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Everything you need to know about the Twitch Pokemon Community Game Update

The Pokemon Community Game continues to gather popularity on the premier broadcasting platform Twitch. Now, in 2023, the game is receiving its next major update. The 1.0 patch introduces several long-awaited features and adds several major aspects to the already popular chat-interaction game. This article will cover everything you need to know about the update.…

The basics of Theseus Protocol – What you need to know

Theseus Protocol is a new deck-building dungeon run type game, similar to the ever-popular Slay the Spire game. The game utilizes an approach that combines the best aspects of Slay the Spire with Anime and some unique new mechanics and interesting challenges. For those interested in playing Theseus Protocol yourself, the game will enter early…

All Theseus Protocol keywords explained

Theseus Protocol, the anime cyberpunk deck-building / Dungeon Run-style game from the  Archive Games development studio, launches into Steam Early Access today. Utilize hundreds of different cards, keywords, abilities, and weapons to take on increasingly challenging opponents. Below is a quick explanation of some of the common keywords used in Theseus Protocol that you need…

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