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Mill Rogue

The basics you need to know about Mill Rogue

Mill Rogue is one of the most fun and impressively toxic decks in the Wild format. Mill decks within Hearthstone should never be strong enough to become a meta deck since nobody would enjoy the game anymore once the novelty of the Mill deck passed. However, Mill Rogue is also one of the most funContinue Reading

Best dailies RS3 for Money

The five best Daily’s to complete for money in RS3

Daily activities are a massive part of playing Runscape3 nowadays. However, the number of tasks can be a bit overwhelming. Because of that, we compiled a list of five daily activities you should do to make money. Some of these tasks have quite high requirements, but if you aim to unlock them, you can getContinue Reading

RS New player Experience

Five reasons why you should try Runescape3 in 2021

As a long-time Runescape and Oldschool Runescape player, I see a lot of criticism for Runescape3 nowadays from the Oldschool community. Some of it is valid, sure. However, many misconceptions and simple falsehoods stop people from enjoying a game more similar than different in many ways. It was almost a decade since I last playedContinue Reading

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