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How to unlock Hearthstone Duels through the Darkmoon Faire Preorder

Hearthstone Duels

The Hearthstone Fall reveal stream is underway, and a lot of goodies are coming! Between the all-new 135 card expansion and the new mid-set releases, there is a lot to be excited about. However, another thing mentioned on the Hearthstone Fall Reveal stream is the new game mode, the Hearthstone Duels. 

What are the Hearthstone Duels?

Hearthstone Duels are the latest game mode coming to Hearthstone. The mode is a revamped dungeon run format; however, you face off against other players. Evolve your deck by adding new resources after each round—more on how you can crush the competition later this week in the AceGameGuides Basics series. 

To start, the Hearthstone Duels include ten unique heroes. Each hero comes with its unique hero ability. Just some of the heroes available in the early access are the paladin, Turalyon, the Tenured. The Priestess, Mindrender Illucia. Archwitch Willow the Warlock. And Rattlegore representing the Warrior Class. Star Student Stelina as the Demon Hunter representative and Infiltrator Lillian the Rogue. 

Hearthstone Duels Instructors

Besides the initial six reveals, Moazki Master is representing Mage. Professor Slate instructs the Hunter class. Instructor Fireheart leads the Shaman’s and Forest Warden Omu makes another appearance leading the Druid archetype.

For example, Mindrender Illucia comes with a collection of Resource Generation, Board controlling tools, and various ways to steal your opponents’ cards. 

How to play Hearthstone Duels?

The Hearthstone Duels are ready for play on October 22. However, the new game mode isn’t accessible to everyone just yet. Preordering the new bundles from the Darkmoon Faire expansion grants access to the new Hearthstone Duels right away. To preorder the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, simply wait until the update is ready on PC later today in the client, or access it directly through the official Battle.net website.

Hearthstone Waymoon Faire Bundle

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