Palia’s Renown, Focus, and the Phoenix Shrine Explained.

Palias most commonly asked questions answered

The new MMORPG Palia, by the development team of Singularity Six, is finally in its public beta stage. Palia brings out a unique mix of social gaming, skill training, and endless exploration. With only a fraction of the total content, thousands of eager participants go wild over the game, exploring together. Meet the villagers, earn gold, and decorate your own homestead in the new wonderful world of Palia. 

However, as with every beta stage, numerous issues are popping up, and the Palia community raises many questions. In this series of articles, AceGameGuides hopes to help answer some of your questions and bring solutions and workarounds for various issues awaiting their fixes. 

Several aspects of Palia’s world are commonly misunderstood, so let’s cover some important topics that deserve more clarity. 

What is Focus in Palia

Focus in Palia is one of your main sources of experience. Players can eat all types of food to increase their Focus, which provides a scaling bonus experience for every action. Better food provides more Focus, as you might expect. The scaling amount of your focus to experience depends on your current conversion rate, which starts at 25% and has no known limit. You can improve your Focus conversion rate by using Palia’s most important resource, Renown, at the Phoenix Shrine. 

Renown – What you need to know

Players obtain the resource Renown by participating in almost every aspect of the Palia world. Gifting, gathering resources, completing achievements, leveling up, whatever you can imagine. There is a limit of 1000 Renown players can hold at any given moment. So be sure to spend your Renown as you progress through the game. 

There are several uses for Renown, each drastically impacting the way you participate in the world of Palia. The first use for Renown is found at the Phoenix Shrine, the location players first enter Palia.

At the Phoenix Shrine, players can interact with the Shrine to increase their Focus conversion rate by offering 100 Renown at a time. Starting out each 100 Renown improves the Focus to XP conversion rate by five percent, reducing to 2.5 and 1%, at fifty and seventy-five percent conversion rates, respectively. 

Similarly, players can increase their total focus by praying at the Maji’s hallow, Dragon’s Shrine for 50 max focus per 100 Renown.

The Phoenix Shrine Location – Explained

Phoenix Shrine Palia Location

For players who forgot the location of the Phoenix Shrine, it is found behind the Phoenix Falls area, just west of the entrance to the player’s plot. Follow the path briefly west, then take the path and turn right behind the waterfall and follow that route until you reach the Phoenix Statue area. 

The second use for Renown is unlocked after your first house is done. At City Hall, players can purchase Wits to unlock new parts of the land surrounding their homestead, allowing for more room to farm, build, and do with as they see fit. 

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