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After a long time of planning, we are happy to announce we are now an official affiliate of the official Merch store from Blizzard. With this opportunity, you can buy various Hearthstone-related products and help us work towards sustaining the website completely ad-free in the future. In the short term, however, all revenue earned from this goes towards paying the writers more, since they deserve it!

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I want to get myself or my friends some Hearthstone Merch – How do I order?

All orders are handled by the official Blizzard Gear Store website. You can use the links below to find all of the available products. Shipping is available worldwide and there are new discounts every week for you to look out for!

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What merch can I order on the Blizzard Gear Store?

There are hundreds of different products available on the Blizzard Gear store. For Hearthstone alone you can find things like framed art, T-Shirts, books, gift cards, mugs, puzzles, and many more things. Below are just a few of the team’s favorites to help you get started.

More than 15 designs are currently available on the Blizzard Gear store. The selection above are just some of our favorite designs. Order yours now!

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For the true Hearthstone fans, Blizzard has some fantastic options. Whether you are looking for a gift for your Hearthstone-loving family member, or simply want to pick up something unique for your partner, the Blizzard Gear store has it all. My personal favorite products are the official Hearthstone card artworks from artists like Alex Horley, who created the artwork for the Old Gods C’thun, N’zoth, and Y’Shaarj.

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