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Classic “Combo” Handlock – The basics you need to know

The basics of Classic Handlock

Handlock is one of the oldest decks in Hearthstone. With the recent addition of Classic to the format, many players are getting their first chance to experience the format. Many of us have fond memories of the deck. If this is your first time learning about the Classic Handlock deck, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did! The list featured here is the build featuring the original “OTK.” First achieved by combining Leeroy Jenkins, Power Overwhelming, Faceless Manipulator, and the optional Soulfire(s) for combinations dealing up to 28 damage from hand. 

Classic Combo Handlock:


Card inclusion list Combo Handlock:

2x (0-cost) Soulfire

2x Mortal Coil

1x Power Overwhelming

2x Ancient Watcher

1x Bloodmage Thalnos

2x Ironbeak Owl

2x Sunfury Protector

1x Earthen Ring Farseer

2x Defender of Argus

2x Hellfire

1x Leeroy Jenkins

2x Shadowflame

2x Twilight Drake

1x Faceless Manipulator

2x Siphon Soul

1x Lord Jaraxxus

2x Mountain Giant

2x Molten Giant

Simple advice for you to get started with the Classic Handlock archetype.

The strategy of the Classic Handlock archetype is quite simple. Use your hero power, Life Tap!, to fill your hand with resources, improving your Twilight Drake, and reducing the cost of Mountain and Molten Giants. Then, play your oversized minions at a very low mana cost and give them Taunt through Sunfury Protector or Defender of Argus to protect yourself. 

Other combos include using a Giant alongside Shadowflame or Poweroverwhelming to destroy the opposing team’s minions. And by using Faceless Manipulator on your Giants to create additional threats. Or by using your Ironbeak Owl on your own Ancient Watchers to create Yetis as early as turn two, which was a common strategy against the more aggressive opponents in the Classic format.

A simple mulligan strategy for Classic Combo Handlock

The mulligan is quite different depending on what your opponent is playing. Against control decks, there is nothing more important than finding your threats like your Mountain Giants and Twilight Drake. Where against Aggressive opponents, it’s far more important to find tools like Hellfire, Earthen Ring Farseer, Molten Giant, or Ancient Watcher when you can find a Sunfury Protector or Ironbeak Owl alongside it. 

A common mistake people make when they first get started learning the deck is underestimating the strength of Molten Giant in your Mulligan if you know your opponent is playing a very aggressive deck. Common matchups where you can’t go without them are against decks like Zoo Warlock, Face Shaman, Backspace (Aggro) Rogue, or even Face Warrior. 

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