BUdget Face Hunter basics

Budget Face Hunter – The basics you need to know

One of the current strongest Standard decks in the Forged in Barrens Hearthstone meta is Face Hunter. One key strength of the archetype is its fantastic matchup into the ever-popular No Minion or Deck of Lunacy Mage deck. With many Face Hunter builds following quite a similar principle, there is one deck that stands outContinue Reading

The basics of pirate warrior

Wild Pirate Warrior – The basics you need to know

Wild Pirate Warrior is one of the strongest aggressive decks currently available in the format. The deck targets the widely popular Mage decks and does surprisingly well against the “Taxes” Paladin deck that recently gained popularity. The additions of Fogsail Freebooter from the Core Set and Rokara from the Forged in Barrens set increased theContinue Reading

Classic Zoo Warlock

Classic Zoo Warlock – The basics you need to know

The Classic Zoo Warlock might be my all-time favorite aggressive deck in Hearthstone. Sure, those fancy Darkglare Decks you might play nowadays are fun and all, but think of this as the grandfather of the aggressive Warlock decks you know now. The Classic format gives old and new players alike a chance to experience whatContinue Reading

The basics of secret mage

Wild Secret Mage – The basics you need to know

Secret Mage is one of the strongest Wild decks for many years now. One of the interesting developments came from Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon, which replaced one of the all-time best Mage cards, Aluneth, in the archetype. This and more we cover in our longer guide talking about Secret Mage. For now, however, let’s coverContinue Reading

Standard Murloc Paladin Rise Again

Standard Murloc Paladin – The basics you need to know

As the meta continues to shift from the latest edition of nerfs in the Forged in Barren’s expansion, a surprising contender is gaining strength. Murloc Paladin is the latest iteration of the aggressive Paladin archetype after several tools of the previous iteration saw changes. The list I want to show you is from the TaiwaneseContinue Reading

Wild Murloc Shaman

Wild Murloc Shaman – The basics you need to know

One of the most explosive Hearthstone decks in the Wild format is Murloc Shaman. We’ve all been there are some point where you feel just fine against your Murloc Shaman opponent, thinking, huh, that looks like a funny deck. Suddenly, their board is like 30+ attack and health out of thin air, and the gameContinue Reading


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