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The best Wild decks to play after Questline Warlock’s ban

With the nerfs arriving later today we decided to take a look at how the Wild meta may change if we remove Questline Warlock from the meta. Gerben, the guy behind all of these things, used the last two weeks of data from FirestoneApp to compare what decks stand to gain the most from removing Questline Warlock from their match history. While that likely won’t result in an accurate new meta prediction, it’s interesting to see how certain less popular decks might be able to make their comeback. 

As we use the data from the past two weeks of Wild Hearthstone games, none of the upcoming nerfs and buffs are accounted for. As such, a deck like Questline Warrior gains far more than the stats may suggest due to the buffs to several strong Pirate tools.

How removing Questline Warlock from the meta would affect the current Wild Hearthstone meta

NameWin RateGame RecordGradeChange
Questline Warrior65.0 ± 2.4%1050W-566LS++3.2%
Even Reno Warlock68.1 ± 6.4%158W-74LS++3.3%
Even Warlock62.1 ± 4.0%379W-231LS++4.7%
Shadow Priest59.7 ± 2.9%675W-455LS-0.5%
Questline Odd Hunter58.4 ± 2.3%1086W-774LS-0.1%
Malygos Celestial Druid58.0 ± 3.1%578W-418LS-+1.0%
Murloc Shaman59.3 ± 5.1%226W-155LA++5.0%
Secret Mage56.3 ± 4.6%263W-204LA+4.1%
Burn Shaman56.4 ± 5.1%215W-166LA--1.9%
Aggro Paladin55.2 ± 4.5%272W-221LA--2.2%
Odd Demon Hunter57.8 ± 8.2%89W-65LB+-0.2%
Questline Druid54.3 ± 4.6%255W-215LB++2.0%
Questline Shaman53.1 ± 5.6%170W-150LB+1.9%
Pillager Rogue52.2 ± 6.5%128W-117LC+-5.3%
Pirate Aggro Rogue50.6 ± 6.6%119W-116LC--4.9%
Ignite Mage48.4 ± 3.2%464W-495LE-3.2%

In the table above we have the win rates of the most popular Wild Hearthstone decks if we removed all games with The Demon Seed. Certain decks like Questline Warrior, and the Even Warlock archetypes become more powerful. Where decks like the aggressive Rogue lists, and Ignite Mage lose a significant amount of strength by losing their favorable matchup into Questline Warlock.

15 Wild archetypes worth trying in the post-balance update meta (Sep.21)

Unlikely winners of the upcoming Balance Changes

Besides the most popular decks, some decks you may be familiar with also see changes in their win rate which are worth keeping in mind to play after today’s Hearthstone balance update comes into effect. 

NameWin RateGame RecordGradeChange
Questline Odd Warrior75.0 ± 13.9%39W-13LS++21.1%
Handbuff Paladin66.4 ± 9.6%73W-37LS+13.3%
Lpg Mage60.4 ± 9.7%67W-44LA-+6.8%
Reno Thief Priest61.0 ± 13.6%36W-23LB++11.0%

The three most notable archetypes include Questline Odd Warrior, the far less popular build of Pirate Warrior. Handbuff Paladin, Luna’s Pocket Galaxy Mage, and Reno Priest. Despite the current small sample sizes, these archetypes are likely to see more play in the coming weeks. 

Since there are far too many changes to accurately predict the upcoming Hearthstone meta, we hope the article gives you some ideas of what to play next. The next Datadecks is coming soon, so be on the lookout! For the latest Datadecks, visit 

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