Palia’s Guild Medal Shop Stock & Obtaining Medals Explained

Palia Foraging Guide - Locations & Uses Explained

The new MMORPG Palia, by the development team of Singularity Six, is finally in its public beta stage. Palia brings out a unique mix of social gaming, skill training, and endless exploration. With only a fraction of the total content, thousands of eager participants go wild over the game, exploring together. Meet the villagers, earn gold, and decorate your own homestead in the new wonderful world of Palia.

Guild Shop Medals Explained

One aspect of the Palia open beta’s end-game is the guild shops. Each of Palia’s eight skills has its own guild shop that sells a variety of crafting materials, decorations, and other consumables. Players first gain access to the guild shops in Palia after reaching level ten in the corresponding skill. 

Unlike most shops in Palia, each shop uses its own currency called Medals. Players earn Medals by completing weekly accomplishments, which correspond to real-life weeks. Each skill has three challenges, granting players access to some weekly medals. In addition to these weekly tasks, players receive Medals each time they level up above level ten, with the current level cap being fifty. 

Palia’s Guild Shop Stocks

The Foraging GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Flow-infused Plank310
Heartdrop Lily2010
Dragon’s Beard Peat Moss810
Sweet Leaf310
Dari Cloves1210
Dowsing Rod (Consumable)5010
Forager’s Plaque 14010
Mushroom Woods Wallpaper22010
Kilima Koi Pond (Furniture)112015
Forager’s Planter (Furniture)56015
Forager’s Bonsai (Furniture)98020
Palia Foraging Guild Shop Stock
The Fishing GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Glow Worm1010
Major Hook Time Booster510
Major Rod Recovery Booster510
Major Safe Zone Size Booster510
Major Safe Zone Speed Booster510
Standard Bobber (cosmetic)7510
Fine Bobber (cosmetic)17510
Exquisite Bobber (cosmetic) 27510
Tuning Fork (consumable)5010
Fisher’s Plaque14010
Under the Sea Wallpaper22010
Lantern Bobber (cosmetic)55015
Fisher’s Treasure Chest (furniture)56015
Fisher’s Aquarium (furniture)98020
Palia Fishing Guild Shop Stock
Furniture Making GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Furniture Making Plaque14010
Blueprint Board Wallpaper22010
Furniture Maker’s Tool Chest (furniture)56015
Furniture Maker’s Drawing Board (furniture)98020
Palia Furniture Making Guild Shop Stock
Cooking GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Hearty Vegetable Soup (food)210
Steak Dinner (food)510
Chapaa Masala (food)1010
Cook’s Plaque14010
Ramen Bowl Wallpaper22010
Cook’s Trays (furniture)56015
Cook’s Market Stand98020
Palia Cooking Guild Shop Stock
Hunting GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Standard Arrow (20)310
Slowdown Arrow (10)410
Fine Arrow (20)510
Dispel Arrow (10) 610
Hunter’s Horn (consumable)2510
Blue Peony Firework (10)610
Green Peony Firework (10)610
Orange Peony Firework (10)610
Purple Peony Firework (10)610
Red Peony Firework (10) 610
White Peony Firework (10)610
Yellow Peony Firework (10)610
Hunter’s Plaque14010
Sernuk Run Wallpaper22010
Hunter’s Target (furniture)56015
Hunter’s Mannequin (furniture)98020
Palia Hunting Guild Shop Stock
Bug Catching GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Sneaky Smoke Bomb (20)410
Sticky Smoke Bomb (20)410
Supreme Smoke Bomb1210
Smoke Candle (consumable)510
Honey Lure (consumable)7510
Buzzy Jar (consumable)5010
Bug Catcher’s Plaque14010
Butterfly Lights Wallpaper22010
Bug Catcher’s Lure (furniture)56015
Bug Catcher’s Insectarium 98020
Palia Bug Catching Guild Shop
Gardening GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Blueberry Bush Seed4510
Apple Tree Seed28010
HarvestBoost Fertilizer (20)1010
SpeedyGro Fertilizer (20)2010
Gardener’s Plaque14010
Tomato Vines Wallpaper22010
Well (furniture/water source)112015
Gardener’s Cornucopia (furniture)56015
Gardener’s Growhouse (furniture/building)98020
Palia Gardening Guild Shop Stock
Mining GuildCost (in Medals)Skill Level Requirement
Silver Bar2510
Gold Bar5010
Palium Bar1010
Ore Compass (consumable)5010
Miner’s Plaque14010
Furnace Parts Wallpaper22010
Miner’s Anvil (furniture)56015
Miner’s Curiosity Case (furniture)98020
Palia Mining Guild Shop Stock

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