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AceGameGuides content recommendation #1 – Cracking the Cryptic

Cracking the Cryptic

Content recommendation #1 – Cracking the Cryptic

Hey everyone, Arend here from AceGameGuides. I’ve been thinking for a while about creating a type of “weekly content recommendation” series. The content recommendation series is just a place where other creators or I can recommend games, shows, or anything else content they’ve enjoyed and wanted more people to know about. If you have any suggestions content we should look into, send me an email at Arend@acegameguides.com, or join our new Discord

What is Cracking the Cryptic

A couple of months ago, a new Youtube channel popped up on the recommended page for me on Youtube. The channel, Cracking the Cryptic, featured a video solving a type of “Sudoku” puzzle, with only two given digits. As someone that loves strategy and puzzle games, this pulled me in almost right away. 

If you are unfamiliar with Sudoku Puzzles, they are a logic puzzle originating from Switzerland and Japan. Most commonly using a nine-by-nine board, with nine-celled boxes.  Each row, horizontally and vertically, and boxes, can only include each digit 1 to 9 once. In the puzzle community, however, people are taking the concept to the extreme. Introducing new restrictions such as the popular “Chess Move” sudoku puzzles, or even going as far as to create their regions. 

Image credit: Cracking the Cryptic on Youtube

The youtube channel Cracking the Cryptic.

The youtube channel Cracking the Cryptic features two of the world’s best puzzle solvers, Mark Goodliffe and Simon Anthony. Both Goodliffe and Anthony solve some of the most difficult puzzles imaginable daily for the youtube channel and even have gone to create their own Sudoku apps. The now five Sudoku apps feature hand-crafted puzzles made by them and some of the world’s smartest puzzle creators in addition to the puzzles created by the community.

Where can you try your hand at these Puzzles?

Each puzzle featured in a Cracking the Cryptic video is linked below the channel to try your hand in their custom puzzle software for free. Also, their five unique Sudoku Apps are available on Steam and the mobile app stores. 

I have completed three of their Sudoku apps so far, the Chess, Miracle, and Classic Sudoku apps. Each of these I can highly recommend! I’m currently making my way through the “Sandwich” sudoku app, which is a blast so far. Let me know what you think if you’ve given the puzzles a try yourself!

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