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Every curve you need to know in Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds Curve cheat sheet

Learning all the different curves in Battlegrounds is immensely complex. While we try and include as many curves for each hero guide as we can think of, we previously didn’t have a great way to see all Battlegrounds strategies in one place. Recently Minder, a Battlegrounds community member, created a spreadsheet covering all the possible guides in Battlegrounds. It is a fantastic resource, and after some talking, Minder was happy to have us share this with all of you.

The cheat sheet remains free of Ads forever. So feel free to use, share, or recommend it to anyone you think might benefit from this as a resource. Minder, the cheat sheet creator, offers coaching for Battlegrounds and plans to create more content in the future. As a thank you for the work he put in, please give him a follow on Twitter.

The Standard curves of Battlegrounds

Made by MinderHerosTribesThree GoldFour Gold Five GoldSix Gold Seven GoldEight GoldNine Gold
Standard CurveAny Hero when WeakAnyBuy a MinionLevel to Tavern 2Sell a minion, Buy 2 /// Roll 2 Times Buy oneBuy 2Level to 3 & Buy 12/3 Rolls Buy 2 3 dropsLevel Roll Buy
Fast Standard CurveAny Hero when strongAnyBuy a MinionLevel to Tavern 2Sell a minion, Buy 2 /// Roll (up to) twice & Buy oneBuy 2Level to Tavern 3 & Buy 1Roll Level to Tavern 4
Standard Battlegrounds Curves. Strong & Weak start.

The Hero-curves

Three curves for C’thun

For C’thun, a powerful combination uses Jeweled Macaw with Selfless Hero (in the late game) when the Beast tribe is available. Besides that, Acolyte of C’thun and Micro Mummy are the best alternatives to starting with a Token for C’thun with any of the curves below. Curves two & three assume you don’t find a token or no tokens are available in the Battlegrounds lobby.

Credit to this section goes to Jkirek, from the Twitch channel Jkirek.

Hero: C’thunPreferred Tribesthree GoldFour GoldFive GoldSix GoldSeven GoldEight GoldNine GoldTen Gold
Standard (Ideal)Beasts & Shield Tribes (Dragons, Mechs, etc.) // Possible with AnyReroll once and/or freeze Token. Use Hero Power (HP)Buy Token, Sell token, HPLevel to Tavern Two, HPReroll, Buy a Minion, HPLevel to Tavern Three, HPRoll (up to) three times. Buy one, HP – Or – Buy two Minions, HPRoll once, Buy two minions, HP – Or – Roll (up to) three times, buy one minion, HPLevel to Tavern Four, Buy one, HP
No Token Start with Mech TribeAny (alongside Mechs)Reroll, HPHP, Roll (up to) twiceBuy a Minion, HPReroll, Buy a Minion, HPLevel to Tavern two, Buy a Minion, HPLevel to Tavern Three, HPLevel to Tavern Four, HP
No Token No C’ThunAny, without Mech.Reroll, HPLevel to Tavern TwoBuy a Minion, HPBuy a Minion, HPRoll (up to) twice, Buy, HP.
– Or –
(7-Gold Alt.) Buy token, Sell, Buy, HP. (7-Gold Alt.) Level to Tavern Three, HP
Battlegrounds C’Thun Curves

Battlegrounds Kurtrus Ashfallen Curves

Kurtrus Ashfallen follows one main strategy. The interesting possibility is at the first Ten-gold turn, where it is possible to replace most of your board with stronger units in one go. For more on Kurtrus Ashfallen, take a look at Mewwy’s recent guide.

TribesThree goldFour goldFive goldSix goldSeven goldEight goldNine goldTen goldTen Gold Alt.
Kurthus Ashfallen CurveAnyBuy a MinionLevel to T2Sell a minion, Buy two – Or – Reroll Twice & Buy oneBuy twoLevel to T3
Buy one minion.
Sell Buy 3 MinionsBuy 3 Minions. Sell 3, Buy 1 Minion. (Hold one)Level to T4Buy two, Reroll, Sell three. Then, buy Two, Sell three, buy one.
Kurtrus Ashfallen Main Curves.

The Toki (And Galakrond) Curve

HeroRequired TribeThree goldFour GoldFive GoldSix GoldSeven GoldEight GoldNine Gold
The Toki CurveToki / GalakrondDemons, Mechs. Anything with strong Tavern-Four units.Buy a MinionLevel to T2Reroll, HP, Buy the T3, or freeze and buy a regular MinionLevel to T3, HP, freezeBuy 1, HP Buy 1Roll 2, Buy 2 MinionsLevel to 4
Toki (And Galakrond) Curve

The Rafaam Curve

The Rafaam Curve was one of the first adjusted curve strategies in Battlegrounds. The key to success is to find the right balance between tempo and collecting pairs. Pairs are highly important, as you can fall far behind when leveling using the Rafaam curve without finding a Triple along the way.

