How to increase your storage space in Palia

Palia Foraging Guide - Locations & Uses Explained

The new MMORPG Palia, by the development team of Singularity Six, is finally in its public beta stage. Palia brings out a unique mix of social gaming, skill training, and endless exploration. With only a fraction of the total content, thousands of eager participants go wild over the game, exploring together. Meet the villagers, earn gold, and decorate your own homestead in the new wonderful world of Palia.

One of the mistakes many new Palia players make is that they don’t realize just how the storage system works, causing them to struggle to manage their inventory and supplies and sometimes sell items they’ll need later. So let us dive into some of the mechanics of storage, storage spaces, and how you can increase your storage space to a much more manageable amount. 

The Wooden Storage Bin in Palia

There are several methods of storing items in Palia; the first players come across as early as the game’s tutorial. Players build their first Wooden Storage Bin (20 Sapwood, 2 Flint), giving them access to their first 400-item storage chest. A common mistake players make is not carefully reading through the items description, which mentions players can make up to eight general storage chests for their plot. At first, our testers believed this meant you could build several points of access for your storage space throughout your homestead, as a 400-item storage seems like quite a lot at the start of the game. 

However, each Wooden Storage Bin you place grants you an additional 400-item storage space, granting players access to a total storage of 3500 items. And, even better, the items are accessible from every bin you place across your homestead–No hassle of finding the right box where you left those planks or herbs. Just access a bin and find exactly what you need. 

Later on, as players level their Furniture Making skill, they’ll come across the NPC Tish, who sells the recipe to an additional storage system, the Lockbox Storage Bin (10 Sapwood Plank, 2 Copper Bar). The Lockbox Storage Bin is different from your general storage in several ways. First, players can only place three on their Homestead, each with 100 storage spaces, granting the player an additional 300 item slots. In addition, items placed in the Lockbox Storage Bin won’t be used for crafting recipes, allowing players to store rare herbs and spices without using them by accident. 

Alternative Store Options – Storing items in Crafters

If, for whatever reason, the 3500 item storage isn’t enough for your needs, you can use various crafters to store your excess items. For example, a Glow Worm farm can store up to six stacks of seeds in the produced item section. Similarly, your plank-makers and furnace can store three stacks of planks or bars each. While these are more limited, they make for great emergency options. However, this storage system is separate from the regular storage system, and these materials are unusable for crafting items until players transfer them to their inventory or regular storage options. 

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