How to set up auto-composting in Runescape3

Runescape3 How to auto compost

The auto-composting feature on the Tool Leprechaun has existed since December of 2005 in Runescape3. However, the tool leprechaun and all its quirks confuse even the most experienced players. With the auto-composting feature being incredibly beneficial to all players, here is how you can set it up properly in under a minute. 

Why you should use Compost and the Auto-Composting Feature

The main benefit of using Compost, supercompost, or ultracompost on your farming patches is to increase the yield & to protect it from disease. For example, using any of the three compost variants increases the minimum crops a player receives with herb or allotment patches. Regular compost is the least effective and the cheapest option, with Ultracompost being the most effective and the most expensive option available. For the majority of players, Supercompost is the most accessible and cost-efficient Compost to use. 

Automatically composting your patches provides a nice quality of life improvement. Overall the feature saves you a few seconds with every farming patch you plant, at the cost of only a couple GP.

How to set up Auto-composting in Runescape3

While the process of setting up the Auto-composting feature is unclear, it is quite simple once you understand what the Tool Leprechaun doesn’t explain. To set up the composting of your choice, visit any farming location in Runescape3, and talk with the Tool Leprechaun. Alternatively, players may right-click the Tool Leprechaun and select the “Compost” option to open the correct dialogue immediately. 

The Tool Leprechaun then explains the cost of composting your patches automatically and how many charges you have left for each of the three composts. Here you also have the option to change which patches the Leprechauns should use your Composts on, which most players can safely ignore. 

However, players rightly assume that everything is ready once they have paid the cost to compost the farming patches automatically. The dialogue closes, and there is no further explanation of why the Tool Leprechauns don’t compost your farming patches. 

What the Tool Leprechaun should explain to make auto-composting work. 

In none of the dialogue options with the Tool Leprechaun, the players don’t learn they have to provide the composts themselves. Many players assume, due to the cost & charges the Leprechaun explains, that the fee includes the cost of the Compost. However, to make the composting work, you have to load your own supplies into the “Farming Store” menu of the Tool Leprechaun. You can access the Farming Store menu through the “Exchange” option on the Tool Leprechaun, after which they can store noted or un-noted compost with the Leprechauns of Runescape. 

After that, the auto-composting is set up and ready to work. However, keep in mind that you have to check back with the Tool Leprechaun periodically. That is to ensure you still have compost and money stored for the fees associated with the composting quality of life update. 

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