Battlegrounds Buddies Hearthstone Strategy

How to use the new Battlegrounds Buddies: A.F. Key, Al’akir, Alexstrasza, and Aranna. 

Battlegrounds Buddies - Snack Vendor, Spirit of Air, Vaelastrasza, Sklibb, Demon Hunter

There is a lot to learn about the new Battlegrounds Buddies, with (so far) almost eighty different buddies, each with a unique mechanic and strategy. The article you see here is part of AceGameGuides’ Battlegrounds Buddies series by Mewwy, our resident Battlegrounds expert. You can learn all about the mechanics of the Battlegrounds Buddies in our All you need to know about Battlegrounds Buddies article. 

A.F. Kay and Snack Vendor – Battlegrounds Buddies

A. F. Kay: Snack Vendor: Snack Vendor helps out with the various T3 divine shield cards such as Deflect-o-Bot and Cracking Cyclone and win condition cards like Soul Juggler and Gemsplitter. Do take notice that this is for any T3 minion you have. The build that uses the most Tier-3s is the Gemsplitter + Divine Shield composition. Divine Shield builds normally do not have much health, especially if you give the blood gems to Groundshaker. You normally do not have a lot of health to go with the attack, so Snack Vendor gives you an extra bit of stats to help you out. Also, (Snack Vendor) has one of the highest stats for a T2 minion. So that has to be good for something, I’m sure.

Al’Akir & Spirit of Air – Battlegrounds Buddies

Spirit of Air goes fantastic in a lobby where you have Beasts, Elementals, and Murlocs. Beasts and Murlocs have poison minions within their tribe, making Maexxna and SI:Sefin effective to build around. Elementals simply because Spirit of Air works well with Majordomo and other Elemental buffs. Of course, Monstrous Macaw and Baron Rivendare work extremely well with Spirit of Air, allowing you to fill your board with Divine Shield minions with taunt. Unfortunately, Al’Akir’s buddy is anti-synergistic with Mechs due to their built-in divine shields and how they do not want to put taunt on certain minions.

What you need to know about Alexstrasza and Vaelastrasza.

The general strategy for Alexstrasza has always been to hold onto pairs of Dragons, so you may be able to Triple into a Tier 6 with your hero power. Vaelastrasz helps you out with that strategy. You can even save it for Kalecgos Battlecry procs or put it together with Brann Bronzebeard. I am not saying those are the best ways to use Vaelstrasz, but it’s an idea you can do, especially with how more common Kalecgos will show up from her Alextrasza’s hero power.

Tips for Aranna and Sklibb, Demon Hunter.

Sklibb is very similar to Recycling Wraith and works especially well with cards that generate multiple minions such as Sellemental, Tavern Tempest, Murozand, and Primalfin Lookout. It especially works well with free cards like Freedealing Gambler or Pirates when you have a Cap’n Hoggarr. In general, you want to find cards that benefit you from purchasing or playing a lot of cards in one turn, such as Peggy Bristlebone, Majordomo Executus, Southsea Strongarm, Captain Flat Tusk, or Party Elemental.

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