How to change Combat XP Settings in Runescape3

how to change combat XP settings RS3

One of the most common questions new players have about Runescape3 is how they can change which combat skills gain experience. Changing these settings has many benefits, most of which center around training more efficiently long-term. Whether you want to improve your Defence stats or avoid Defence altogether, it is all possible. Important to note is that unlike in Oldschool Runescape, training Defence alongside your main skills doesn’t reduce the speed at which you kill monsters or train your skills. 

The easy way to change your Combat XP settings in Runescape3

By far the simplest way to go about changing your Combat XP settings is through the Settings menu. You can access the settings menu by pressing the “ESC” or Escape button on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can press the exit button located on the Minimap menu or in the top-right corner of your Runescape window. 

When you open the settings menu, you want to open the “Skills & Experience” menu, located in the Gameplay section of the settings. The Gameplay section opens by default when you first open the settings menu, making it easy to change these settings on the fly. Within the Skills & Experience menu, the first option is the Combat XP, which allows you to choose how to allocate the experience you gain. At minimum one setting needs to be active at any time for each of the three skill styles. 

Unlike in Oldschool Runescape and in the pre-EOC days of Runescape, it is possible to gain exclusively Defence experience through Magic and Ranged combat training. 

How to change your Combat XP Settings on RS3 Mobile?

Changing your combat XP settings on RS3 Mobile works similarly. Locate the settings menu through the cog icon on the right or left side of your screen and follow the steps to locate the Skills & Experience menu. 

The alternative way to change your combat XP settings

If for whatever reason, you can’t change your combat XP settings through the methods above, it is possible to switch to the Legacy interface by logging into one of the Legacy-Only worlds, or by changing your layout in the settings menu mentioned above. That allows you to change combat styles through your “Melee” settings menu located alongside your Inventory tab. 

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