HeroRequired TribeThree goldFour GoldFive goldSix goldSeven goldEight gold
Rafaarm Curve(Most) heroes with a one-cost HP.AnyBuy a Minionuse Hero Power(HP), buy a MinionReroll, Buy a Minion, HPLevel to T2, buy Minion, HPLevel to T3, HPLevel to T4, HP
The Rafaam Curve

The Great Akazamzarak, or Scamzarak, finds its success through abusing its ability to generate Secrets and setting up pairs to stabilize at Tavern-Tier four.

The Great Akazamzarak HeroRequired TribesThree goldFour goldFive GoldSix GoldSeven GoldEight GoldNine Gold
Scamzarak CurveScamzarakAnyBuy a MinionHP, buy a MinionReroll, buy a Minion, HPLevel to T2, buy Minion, HPBuy two minions, HPLevel to T3, Buy one MinionLevel to T4, HP
The Great Akazamzarak

The Yogg-Saron Curve

To succeed with the Yogg-Saron Curve, you need a token or another economy unit in the initial few rounds. The big weakness of these units is that without a Token or discount Pirate, your curve can’t keep up.

HeroRequired TribesThree goldFour goldFive GoldSix goldSeven goldEight gold
Yogg CurveHeroes with two-gold HP’sAny(optional reroll) Use HP to buy a Minion or buy economy if available.Level to T2HP, Buy one moreHP, Sell Token, Level to T3Roll 2, Buy one, HPSell, HP, Level to T4
Yogg Curve (fast)Heroes with two-gold HP’sAny(optional) reroll) Buy a Minion with HP
(Tip: freeze an economy unit here if possible)
Buy econ Unit, sell one, HPHP, Level to T2Reroll, Buy one, HP. Or, buy twoHP, level to T3Level to T4, HP
Yogg-Saron Curve (Two-mana ability heroes)

Captain Eudora – Three possible curves

Required TribeThree goldFour goldFive goldSix goldSeven goldEight gold
Eudora Dig on turn oneAnyBuy Token, Sell, HPBuy Minion, HPLevel to T2. Reroll, HPLevel to T3, sell one, HPLevel to T4, sell one, HP
Eudora Rafaarm CurveAnyBuy a minionHP, buy a minionReroll, buy one minion, HPLevel to T2 Buy Minions, HPLevel to T3, HPLevel to T4, HP
Suicide CurvePirates / Quillboar / MechsBuy TokenBuy Minion, HPLevel to T2 Roll HPLevel to T3, sell one, HPLevel to T4, sell, HPLevel to T5, HP
Captain Eudora

Curves with a goal in Battlegrounds

There are many game-specific curves you can consider when playing Battlegrounds. In the situations below, strong Tier-Three (T3) units refer to Dragons and Mechs. And the Tier-four (T4) units refer to Demons, Mechs, and Quilboar. For the Jeef curve, in particular, your starting units matter. With the Jeef curve, a common start is to pick up a pair of Acolyte of C’Thun or Micro Mummies.

For the Shinese Curve, you prefer heroes that increase consistency. Examples of consistent heroes include Reno Jackson, N’Zoth, Brann Bronzebeard, and Yogg-Saron.

What hero TribesThree goldFour goldFive goldSix goldSeven GoldEight GoldNine gold
The Shinese CurveAnyEcon units. Beasts, Murloc, Pirate.Buy a minionReroll, buy a minion.Sell Token / weakest and buy twoBuy two minionsUpgrade to T2 & T3Upgrade to T4
The Jeef CurveAny that benefits of fast T3.Any, Good T3 units required.Buy a MinionRoll Buy a MinionLevel to T2. (optional, sell token & upgrade Warband)Level to T3Reroll Buy two – or – Level to T4
3-on-3 (Level on eight)Any hero if shops are badAny. Quilboar or strong T3 units preferred. Buy a minionLevel to T2Sell, Level to T3Buy two minionsReroll, buy two minionsLevel to T4, and buy one minion.Reroll (up to) three times & buy two.
3-on-3 (T4 on turn nine)Any hero if shops are bad Any. Quilboar or strong T3 units preferred. Buy a MinionLevel to T2Sell, Level to T3Buy two MinionsReroll (up to) once, buy two MinionsReroll (up to) twice, and buy two minionsLevel to T4, reroll (up to) twice and buy one.
4-on-4Any Hero if shops are bad. Any. Requires good T4 units. Buy any Economy UnitLevel to T2Sell, Level to T3Sell, Level to T4 Reroll (up to) once, buy two minions.Reroll (up to) twice, buy two MinionsBuy three minions – Or – reroll (up to) three times, Buy two Minions
Alternative Battlegrounds strategies

Unusual Battlegrounds strategies

You find yourself with a token triple in the first or second round of your Battlegrounds game on rare occasions. When that happens, being prepared helps you improve your chances of winning the lobby.

HeroesTribes RequiredThree goldFour goldFive goldSix gold
Sleepy Curve (Triple any token start)AnyOne or more tokenBuy the TokenLevel to T2Sell the token, Level to T3Buy two Tokens (Hold for a T5 or take a T4)

For more Battlegrounds resources, take a look at our Composition & hero tips cheat sheets.

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