is a good thing to keep. Nature Studies also seems to be a solid keep if you have an Overgrowth in hand. 

Biology Project is one of the tricky cards in your mulligan. Many players seem to make the mistake of dropping it on turn one without having a follow-up play on turn two and end up losing hard to aggressive decks or having a control deck get nice early tempo. 

This all means that to keep Biology Project in your mulligan, you need a play to go alongside it. Whether that is Juicy Psychmelon or Overgrowth, as long as you have something to speed up the game you will be good to go.

Spreading Plague is a keep against pretty much any aggressive matchup, Normally one is enough to get you through the game. On the other hand, a card such as Ferocious Howl is not something to keep in the mulligan unless you have an Overgrowth, Juicy Psychmelon hand to go alongside it.

No matter how tempting it may be, never keep any of your minions in your opening hand, but don’t freak out if you draw into one after you mulligan.

If you’re playing the Ysiel Windsinger list, you can also keep one Oaken Summons in the mulligan.

Game strategy

The main strategy for Malygos Druid is to ramp early game and then draw into your combo pieces and then pull off the combo with them to kill your opponent. In the early game, only ever drop Biology Project on turn one if you can follow up with a Branching Paths, Overgrowth, or Juicy Psychmelon on turn two.

If you can’t ramp, try drawing into your ramp cards or combo pieces and use Spreading plague or Oaken Summons to delay and kill off the small one health minions with your Hero Power. Once you’ve drawn the combo pieces, you’re ready to pull off the One-turn-kill!

How to pull off the Malygos OTK?

The Malygos Druid OTK requires several tools to pull off. There are several varieties in decklists, but the core of every build is the same. Aviana, Kun the Forgotten King, Malygos & additional cards. For one list this may be Kael’Thas & Spells & Sathrovarr and additional Malygos’. For another, this could be Ysiel Windsinger & loads of spells. 

It is important to know what the minimum tools are required for you to pull off the combo you are playing in the deck, so you know when you might be able to find a way out of a bad situation. 

Step 1. Collect the required combo pieces for the Malygos OTK through drawing cards & Juicy Psychmelon. 

Step 2. Play Aviana, either Lightning Bloom or Innervate, then follow it up with Kun the Forgotten King. 

Step 3. Combine the combo your list includes to draw all the minions and spells to kill your opponent!

Matchups and meta for Malygos Druid

There are currently several decks dominating the Wild Hearthstone meta. The main decks you come up against currently are Darkglare Warlock, Kingsbane & Odd Rogue, Reno Priest & Aggressive Druid decks. In addition to this, Warrior has several variants that are gaining popularity in the Wild meta, such as Odd, Bomb, and Deadman’s Hand Warrior. 

From all the decks currently in the Wild Hearthstone meta, Darkglare Warlock is by far the most popular and difficult matchup for the deck. However, overall our matchups are quite good if we can avoid the Darkglare players. When the nerf for Darkglare Warlock finally arrives, you can expect this deck to surge in popularity. 

Every other matchup we have a path to victory for. Either find the defensive tools against aggressive decks, or find your combo to finish off the more control oriented decks!


Malygos Druid dominates the control matchups and can be fast enough to beat those powerful aggressive decks in the meta. Playing this deck requires you to understand the current meta and mulligan correctly according to the matchups. 

The nerf to Kael’Thas Sunstrider hasn’t changed the deck at all as normally you would have extra mana during your combo turn, so the increase doesn’t affect the way you pull off the combo. Malygos Druid still has a lot of potential in this wild Scholomance Academy meta; with the right pilot, the deck could perform well at high legend!

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