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Standard Murloc Shaman – The basics you need to know

Standard Murloc Shaman

One of the most fun Standard decks available right now is Murloc Shaman. Yes, that’s right, you can reach Legend with Murlocs in the Standard format. The list included here is by our friend Boltzmann who is a Shaman connoisseur of sorts. No matter the meta, he’ll be out there playing some unique Shaman list. Find the Wild Murloc Shaman version here instead.

Murloc Shaman in Standard:


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How to get started with Murloc Shaman in the Forged in Barrens

The Murloc Shaman deck is surprisingly simple to play. Since we don’t have many draw options, you are almost always the aggressor in your matchup. Because of this, our mulligan strategy is quite aggressive. Finding your Murloc Tidecallers or Spawnpool Foragers matters a lot in the early game. When you find a good start, you can snowball very fast, but if you fall behind, you might never find a way back into the game. 

What cards to avoid in your mulligan as Murloc Shaman

While Cagematch Custodian looks great on paper, it’s one of the worse cards for us to find early in the game. The reason for that is that we are often not able to use the weapon right away, which just leaves us with a board that is more vulnerable to simple clears from our opponents. 

South Coast Chieftan fills a similar role where its strength depends on your other cards and the matchup. A common mistake is overvaluing it in matchups against control-style opponents. While the three attack stat is great, it’s basically made of paper and is an easy target for removals from your opponents. 

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