Battlegrounds composition cheat-sheet
Battlegrounds Compositions Hearthstone

Battlegrounds compositions cheat-sheet

Compositions are one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our guides to all tribes help you learn. (cheat-sheet bonus)

This article is meant as a simple overview to use while in-game to guide your compositions in Battlegrounds. While this cheat sheet wasn’t originally planned, we decided to create one at the request of multiple people. To find all full-length guides and strategies, take a look at the Compositions page instead. Last updated for patch 20.4.2 (June 28th Update)


Charlga & Agamaggam Build:
Bristleback Knight or Bonkers | Tough Tusk | Tough Tusk | Bristleback Brute | Charlga | Agamaggan | Dynamic Duo

Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie:
Aggem Thorncurse | Captain Flat Tusk | Any 4 other Menagerie minions (with an emphasis for Golden Hoggarr) | Lightfang Enforcer or Mythrax

Groundshaker Build:
Captain Flat Tusk | Groundshaker | Divine Shield minions | Cleave | Dynamic Duo or another strong taunt


Kalegos Dragons:

Nadina, the Red | Kalegos | Any dragons x 4 | Battlecry filler

Nadina Dragons:

Monsterous Macaw | Nadina, the Red | Razorgore, the Untamed x 2 | Drakonid Enforcers x 2 | Any filler

Dragons full guide


Deflect-o-Bot Mechs:

Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Iron Sensei or Brann Bronzebeard | Metaltooth Leapers | Mechano Egg | Any mechs

Deathrattle Mechs:

Golden Kaboom Bot | Golden Sneed’s Old Shredder | Kangor’s Apprentice | Kangor’s Apprentice | Golden Baron Rivendare

Alternate Late Game Deflect-o-Bot Build:

Mechano Egg with Attack | Mechano Egg with Attack | Kangor’s Apprentice | Taunted Divine Shield Harvest Goldem | Taunted Deflect-o-Bot | Arm of the Empire | Taunted Deflect-o-Bot

Mechs full guide


Nomi Elementals:

Nomi the Chef | Any 6 Elementals (watch out for Sellementals and Statis Elementals)

Lil Rag Elementals:

Lil Rag | Djinni | Tavern Tempest | Brann Bronzebeard

Elementals full guide


APM Hoggarr Pirates:

Seabreaker Goliath | Golden Salty Looter | Golden Cap’n Hoggarr | Golden Southsea Captain | Dread Admiral Eliza | Golden Ripsnarl Captain | Taunted Hogarrr

NOTE: Build is flexible. You can have no Seabreaker or have no Southsea Captain, instead have more Ripsnarls or Salty Looters or Eliza. Your main goal is just to keep buffing your minions incredibly strong by constant purchases.

Scallywag/Exodia Pirates:

Ideal Exodia Pirates:
Unstable Ghoul | Golden Selfless Hero | Scallywag | Scallywag | Golden Eliza | Golden Khadgar | Golden Baron Rivendare

Pirates full guide


Brann Murlocs:

King Bagurgle | Primalfin Lookout | Brann Bronzebeard

NOTE: By late game, poison everything, find golden Selfless Hero and Baron Rivendare

Poison Murlocs:

Poisoned Murlocs x 5 | Golden Selfless Hero  | Baron Rivendare or Monstrous Macaw

Murlocs full guide


Deathrattle Beasts:

Golden Goldrinn, the Great Wolf (w/ Taunt) | Cave Hydra | Golden Baron Rivendare | Savannah Highmane | Rat Pack | Golden Rat Pack | Golden Mama Bear

Bird Beasts:

Golden Monstrous Macaw | Monstrous Macaw | Goldrinn, the Great Wolf | Cave Hydra  | Maexxna | Golden Baron Rivendare | Maexxna

Beasts full guide


Wrath Weaver Demons:

Wrath Weaver | Mal’Ganis | Selfless Hero | Pick two: Champion of Y’Shaarj or Bigfernal or Goldgrubber or Soul Devourer or Deadly Spore or Maexxna | Baron Rivendare

Soul Juggler Demons:

Imprisoner | Imprisoner | Voidlord | Voidlord | Imp Mama | Golden Soul Juggler | A scaler (Wrath Weaver | Champion of Y’Shaarj | Bigfernal | Goldgrubber) or another Soul Juggler

Demons full guide

Off-Tribe Builds in Battlegrounds


Mythrax the Unraveler | Any tribed minions x 4 | Brann Bronzebeard and/or Lightfang Enforcer

Note: If you have Brann, leave room for battlecries


Golden Champion of Y’Shaarj | Taunted Selfless Hero | Voidlord | Voidlord | Divine Shield Taunt Security Rover | Golden Qiraji Harbinger | Golden Arm of the Empire or another Qiraji Harbinger

Divine Shield:

Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Golden Bolvar, Fireblood | Golden Drakonid Enforcer | Golden Selfless Hero | Any minions that help them scale  (Arm of the Empire | Majordomo Executus | Iron-Sensei)


Golden Selfless Hero | Poisoned Minion (Maexxna | Poisoned Murloc | Deadly Spore) x 5 | Baron Rivendare

Off-Tribe Full guide

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