Five reasons why you should try Runescape3 in 2021

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As a long-time Runescape and Oldschool Runescape player, I see a lot of criticism for Runescape3 nowadays from the Oldschool community. Some of it is valid, sure. However, many misconceptions and simple falsehoods stop people from enjoying a game more similar than different in many ways. It was almost a decade since I last played Rs3, but I decided to give it a try a few months ago due to the extreme content drought Oldschool is currently experiencing. Here are five reasons why Oldschool Runescape players should try Rs3. 

The quests & lore are incredible.

The quests in Runescape as a whole are something you learn to appreciate as you play the game more. The lore, the stories, the benefits are incredible in both Oldschool and Runescape3, and the new quest releases in Oldschool were some of the best times for many players. What nobody in the Oldschool community talks about, however, is that Runescape3 didn’t somehow quit developing things after the Evolution of Combat update many years ago. 

There are dozens of new end-game quests, progressions of unfinished questlines, bosses, rewards, and many more things that the Oldschool community simply doesn’t acknowledge. Playing through these quests and the years of improvements the original quests have is honestly a fantastic experience you don’t want to miss. 

In addition to the new quests, there are also many quests with fully voice-acted dialogue, something I never realized I wanted until I first experienced it. 

The combat system – The misconceptions

The Evolution of Combat update was, and still is, the most controversial update in the history of Runescape. And, to be honest, getting used to it at first is going to take a while. However, once you reach the mid-game abilities, mechanics, and boss-fights, you start to appreciate just what is possible past the point-and-click system of Oldschool Runescape. 

Besides the Inferno in Oldschool Runescape, there simply aren’t any challenges for an experienced player. In Rs3, however, you can challenge yourself as much as you want. Several bosses have an “enrage” mechanic, where the boss gets more difficult and more punishing as you defeat it. The difficulty scales with the rewards, so taking the time to learn the hundreds of unique boss fights is such an engaging process. 

The new skills

Compared to Oldschool, there are four new skills available in Rs3 with various effects, benefits, and improved skilling methods. One of the most interesting is Archeology, a skill that has players dig up and restore artifacts from all around Gielinor. As you level up the skill, you get access to various rewards that benefit skilling, PvM and improve global drop chances. 

Another is Invention, a skill with a near-endless variety of upgrades to your best tools, weapons, and armor. The Invention skill is possibly one of the best skills to ever exist in Rs3 for the economy as nearly every item has value in some way due to the “parts” you can disassemble them into for upgrades, tools, machines, and many other things. 

The Clue Scrolls

Clue Scrolls are the absolute favorite activity for many Runescape players. And for Rs3, they are an incredible way to earn money on a new or veteran account. In addition, as you get to the end-game stages of the game, there are ways to assist you in progressing through the clues faster, allowing them to be worth doing even for the very experienced players. 

The Minigames & Daily Distractions

In Oldschool, only a few of the minigames ever have anyone playing them at all. The main exception is the Void Knight minigame due to the strength of the Void Knight armor. In Rs3, however, almost every single mini-game has people playing due to the various rewards the overall Thaler system gives. From skilling outfits to items and abilities, there are reasons to play nearly every single mini-game. In addition, on a rotation, one mini-game per period grants additional rewards, allowing even the “non-meta” mini-games you might enjoy to get the attention they deserve. 

However, Rs3 isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Here are three things the developers should improve within Runescape3 for new players. Alternatively, take a look at Maym’s Odd Demon Hunter guide or our other Runescape Content instead.

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