The Hearthstone 2021 Standard rotation: All you need to know

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The next set rotation for Hearthstone is arriving soon, and a lot of things are going to change in the upcoming few months. Alongside the old sets leaving the Standard Constructed format, rumors are going around that Hearthstone Classic set might be leaving the format as well. We base this on tweets from Alec Dawson, A Senior Game Designer for Hearthstone. 

The changes to Edwin VanCleef and the possible end of Hearthstone’s Classic set.

On January 8th, Dawson tweeted a series of tweets confirming the recently nerfed card rotation, Edwin VanCleef, to the wild Hearthstone format. 

“Also sorry this didn’t get into the notes but: Yes Edwin will still rotate later this year and yes we will be reverting the nerf (along with others) at that time.” 

Later he added the following, insinuating that more changes are coming to Hearthstone soon, which many rumor to include Hearthstone’s previous decision to keep the classic set in the format forever. A decision that the team made with the Standard / Wild Hearthstone split announcement many years ago.

“Want to take a second to clarify our plan for Edwin VanCleef. There are big changes coming to Hearthstone in 2021. We aren’t quite ready to share the full details, but they will be positive changes for both gameplay and the ease of getting into the game with a limited collection.” 

“As one small part of this, Edwin’s time in Standard will come to a close. However, Hall of Fame as it has existed will be no more. This means there is no additional benefit to crafting or hoarding extra Edwins today.” 

When is the 2021 Standard Set rotation taking place?

While we don’t have an exact date yet for the Hearthstone 2021 Standard rotation, we expect it to be somewhere around Valentine’s day, about halfway through February. Mid-February is an assumption we make based on Hearthstone’s expansion release schedule, which is historically a new expansion every three to four months. Based on the last Hearthstone expansion, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, which released in November, we can make an educated guess on the date the new Hearthstone year officially kicks off. 

What expansions are leaving the format with the 2021 Standard set rotation?

So far, there are four Hearthstone expansions confirmed to leave the format with the 2021 Standard rotation. The Rise of Shadows, Ashes of Outland, Saviors of Uldum, and Descent of Dragons expansions leave the format from the 2019 set, and the Galakrond’s Awakening expansion from the 2020 year is leaving alongside them. 

Bomb Warrior cards leaving the Standard Hearthstone format

The rotation means the end for many of the current Hearthstone decks in their entirety in the Standard format. For example, Bomb Warrior loses its most important tools in cards like Wrenchcalibur and Blastmaster Boom from the Rise of Shadows expansion. 

Highlander Hearthstone support cards leaving the Standard Format

Other archetypes that are unlikely to return early on in the 2021 Set rotation are the large number of Highlander (or singleton) archetypes currently in the format. As cards like Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and Zephrys the Great leave the format, there likely won’t be enough support for that style of deckbuilding early on. 

What is next for the 2021 Hearthstone Set rotation?

Morale is high for the upcoming year of Hearthstone as new game modes, expansions, and updates keep players engaged. The 2021 year for Hearthstone includes four new major expansions, each with what the developers call a Miniset, around halfway through each expansion. These new minisets include 35 entirely new cards each, with a focus on drastically disrupting the meta. The new sets, alongside the regular 135 card expansions, bring a total of 170 new Hearthstone cards for you to play several times each year. 
At this time we don’t have any exact dates for when these new mini sets or the standard rotation release. However, do pay attention to this blog as we’ll keep it updated as we receive new information!

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