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How to unlock the new Darkmoon Faire card Silas Darkmoon today

The Hearthstone Fall reveal stream is over, and many exciting things are coming to the game soon. Alongside the new Hearthstone Duels coming out later today, a new Legendary card Silas Darkmoon arrives early. Learn all about how to unlock the new free legendary card as early as today and play him before the Darkmoon Faire arrives in Hearthstone. 

Who is Silas Darkmoon

Silas Darkmoon is the guy running the Darkmoon Faire in the lore of the World of Warcraft universe. However, he is making an early appearance in Hearthstone to lead players to the upcoming Hearthstone expansion. In Hearthstone, Silas Darkmoon is a seven mana 4/4, with the following effect: 

“Battlecry: Choose a direction to rotate all minions.” 

Silas Darkmoon full card

Like on a carousel, all minions on the board rotate one spot on the board. For example, if you have access to two small minions, and your opponent has only one large minion on their side of the board, you can “rotate” your small minion around the board and move the large minion to your side of the board. The “Rotate” effect comes into play further since all minions on your side of the board are also moved one spot, so keep this in mind when positioning your minions. 

How to unlock Silas Darkmoon today

The new legendary card Silas Darkmoon is available later today, October 22, to all PC users. The 16.6 update, which also introduces the new Hearthstone Battlegrounds hero Zephrys the Great, arrives on PC later today. With the Mobile update expected in the coming few days, when it gets approval from ios & androids app stores.

To unlock Silas Darkmoon, simply login to Hearthstone after updating to the Hearthstone 16.6 update. Silas Darkmoon is then automatically added to your collection and is available for you to play right away.

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Promotional images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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