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How to use the new Battlegrounds Buddies: Arch-Villain Rafaam, Bru’khan, Captain Eudora, and Captain Hooktusk

How to use the new Battlegrounds Buddies: Arch-Villain Rafaam, Bru’khan, Captain Eudora, and Captain Hooktusk

There is a lot to learn about the new Battlegrounds Buddies with (so far) almost eighty different buddies, each with a unique mechanic and strategy. The article you see here is part of AceGameGuides’ Battlegrounds Buddies series by Mewwy, our resident Battlegrounds expert. You can learn all about the mechanics of the Battlegrounds Buddies in our All you need to know about Battlegrounds Buddies article. 

Arch-Villain Rafaam and Loyal Henchman – Battlegrounds Buddies

There isn’t a lot of strategy involved with Arch-Villain Rafaam’s buddy, Loyal Henchman. Loyal Henchman simply improves your ability; I’ll Take That!. Taking both the first and second minion that die from your opponents makes it much more difficult to play around, as fielding two “weak” units is rare for any Warband. Overall Loyal Henchman is strong but not worth holding onto forever. 

Something that’ll improve your chances is to pick up early copies of Acolyte of C’thun, as finding triples for that unit obviously becomes much more consistent when Loyal Henchman joins the battlefield. For those unfamiliar with the strategy, both “halves” of Acolyte of C’thun work with your ability and Loyal Henchman, so you can often pick up two copies in a single round. 

Do note that since Loyal Henchman neither gives you a win condition nor gives you board strength, it is fine for you to sell this buddy before the tenth turn.

How to use Bru’kan’s buddy Spirit Raptor

Bru’kan’s hero power activates at the beginning of your turn, and once you have your Spirit Raptor, it will remember one copy of that hero power. When it becomes golden, then it will remember two copies of it. So, for example: If you picked “Thunder Invocation” previously with Spirit Raptor on your board, and then this turn you picked “Earth Invocation” as hero power, “Earth Invocation” will activate at the start of the turn, Spirit Raptor will attack and if it gets destroyed, “Thunder Invocation” and “Earth Invocation” will activate.

However, if you pick “Earth Invocation” as hero power, it becomes anti-synergistic with Monsterous Macaw. “Earth Invocation” gives your minions an effect similar to Rat Pack, where they will drop numerous 1/1 tokens, making this great for early game and with Avenge.

 “Lightning Invocation” can mess up some other builds. With Macaw, your Spirit Raptor, and Baron Rivendare, this hero power will destroy many builds. It removes divine shields, ruins builds with low health starts up like Groundshaker, Eliza Scallywag Pirates, or Macaw/Goldrinn builds, and could remove key targets like Baron Rivendare Gemsplitter, Deadly Spore, Nadina, Selfless Hero, and Khadgar.

“Water Invocation” is great for builds that use a taunted deathrattle build, such as Goldrinn or Omega Buster. Since this ability doesn’t do a whole lot in the late game, it’s best to pick this at least once so Spirit Raptor can remember it, but only if you are going for those specific builds or need minions taunted for Avenge. If you are not doing those builds, then positioning becomes awkward, so have some foresight before deciding.

With “Fire Invocation,” you can make your left-most minion double their attack multiple times so they can take down high health targets. This works great for cleaves like Foe Reaper, Cave Hydra, and even Wildfire Elemental. You should use this one at least once, so when you have the golden Spirit Raptor, it will quadruple the minion’s attack.

If you can pick up a Tarecgosa, you can combine Spirit Raptor and your hero power’s abilities to have Tarecgosa scale incredibly fast.

What you need to know about Captain Eudora and Dagwik Sticktoe

Dagwik Sticktoe is Captain Eudora’s buddy in Battlegrounds. Dagwik provides the extra bit of tempo that Captain Eudora lacked previously and synergizes incredibly well with your overall gameplan. Dagwik Sticktoe excels with minions that utilize stats more efficiently through things like Cleave or Divine Shield. In addition, Dagwik Sticktoe is part of the Pirate tribe and benefits from various Pirate-related buffs, including Peggy Bristlebone, Briny Bootlegger, Ripsnarl Captain, Southsea Strongarm, Southsea Captain, and can turn golden through Tony-Two Tusk.

Tips for Captain Hooktusk’s Raging Contender

Captain Hooktusk’s buddy effectively un-nerfs the hero to a previous state where Captain Hooktusk was among the best heroes in Battlegrounds. However, since you don’t unlock Raging Contender until the mid-to-late game phase, you don’t get nearly as much advantage from your ability as you previously would. Like many other buddies, Raging Contender is worth replacing when you get the chance for units that better synergize with your Warband or that simply have more combat stats compared to the Contender. 

The best use for Raging Contender is when you build a Warband that constantly utilizes T1 minions like Sellemental and Refreshing Anomaly for Elementals (like a Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare team), or with Quilboar, when you can get benefit from units like SunBacon Relaxer or Razorfen Geomancer. 

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