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Battlegrounds Basics – Freezing & Triples What you need to know

Battlegrounds Basics Freezing and Triples(1)

Freezing and Triples are two basic concepts of Battlegrounds. However, they are much more complex than you might think at first sight. Here is what you need to know about Freezing and Triples in Battlegrounds.

What you need to know about Freezing in Battlegrounds

Freezing allows you to hold Bob’s shop for the next recruitment phase. That means if you see a minion you want but lack the money to purchase it, you can freeze to buy it in the following or a later round. You can freeze Bob’s Tavern as many times as you like throughout a game of Battlegrounds, but don’t think it comes without downsides. 

By freezing, you are essentially paying four gold to purchase a minion. It is four instead of three gold because you miss out on the free refresh of Bob’s shop at the start of each round. While you may want this one minion, you are paying extra to keep it frozen. My suggestion for players when it comes to freezing is asking this question, “If you were to see this card in the next recruitment phase, just how much will it benefit your Warband.” Normally, I would only freeze a card if it provides strong tempo, is a triple, or when the unit greatly furthers my win condition.

There will also be situations where you see a triple that you want to purchase but would prefer to get an even higher tier minion. You can freeze the board and either upgrade or purchase the other minions surrounding it and save the triple for the next turn. 

Other forms of freezing are from Statis Elemental and Sindragosa’s hero power. If you do not want the frozen minion, you can press the freeze button twice to remove the effect.

What you need to know about Triples in Battlegrounds

A triple in Battlegrounds refers to finding three of the same unit. That works for both tokens from cards like Alleycat or Murloc Tidehunter or any unit available in the game. When you buy the third copy of a unit, they combine to create a golden version. The golden version has twice the strength of the regular version of the minion, often with an upgraded effect. In addition, buffs from the minions that merge remain for your new unit. That is especially important when playing a composition like Elementals or Quilboar, which have strong permanent and temporary buffs of which you can take advantage.

When you play the golden version of a card onto your side of the board, you get the opportunity to discover a minion from one tier above your current Tavern Tier. The tavern tier of the unit you triple does not affect the minions you get to discover. 
Generally, you want to get the best minion possible, which often comes from the higher tiers. T5 and T6 minions have win conditions and end game plans that can carry you to victory. When trying to triple for them in difficult situations, think about how much tempo you will gain next turn and if it’s a play that won’t kill you. You can be in a situation where you triple twice, but if you blew all of your money and minions to getting to Tavern Tier 5 to get T6 minions, you could die the next two turns when getting short tempo minions like Kalecgos or Captain Flat Tusk. 

In a more advanced strategy, there may be situations where you do not want to triple a minion. The most common example is having two Deflect-o-Bots. Most of the time, they are better to keep separate than combining them into one minion, the reason being that it is stronger to have two big divine shield minions over one gigantic minion.

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