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Runescape3 RS3 2021 Halloween

What you need to know about RS3’s Halloween 2022 event

With the October 24th update, Runescape revealed the Halloween event for 2022. The Halloween-centric event in and around the Draynor Manor features five different primary activities, each with an associated unique miniquest. Ironman players can participate in the Halloween event and purchase the rewards like regular players. Notably, the Mystery Boxes for Ironman players containContinue Reading

Runescape Error 7,28

Runescape Firewall Error 7,28 – Common Causes and how-to-fix

One of the most common errors players may encounter when trying to start the Runescape client is running into the Firewall Error 7,28. The article will cover the most common cause of the “7,28” error and how you can fix the associated problems. Note: The servers are back online! However, later today, November 23rd, theContinue Reading

The Pokemon Community Game, what you need to know

Pokemon Community Game – All you need to know (Twitch)

With various extensions growing in popularity on Twitch, the largest live-streaming platform in the world, several stand out among the crowd. Among those is the Pokemon Community Game, a simplified version of Pokemon that incentivizes chat activity by allowing viewers to collect, trade, and battle with Pokemon. There is a lot to learn about theContinue Reading

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