Earlier this week, we asked the writers & friends of AceGameGuides to suggest a deck or decks they wanted to recommend to you, our favorite reader. Our writers’ response was quite overwhelming, so we’re splitting this week’s deck suggestions into two or three parts. LaboreSangre took this a step further and send in more than half a dozen off-meta decks, which led us to create the article you are reading today. 

LaboreSangre is a creative Wild deck constructor and creates some of the whackiest, unique, but playable decks currently around in the Wild format. Here are seven decks LaboreSangre plays in the Wild format for optimal off-meta fun!

Thieving & Malygos decks by LaboreSangre

Rogue is a very interesting class right now in the Wild Hearthstone format. With two high-tier decks, Odd Rogue and Kingsbane Rogue, and many more playable alternatives, it is one of the most popular classes in the format. LaboreSangre, however, takes his Rogue decks in a different direction. LaboreSangre’s off-meta picks for Rogue include Malygos and Burgle or
“Thief” Rogue! Two old-school archetypes that players try and build in nearly every Hearthstone expansion, but just aren’t quite there yet to compete with the aggressive Rogue alternatives. 

Unlike Odd and Kingsbane Rogue, however, these decks are far more fun to play and play against! There are so many different things happening in each game, and every victory feels great! Give the decks a try, and let LaboreSangre know on Twitter or his stream what you think of these decks! 

In addition to Malygos Rogue, Labore also suggested the fan-favorite Malygos Shaman! Malygos Shaman dates back to December 2014, with the introduction of the shaman cards Crackle and Ancestor’s Call. 

Thief Rogue: 


Malygos Rogue: 


Malygos Shaman: 


LaboreSangre Big Warrior’s rise in popularity

It’s been just over a month since LaboreSangre created his guide to Wild Big Warrior; since then, more people experiment with the unique archetype. The deck’s cost is still astronomical, so the amount of play is hindered quite a bit. However, those of you who have access to the cards required for the list should try it!

Wild Recruit Big Warrior:


Unique Hunter deck shenanigans

Next up on the recommendation list is Hunter. The first Hunter deck Labore wanted to feature is an adaptation on an old Standard archetype, Spell Hunter. The deck centers around the card Rhok’delar, a 7-mana weapon that fills your hand with Hunter spells if your deck includes no more minions. The deck combines a series of powerful secrets, Eaglehorn Bow and Emerald Spellstone, to be a unique midrange archetype in the Wild Hearthstone meta. 

The second is an archetype from one of his older streams, (Almost) OTK-Hunter, featuring Beastmaster Leoroxx, King Krush, Charged Devilsaur, and Lorekeeper Polkelt. The deck is capable of dealing 22 damage through the charge minions in the deck. Through Eaglehorn Bow and the Hunter hero power, the deck’s maximum damage number can reach early on in the game is 27, for an (almost) One-turn-kill. 

Spell Hunter: 


Charging Beasts: 


Last but not least, Mecha’thun Druid

The final deck LaboreSangre submitted for the deck suggestions is Mecha’thun Druid. Mecha’thun decks are some of the most complex decks available in Hearthstone to date. However, it’s unique playstyle is incredibly rewarding. Having to consider early in the game just how you will spend your mana many turns in advance to complete the Mecha’thun combo as early as possible while ensuring your survival is a dangerous line to balance. If this challenge is something that appeals to you, be sure to give the deck a try and let us know what you think of it!

Mechatun Druid: 


Do you want to have your deck featured or work with AceGameGuides on creating strategic content? Email Arend@AceGameGuides.com, and we’ll talk! For more of AceGameGuides, be sure to join the new discord! If you still cannot get enough, take a look at LaboreSangre’s Rattlegore Warrior Guide!

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