Battlegrounds composition cheat-sheet
Battlegrounds Compositions Hearthstone

A simple cheat sheet for all best Battlegrounds Warbands.

Compositions are one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our guides to all tribes help you learn. (cheat-sheet bonus)

This article is meant as a simple overview to use while in-game to guide your compositions in Battlegrounds. While this cheat sheet wasn’t originally planned, we decided to create one at the request of multiple people. To find all full-length guides and strategies, take a look at the Compositions page instead. Last updated for the August 31 Battlegrounds Revamp.


Charlga & Agamaggam Build:
Bristleback Knight or Bonkers | Tough Tusk | Tough Tusk | Bristleback Brute | Charlga | Agamaggan | Dynamic Duo

Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie:
Aggem Thorncurse | Captain Flat Tusk | Any 4 other Menagerie minions (with an emphasis for Golden Hoggarr) | Lightfang Enforcer or Mythrax

Groundshaker Build:
Captain Flat Tusk | Groundshaker | Divine Shield minions | Cleave | Dynamic Duo or another strong taunt


August 31 changes: Removed Dragonspawn Lieutenant, Steward of Time, Waxrider Togwaggle, Hangry Dragon, and Herald of Flame.

Kalecgos Build:

Kalecgos | Dragon | Dragon | Dragon | Dragon | Slot for Battlecries | Whelp Smuggler. Eventually add Nadina to remove Whelp Smuggler

Nadina Build:

Nadina the Red | Tarecgosa | Prize-Promo Drake | Tarecgosa | Golden Razorgore | Golden Prestor’s Pyrospawn | Grease Bot
Same but now you can add Grease Bot or Holy Mecheral

Dragon Without Nadina or Kalecgos (Midrange):

Razorgore | Bronze Warden | Bronze Warden | Tarecgosa | Prized Promo-Drake | Tarcgosa | Grease Bot

Whelp Smuggler Build:

Glyph Guardian | Glyph Guardian | Razorgore | Prized Promo-Drake | Razorgore | Whelp Smuggler | Whelp Smuggler

Whelp Smuggler’s starting build is the same as the end-game build, just with golden versions of these minions instead.

Dragons full guide


Deflect-o-Bot Mechs:

Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Mechano Egg | Holy Mecherel | Holy Mecherel | Golden Grease Bot | Mechano Egg (All minions with Replicating Menace)

Deathrattle Mechs:

Divine Shield Taunted MechanoEgg | Divine Shield Taunted Golden Kaboom Bot | Golden Mechano-Tank | Golden Kangor’s Apprentice | Golden Baron Rivendare

Taunt Mech

Micro Mummy | Grease Bot | Kangor’s Apprentice | Another mech with deathrattle or Holy Mecheral | Taunted Deflect-o-Bot | Taunted Deflect-o-Bot | Golden Arm of the Empire (One more refresher or Holy Mecheral)

Mechs full guide


August 31st Elemental changes: Removed Arcane Assistant, Lieutenant Garr.

Nomi Elementals:

Nomi the Chef | Any 6 Elementals (watch out for Sellementals and Statis Elementals)

Lil Rag Elementals:

Lil Rag | Djinni | Tavern Tempest | Brann Bronzebeard

Elementals full guide


August 31 Pirate’s removed: Southsea Captain, Bloodsail Cannoneer, Nat Pagle, Seabreaker Goliath, Tide Razor.

APM Hoggarr Pirates:

Golden Cap’n Hoggarr | Salty Looter | Briny Bootlegger | Peggy Brittlebone | Tony-Two-Tusk | Goldgrubber | Ripsnarl Hunter.

Scallywag/Exodia Pirates:

Ideal Exodia Pirates:
Unstable Ghoul | Golden Selfless Hero | Scallywag | Scallywag | Golden Eliza | Golden Khadgar | Golden Baron Rivendare

Pirates full guide


Murlocs removed: Murloc Tidecaller, Toxfin.

Brann Murlocs:

King Bagurgle | Primalfin Lookout | Brann Bronzebeard

Note: New Murlocs use SI:Sefin to poison.

NOTE: By late game, poison everything, find golden Selfless Hero and Baron Rivendare

Poison Murlocs:

Poisoned Murlocs x 5 | Golden Selfless Hero  | Baron Rivendare or Monstrous Macaw

Murlocs full guide


Deathrattle Beasts:

Goldrinn | Leapfrogger | Palescale Crocolisk | Bird Buddy | Rat Pack | Mama Bear | Baron Rivendare (Use Reanimating Rattler to reborn all of them)

Bird Beasts:

Golden Monstrous Macaw | Monstrous Macaw | Goldrinn, the Great Wolf | Cave Hydra  | Maexxna | Golden Baron Rivendare | Maexxna (again, use Reanimated Rattler to Reborn.)

Beasts full guide


Wrath Weaver Demons:

Golden Wrath Weaver | Kathra’natir | Insatiable Ur’zul | Famished Felbat | Imp Mama | Impatient Doomsayer | Voidlord

Soul Juggler Demons:

Imprisoner | Imprisoner | Voidlord | Voidlord | Imp Mama | Golden Soul Juggler | A scaler (Wrath Weaver | Champion of Y’Shaarj | Bigfernal | Goldgrubber) or another Soul Juggler.

Largely unchanged, now Famished Felbat or Insatiable Ur’zul available to situationally improve your Warband.

Demons full guide

Off-Tribe Builds in Battlegrounds


Any tribed minions x 5 | Brann Bronzebeard and/or Lightfang Enforcer

Note: If you have Brann, leave room for battlecries. Mytrax’s removal hurts, overall largely unchanged.


Impossible after Qiraji removal.

Divine Shield:

Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Grease Bot | Bronze Warden | Drakonid Enforcer | Gemsplitter | Annoy-o-Module on Holy Mecherel


Largely impossible after Toxfin removal.

Off-Tribe Full guide

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