Does wearing the wrong armor type reduce your damage in Runescape3?

One of the more difficult aspects of Runescape3 to learn for newer players is the armor types. Since what each item does, outside of the damage and “armor” value, is never clearly mentioned players often use the wrong armor type, causing them to take more damage. For those entirely new to Runescape, (most) each armor style is stronger against one style, and weaker against another. Because of that, you want to make sure your attack style and armor are favorable against your opponent’s attack style.

Runescape3 – Armor types & styles

Before we delve into the question of how wearing the wrong armor type affects your stats, let’s quickly cover the basics of armor types and styles. First, there are two types of armor, Power Armor and Tank Armor. Tank armor is simple to understand, these items don’t increase your damage, but often have a high armor level for their tier. On the other hand, Power Armor has a lower armor value on average but provides damage bonuses that increase your character’s average and max-hits. 

As for armor styles, there are four styles of armor. Magic Armor, Melee Armor, Range Armor, and Hybrid Armor. While the three main styles are as simple as you’d expect, Hybrid Armor is a little more complex. In Runescape3, there are several types of Hybrid and “All-style” armors available. 

There are three true “Hybrid” armor sets, obtainable through the mini-game shop, which are Trickster, Vanguard, and Battle-Mage. In addition, there are “All-style” armors, which share the “Hybrid” tag, which includes the Godwars faction Armors, and the Vanguard set from May’s Quest Caravan. 

The downside of wearing the wrong armor type in Runescape3

A common point of confusion among newer players of Runescape3 is that they should wear armor with magic defense, like Ranged armor, even when they for example fight with Magic or Melee weapons. While it’s not immediately obvious when playing Runescape3, there is a significant reduction in accuracy when wearing the wrong armor for your attack style. While there are situations in which using the wrong armor style makes sense, such as at Crystal Shapeshifters. But no need to worry about that now. 
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