How to gold farm after the June ED3 balance change in Runescape

This week’s game update (June 20) surprised the community as the third elite dungeon, the Shadow Rift, saw some substantial balance changes years after its initial release. Previously the elite dungeon (ED3) functioned as the go-to method for obtaining gold and experience for ironman and main accounts alike, as nothing came close to the resources this provided. While much of the community expressed dislike for the rewards of ED3, many didn’t see the change coming so long after its release. 

However, while most of the community is happy to see the dungeon receive necessary changes, it leaves many players questioning their options to obtain gold and experience in the early stages of Runescape. Here are three alternatives worth considering for your next training session. 

Arch-Glacor – The beginner option

Easily one of the simplest options for farming resources and gold is a recent addition to the game from the third Godwars dungeon, Arch-Glacor. The key benefit to Arch-Glacor, aside from its phenomenal rewards, is how incredibly simple and accessible the boss is to players of all skill levels. With free deaths, no requirements to access, and being possible for players of all skill and combat levels, it is a fantastic place to start. 

The 0-mechanic Arch-Glacor is a popular place for players to obtain large numbers of Charms for Summoning, but as players gain more experience, levels, and gear, the higher mechanic settings of Arch-Glacor improve the rewards exponentially. 

Vyres – High requirements, high rewards

A long-time staple of Runescape Ironmen is the “Vyres” grind many players choose to do to unlock 95 prayer for Soulsplit and the damage-boosting prayers. Aside from the prayer and firemaking experience Vyres provide, they are a consistent source of resources, gold, and combat experience. The combination of this already makes them a great choice, but Vyres is also one of the most AFKable training locations in Runescape. 

While that all sounds incredible in theory, there are also many downsides to Vyres compared to the other options on this list. The primary downside is the high number of requirements players need to complete the quests and efficiently obtain all the useful items to farm Vyres in the Sanguinesti region. The main difficulty is the quests you require to unlock the Sunspear, which requires at least level 75 in all melee-combat stats, 79 Construction, 76 Hunter, and 78 Slayer. Similarly, a pre-requirement to the Lord of Vampyrium quest, the Branches of Darkmeyer requires 76 Woodcutting, 70 Fletching, 70 Mage, 64 Crafting, and level 63 in Agility and Farming. 

Croesus – The best skilling money maker

Like Arch-Glacor, Croesus is another addition to Runescape from the third godwars dungeon update. While Croesus technically has no requirements, it is highly recommended players have at least some levels in Hunter, Woodcutting, Mining, and Fishing. In addition, access to Super Restore potions and a decent firemaking level (45/60+) is incredibly beneficial to increase your contribution score for Croesus. 

While by far the least AFK, Croesus provides some of the best resources and gold available to nearly all players. Ideally, you join a team of four at higher levels, which you can find in any of the Croesus team finding friend chats. However, for players just starting out, there are nearly always Croesus-mass worlds available, with the most commonly active one being world 68 – the group bossing world. 

Another benefit of Croesus is the various unique items players can receive, even at incredibly low contribution scores. Pieces of the Cryptbloom Armor, the skilling off-hands, or even the Book of Bik are among some of the most important and valuable items for Ironmen and main-account players.

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