How to open or create Armor sets in Runescape3

A common way to purchase or sell armor on the Grand Exchange is through making or unpacking Armor sets. In this article, we’ll quickly explain how they work, how you can create them, and where you can unpack your armor set to get right into training Combat. 

What is a Runescape3 Armor set 

Armor Sets in Runescape3 are an easy way of trading armor from player to player or through the Grand Exchange. The main benefit is that you can purchase or sell an entire set at once. Since there are only a limited amount of slots available on the Grand Exchange – eight purchasing slots for Members and only three for non-Members, it is sometimes helpful not to use all of your slots to sell or purchase a single outfit. 

In most cases, an armor set includes all parts of an armor set. A leg-slot item, a body, boots, gloves (or gauntlets), a helmet, and an off-hand Shield. 

Making and unpacking an armor set – what you need to know

You can make and unpack armor set at the Grand Exchange. You can access the menu to create an armor set by opening the Grand Exchange menu and switching to the “Sets” tab. To unpack your new armor, open the Grand Exchange “Sets” menu, and right-click “Exchange” on the item in your Backpack. Similar, to pack your outfit to sell it, find it on the “Sets” tab, and right-click the set-box and “Exchange.”

What Sets can you create?

While some armor sets are currently unobtainable, you can unpack any armor set in the entire game through the Sets menu, as mentioned before. The most commonly used sets include all smith-able armor sets, from Bronze to Elder Rune. In addition, you can buy and sell Black armor, Dragonhide sets, and Mystic gear on the Grand Exchange. 

Another helpful set item is the Dwarf Cannon set, containing a complete Dwarf Cannon saving you the trip to the Falador Dwarf Mines.

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