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Pokemon Community Game Pokedaily Rework: What you need to know

As more streamers participate in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game, one of the fan-favorite features was due for a major rework. For those unfamiliar with the Pokemon Community Game, streamers can add the extension to their Twitch page, allowing the viewers to join in regular attempts to catch and collect Pokemon, train them, and use them to join tournaments and battle other players. A few weeks ago, the developers revealed the long-awaited update to the discord “!Pokedaily” command, which grants players various rewards to use in their favorite streamers’ chat to play Twitch’s Pokemon Community Game. 

How !Pokedaily works on Discord

Pokedaily is part of the official PCG (Pokemon Community Game) discord, where players can earn free rewards by typing the command once every 24 hours. Two Discord rooms are associated with the command, the #Pokedaily-info and #pokedaily room, where players must type the command. Players have received various rewards over the last few years, primarily focused on Pokedollars, Potions, and rare Pokeballs. There are five tiers of rewards, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and the highest tier, Legendary. 

What changed with the Pokedaily rework

In the original version of Pokedaily, the rewards available from Pokedaily were quite varied, with over four hundred combinations of items, Pokedollars, Pokeballs, and Potions, being up for grabs. However, with the new system, the variety drastically increased. The Legendary tier now grants players the chance to obtain regional-exclusive Pokemon, such as Galarian Darmanitan, a PCG-exclusive form of Magnemite, Alolan Exeggutor, and even some Legendary Pokemon that aren’t otherwise obtainable currently. 

In addition, many battle items, level-up and evolution items, and various new pokeballs are now also available through the Pokedaily system. 

All in all, there are now over 200,000 different item combinations available through the Pokedaily system, a drastic change from the previously available four hundred. So, join the PCG Discord and continue your collection of Pokemon ahead of the next major update. For more about the Pokemon Community Game, be sure to read our all-you-need-to-know guide today!

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