Complete these tasks daily for the best Exp in RS3.

RS3 Dailys for best XP

Many of the best experience rates in Runescape3 are available through daily activities. For our page on making money through dailies, look here. In this short roundup, we have three Dailies you need to do to earn the best XP possible.

Divination Training – Guthixian Cache. 

Training Divination is quite a slow progress usually. While the regular Divination training improved significantly with the recent rework, it is still nothing compared to the Guthixian Cache. Ideally, twice a day, you can collect a hundred points in the Guthixian Cache by disabling robots and offering Memories to the center of the room. You can access the Guthixian Cache at (almost) every Divination location, except Draynor. 

The Cache starts once every hour, at the start of the hour, with a maximum of 200 points available to collect per day. If you happen not to reach the 100 points per game cap, you can join additional games throughout the day until you reach the cap later on. 

The Guthixian Cache rewards players with experience based on their current Divination level. The experience per point in the Guthixian Cache starts at 33 XP per point at level 1 and scales to 734 per point at 99 Divination. Earning the maximum number of points each game is quite simple, even if there are no other players in your current world. Suppose you assume you can complete six Guthixian Caches in an hour (Each game takes a maximum of ten minutes, although faster completion is very likely at higher Divination levels). In that case, you earn experience roughly ten times as fast as traditional Divination Training. 

In addition, the Guthixian Cache also rewards players with a chance at the normal Divination outfit, which grants a 6% boost to Divination XP but doesn’t affect the Guthixian Cache XP reward.

The Runespan – Runesphere

For players looking to Train Runecrafting, one of the best ways to go about it (besides training at the Abyss) is through completing the Runesphere once per day. To find the Runesphere, simply enter the Runespan at the top of the Wizards Tower, and hop worlds until you find one that you can collect. A total of 1000 Rune Dust can be collected each day, granting up to 25,000 experience in the Runecrafting skill in addition to the experience earned from siphoning the Runespan. It is possible to complete the Runesphere in one world from as low as level 16 Runecrafting. However, it is much easier to start doing this at level 22 or 29 Runecrafting as this gives you access to more of the lower-level Runespan map. 

The Big Chinchompa

One unique way to train Hunter is through the Big Chinchompa minigame. The Big Chinchompa minigame is found at a random Hunter Training location once every hour, similar to the Guthixian Cache, at 30 minutes past the hour. The best way to find the Big Chinchompa game is by accessing the Nyriki’s Portal in the Gnome Stronghold under the Gnome Stronghold agility course. 

To earn XP and rewards from the minigame, simply catch the best Moths you can and feed them to the Big Chinchompa until it falls asleep, completing the round. Each round, you can earn up to 1500 points, or up to 3000 points a day, although this can be difficult to reach if the world’s population is high due to fewer Moths being available to catch for each player. 

The main Hunter XP, however, comes from the rewards rather than from the minigame. It could be worth purchasing the Hunter XP Lamp for 5,000 XP at the very low levels at the cost of 1000 points. However, for most players saving the points for access to the Private Hunter areas is superior. Hunting Carnivorous Chinchompas, Pawya, or Grenwalls is optimal for both Hunter XP and profit.

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