Zeki’s General Store Stock list & Aftermarket Quest Explained

Palia Zeki's General Store & Hidden Market explained

The new MMORPG Palia, by the development team of Singularity Six, is finally in its public beta stage. Palia brings out a unique mix of social gaming, skill training, and endless exploration. With only a fraction of the total content, thousands of eager participants go wild over the game, exploring together. Meet the villagers, earn gold, and decorate your own homestead in the new wonderful world of Palia. 

However, as with every beta stage, numerous issues are popping up, and the Palia community raises many questions. In this series of articles, AceGameGuides hopes to help answer some of your questions and bring solutions and workarounds for various issues awaiting their fixes. 

As you progress through the lands of Palia, Zeki’s General Store will be one of your most visited locations. Here you can sell all your excess items and purchase many of the necessities of the Palian world. However, be warned, Zeki is a merchant, and he is, on occasion, a greedy bastard, so be sure to avoid buying here whenever you can to avoid getting ripped off. Below is a full list of Zeki’s General Store wares so far in Palia.

Zeki’s General Store Stock List 

Item NameCost of ItemUse case
Makeshift Arrow 5x20gArrow used for Hunting
Standard Smoke Bomb 5x20gBomb used for catching Bugs
Box of Chocolates200g“Romance” Quests & Dialogue with NPCs after max friendship.
Worm10gFishing bait (lowest Tier)
Carrot Seed15gSeed for Carrot crop
Onion Seed20gSeed for Onion crop
Potato Seed40gSeed for Potato crop
Cotton Seed40gSeed for Cotton crop
Wheat Seed25gSeed for Wheat crop
Tomato Plant Seed80gSeed for Tomato Plant crop
Rice Seed23gSeed for Rice crop
Wild Garlic30g+10 Focus & Cooking Ingredient 
Mountain Morel16g+5 Focus & Cooking Ingredient
Spice Sprout30gCooking Ingredient
WeedBlock Fertilizer 20x40gPrevents Weed Growth on Crops
HydratePro Fertilizer 20x40gProvides hydration for Crops; allows overnight farming.
Flour10gCooking Ingredient
Butter80gCooking Ingredient
Egg24gCooking Ingredient
Zeki’s Shop Stock
Cooking Oil20gCooking Ingredient
Vinegar200gCooking Ingredient
Milk60gCooking Ingredient
Salt10gCooking Ingredient
Sundrop Lily20gCooking Ingredient, Furniture Ingredient
Crystal Lake Lotus40gCooking Ingredient, Furniture Ingredient
Sernuk Meat26gCooking Ingredient (+50/+55 Focus)
Chapaa Meat 26gCooking Ingredient (+50/+55 Focus)
Chapaa Fur26gFurniture Ingredient, Crafting Ingredient
Sernuk Hide26gFurniture Ingredient, Crafting Ingredient
Zeki’s Shop Stock

Zeki’s Secret Shop – The Nightmarket location & Quest 

In addition to Zeki’s “legal” General Store, Zeki also runs the “Nightmarket” below his shop, that players get access to as they gain more friendship with Zeki. Here certain rare and unique items are sold, which players can access by walking behind the counter and unlocking the entrance at the bookshelf in the basement.

To unlock the shop, players are sent on a quest to find the secret entrance, which is located in a sewer pipe south of the Remembrance Garden in Palia, just south of the main city. 

Most of the time, the aftermarket shop sells various pieces of Furniture, Art, and wallpaper that are otherwise unobtainable at extraordinarily high prices, but they make for a great piece of end-game content. 

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