Demon Hunter Decks Illidari Studies

Five ways to legend with Aggro Demon Hunter

Evil draws close, my friends! Today, I’d like to break from our usual topic (wild) to bring you a Standard Demon Hunter build guide!  Anyone playing standard right now will immediately want me to address the elephant in the room, Cheese Paladin. Every build I dive into here has the Cheesy Paladin menace in mind,Continue Reading

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Best heroes to learn the game

Five simple heroes to learn the basics of Battlegrounds

The number of heroes in Battlegrounds is quite overwhelming for new players. Because of that, I’ve selected five strong heroes for the current Battlegrounds meta, with simple to understand strategies and how to play them. The heroes include Al’Akir, Ragnaros, the Firelord, Forest Warden Omu, the Lich King, and Kael’thas Sunstrider. The simple-to-follow strategies forContinue Reading

C'thun Battlegrounds

A simple and effective strategy for C’thun in Battlegrounds

C’thun is one of the newest heroes in Battlegrounds. However, many people don’t seem to quite grasp how to play him quite yet. Because of that, I want to share with you how most high-ranked players utilize C’thun’s unique ability, Saturday C’thuns!. The strategy for C’thun is quite simple to understand, so learning it isContinue Reading

Hijo Darkglare Guide

How to play Darkglare Warlock like #1 Legend Hijo

Since the release of the Scholomance Academy Hearthstone expansion, Darkglare Warlock reigned the Wild format. Darkglare Warlock is a unique top-tier deck capable of generating overwhelmingly powerful board states early on in the game, often leaving their opponents with no way to fight back. Despite the nerf to Darkglare back in patch 18.2, it’s stillContinue Reading

How to play Enrage Warrior in the Darkmoon Faire

The post-Evolve Shaman Darkmoon Faire is a diverse place, with a great variety of decks from which to choose. Although the Darkmoon Races don’t seem to have caused a great meta shift, with Rogue and Warrior still being the best classes, this guide aims to help you navigate the shifting landscape with Enrage Warrior. EnrageContinue Reading

10 tips for Battlegrounds

10 Tips on How to Get Better at Battlegrounds

Many players are currently playing Battlegrounds trying to win that golden donut from Bob, but unfortunately, this game is not very obvious on how you can win your lobby. With more than 50 heroes, over 100 minions, and many different successful strategies, it can be confusing how to improve. This list is to help newContinue Reading

LaboreSangre Scimitar Rogue featured image

An introduction to the unique wild deck, Scimitar Rogue

Aggressive Rogue archetypes are a part of Hearthstone since practically the beginning. The availability of good spell-burst cards like Eviscerate and cold blood and constructing big damage weapons and aggressive early minions has rendered the Rogue class a good place. Rogue is a class that excels at powerful, aggressive strategies.  Currently, Kingsbane Rogue has itsContinue Reading


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