Three methods for Early Game Money Making in Palia

Palia Hunting Money Making

The new MMORPG Palia, by the development team of Singularity Six, is finally in its public beta stage. Palia brings out a unique mix of social gaming, skill training, and endless exploration. With only a fraction of the total content, thousands of eager participants go wild over the game, exploring together. Meet the villagers, earn gold, and decorate your own homestead in the new wonderful world of Palia. 

However, as with every beta stage, numerous issues are popping up, and the Palia community raises many questions. In this series of articles, AceGameGuides hopes to help answer some of your questions and bring solutions and workarounds for various issues awaiting their fixes. 

There are many ways to earn some gold in the world of Palia, but at the start of your journey, your options quickly become overwhelming. Here are several ways to earn gold in Palia’s early game. 

Earning money by Fishing the lakes and rivers. 

Throughout Palia’s beta so far, Fishing remains one of the most popular and consistent money-making methods available in the game. There are several reasons for its popularity, but the most important aspect is the lack of competition.

Most of Palia’s resources are available to everyone on your current server, where a few dozen players will wander around at any moment. However, Fishing is always available, and aside from the trophy fish spawns, which grant slightly more gold per catch, the competition does not matter. 

One of my favorite places to fish is at the homestead, as the easy access to the shopping bin makes it much more laid back. Alternatively, you can try fishing in the city, where the trophy fish can spawn, requiring you to visit the local general store to sell off your catches and optionally buy additional bait for your fishing adventures. 

And remember, you can catch different fish all across Palia, so be sure to explore so you can fill up your collection for some extra Renown. 

Passive Money making in Palia

Gardening is one of your cornerstone money-making methods in Palia. With two plots of land gifted to the player during the tutorial of Palia, it makes for a great money-making method throughout your adventure.

You should know that Palia’s world clock works off real-world time, at roughly two weeks progressing in Palia every day on Earth. As such, roughly one day progresses every two or so hours, giving you ample time to explore the lands while your crops grow. While your crops won’t ever wither, they cannot grow without you providing them with a source of water. 

There are a few ways of removing the need to water your plants manually, but most of these come at some cost to the player. For example, players can add certain crops that provide water to the plots alongside them. Alternatively, players may purchase HydroPro fertilizers from the General Store, but these come at quite a high cost and thus aren’t helpful for players looking to earn gold through this method. 

Collecting Resources – Hunting, Mining, Foraging, and Insect Catching. 

The last early-game money-making method you need to know about is as simple as you might imagine. Simply adventure around and pick up everything and catch everything you come across. That means mining any rock you see, chopping trees, Hunting the deer and foxes, and catching the frogs, bugs, and butterflies you come across.

Then, stop by the General Store or your homestead to sell your spoils whenever your inventory fills up. The do-everything method is the highest earning method, but it depends on your current server. However, as we mentioned, all these resources are available to everyone, so sometimes you have difficulty finding the ones you seek. 

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