How to fix the Powerburst cooldown bug in Runescape

Jagex still hasn’t fixed the bug themselves. Here is what you need to know about the Powerburst cooldown bug, what causes the error, and how you can reset the cooldown timer to continue enjoying the game. 

What is the Powerburst and Potion cooldown bug?

As with many cooldowns in Runescape, certain ones have long cooldown timers. Great examples are powerbursts and adrenaline potions, some of which have a cooldown timer of several minutes. On rare occasions, during server rollbacks or server updates in Runescape, the cooldown timer breaks and causes players to have a several-hour-long cooldown on using their potions. 

Runescape Powerburst Potion Error

How to solve the potion cooldown bug in Runescape

There are several solutions to the potion cooldown bug in Runescape. The first is simple, as the Adrenaline crystal in War’s Retreat resets the cooldown of Adrenaline potions. While fixing this requires some boss kills, anyone with access to Adrenaline potions is almost certain to have completed the requirements. 

The second is to simply wait out the cooldown timer, which is an option to fix the cooldown bug if it occurs during short server outages and server updates. However, if you have a powerburst potion with a cooldown of several or even up to a hundred hours, that may not be nearly as simple. Especially once you consider that anytime you use a potion with a cooldown or relog, the cooldown resets back to where it first started. 

The best true “hard-reset” option is through a long-forgotten minigame that only serves as a headache to those looking to obtain their completionist cape. The Dominion Tower is where you need to be to fix the powerburst potion bug with extreme cooldowns. To set up for the hard reset, you must ensure you only enable the “No Potions” handicap, as that resets all timers associated with your account.

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