Tax Paladin united in Stormwind Expansion featured IMage

What you need to know about the latest United in Stormwind rank one legend deck, Tax Paladin

As players continue to explore the United in Stormwind Hearthstone expansion, new challengers are rising to the top. One such deck, Tax Paladin, is climbing the ranks. Earlier today, the Chinese Hearthstone player 凛冬将至丨一方 achieved rank one legend with an impressive eleven game winning spree according to Lovelyduke, a popular Wild Hearthstone community member. AfterContinue Reading

Darkglare Quest Warlock Guide

What you need to know about the new Darkglare Quest Warlock

With the first day of the United in Stormwind expansion nearing its end, the king of Darkglare Warlock seems only to have improved. The new Darkglare Build, featuring the Demon Seed questline, is shaping up to be a contender for the best deck in the format. The explosiveness and consistency of Darkglare Warlock continue withContinue Reading

Runescape3 THe Nemi Forest

What you need to know about Runescape3’s Nemi Forest

As many of you won’t be familiar with the Nemi Forest, let’s start with the basics. The Nemi Forest, located on the island of Mazcab, is a daily activity that grants experience in Mining, Prayer, Dungeoneering, and Farming. The mini-game is most important for Ironman players, as it is one of the most efficient waysContinue Reading

Runescape 3 Dungeoneering Reward Scrolls

What you need to know about the Dungeoneering Scrolls

It is no surprise that the Dungeoneering skill provides many of the most important upgrades out of any skill in Runescape3. Understanding what all the rewards do, how you obtain them, and the best rewards of each type are a lot to comprehend. This article delves into the various assistance scrolls players can purchase throughContinue Reading

What you need to reach the Island of Anachronia

One of the most important areas of Runescape is the island of Anachronia. Visiting Anachronia should be your first priority on any Member’s account due to the real-time gated content located all across the area. Newer players commonly forget the Island of Anachronia since the way to access it isn’t as clear as you wouldContinue Reading

Royal Dragon Hide Crafting RS3 Runescape3

Why now is the time to craft Royal Dragonhide

With the release of the Kerapac, the Unbound boss in the new Godwars Dungeon expansion, many materials saw a significant price decrease. A common drop, the Royal Dragonhide is among the most interesting opportunities for many players. The primary method has a minimum requirement of level 87 (boostable from as low as 79 for Vambraces/boots),Continue Reading

Mining Luminite Best Locations

The best locations to mine Luminite Ore in Runescape3

Mining Luminite is a vital part of playing Runescape for Free-to-Play players and Ironmen. The Luminite Ore is half of the required resources to create Adamant (T40) and Runite (T50) bars. There are several locations where you can mine Luminite Ore, each with its own restrictions and benefits.  The place to mine Luminite in Free-to-PlayContinue Reading

Battlegrounds Curve cheat sheet

Every curve you need to know in Battlegrounds

Learning all the different curves in Battlegrounds is immensely complex. While we try and include as many curves for each hero guide as we can think of, we previously didn’t have a great way to see all Battlegrounds strategies in one place. Recently Minder, a Battlegrounds community member, created a spreadsheet covering all the possibleContinue Reading


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