A bit of a different style of content for you all today. Yesterday, September 1st, I played to legend on the European server, entering the legend ranks at Legend 15. As I got many requests from people on my friend list and social media, I decided to make a quick post to highlight three of the decks I played on Day 1 of the new September season. The decks I want to feature are Reno Shaman, Secret Mage, Reno Priest, and Odd Warrior.

Reno Shaman

One of the whacky decks I’m looking forward to playing more of this month is Reno Shaman. Playing the Reno Shaman deck, by Paradox, is a unique experience. While the deck’s matchup against the current reigning Darkglare Warlock sucks, it is incredibly potent in most other matchups. I tried some different tools throughout the day to improve the Darkglare matchup some but to no avail. Once the Darkglare nerf comes through, however, this is a deck I’m certain to re-visit!

Paradox Reno Shaman: AAEBAaoIHooB+QP1BP4Fsgb6DtITwxaEF/a9Avm/ApfBAsfBAt/EAqvnAvPnAsPqAu/3AvyjA+GlA4ixA6e1A9u4A5O5A9a+A+DMA4/OA5zOA/DUA/bWAwAA

My current build: AAEBAaoIHvkD9QT+BbIG+g7WD9ITwxaEF/a9Avm/ApfBAsfBAqvnAvPnAsPqAu/3Aq2RA/yjA+GlA4ixA6e1A9u4A5O5A9a+A+DMA4/OA5zOA/DUA/bWAwAA

Secret Mage

The second archetype for September is Secret Mage. Secret Mage is an incredibly old archetype that just hasn’t improved much since its initial creation. However, the deck still holds up quite well. The main strength of Secret Mage is to Fireball Warlocks in the face. I played this deck through quite a stretch of my climb, going nearly undefeated against the unsuspecting Warlock players. 

A concept a recent ladder opponent of mine, Camelot, is testing is a more freeze-mage style deck, which supposedly has a better matchup against Reno Priest in addition to Darkglare Warlock. More on that soon!

Secret Mage: 


Odd Warrior

Odd Warrior was easily my favorite deck of the August season. The matchup against Darkglare Warlock is significantly worse than before now that they have learned how to play around the various board clears available. I played this deck a little in the Legend ladder, but I think playing Deadman’s Hand Warrior instead becomes better soon. Our large feature on Deadman’s Hand Warrior should be out later this month! 

For those interested in toying around with Odd Warrior until then, be sure to give my list a try!

Odd Warrior: 


Reno Priest

The final deck is the one I piloted throughout the majority of Legend ranks. Since the developers printed Raza, Unchained, it’s been a deck that has performed very well for me. Back in the day, before my break of Hearthstone, it was a deck I piloted to rank 1 Legend briefly. I like this deck(Note, I don’t know whose list I originally worked from). To me, it has a lot of flexibility and can win in effectively every single matchup. While the deck is a little expensive to craft for most players, it’s a lot of fun to play. 

Reno Priest: 


That is all for this quick story. Let me know which list you like most! 
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