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Pokemon Community Game – All you need to know (Twitch)

The Pokemon Community Game, what you need to know

With various extensions growing in popularity on Twitch, the largest live-streaming platform in the world, several stand out among the crowd. Among those is the Pokemon Community Game, a simplified version of Pokemon that incentivizes chat activity by allowing viewers to collect, trade, and battle with Pokemon. There is a lot to learn about the unique twitch extension, so let’s get into all you need to know! 

Commands for the Pokemon Community Game

The way the Pokemon Community Game works, you can play a lot of the game through Twitch Chat. Certain features, like Battles and the discord-exclusive PokeDaily command, require you to access Discord or the Pokemon Community Game Twitch extension, both of which are available on PC or Mobile devices. To start playing the game, you need to type “!Pokestart” in any chat with the extension enabled. 

The most common commands include the following:


The catching command, which you can optionally follow up with the type of Pokeball you wish to use. For example, “!Pokecatch Ultra Ball” would throw an Ultra Ball at the pokemon. 


The Pokeshop command allows you to purchase any item you want from the Pokeshop, like Pokeballs, Potions, or other items to change the values of your pokemon. You earn currency or “Poke Dollars” from participating in the streams featuring the extension by typing at least once every 15 minutes. 

For example, “!Pokeshop Pokeball 10” would purchase ten Pokeballs, granting you a free Premier Ball at the cost of $3000 Poke Dollars. Similarly, “!Pokeshop Potion 5” would purchase five potions to restore your pokemon in Battle instead. You can purchase any item available in the store with the following formula: “!Pokeshop (item name) (number)”. 

In addition to these, there are various commands for Pokedex information. For example, “!Pokepass” shows your current balance of Poke Dollars and your battle rating if you participate in the ranked battling system. Similarly, “!Pokecheck Diglett” would check whether you have registered a Diglett in your Pokedex. You can replace “Diglett” for any Pokemon Name or dex ID. Another option is to type “!Pokedex”, which broadcasts your progress towards the National or Spawnable Pokedex. 

The Pokemon Community Game Pokedex has 898 Pokemon

The Pokemon Community Game currently has a Pokedex with 898 total Pokemon, with 734 spawnable through the regular game. The remaining 164 Pokemon include various starter, mythical, and legendary pokemon, which players can obtain through missions, tournaments, or rewards from Pokedaily. The non-spawnable pokemon split between 92 Legendaries and Mission Pokemon and 72 starter pokemon and their evolutions. 

A shiny chance of ~1/1250

Pokemon in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game all have a small chance to be shiny, with the rumored chances being 1/1250 chance of being shiny. These shiny pokemon have the same unique look as you would expect from the regular Pokemon games, with an additional marking in the name to identify them easily. 

One way to improve your chances of obtaining shiny pokemon is through Cherish Balls, which exist in three tiers. Cherish (30%), Great Cherish (55%), and Ultra Cherish Ball (70%) are obtainable primarily through mission rewards and the discord Pokedaily. In addition, shiny pokemon are often possible prizes in Pokemon Community Game tournaments, but more on that later. 

Another is through completing the (spawnable) Pokedex and obtaining the Shiny charm.

Pokeballs for all your catching needs

There are many different pokeball’s available in the Pokemon Community Game. The three standard ones, The Pokeball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball, all function as you might expect. The base catch rates and costs are as follows: Pokeball $300 30%, Great Ball $600 55%, Ultra Ball $1000 70%. Similar to traditional pokemon games, Premier balls come free with purchases of 10 or more balls. 

Aside from the standard pokeballs you may already be familiar with; the Twitch Pokemon Community Game features a whole range of specialized Pokeballs. From pokeballs like the Feather or Heavy balls, which have increased catch chances on light and heavy Pokemon, respectively, to balls like the Net or Cipher balls which have an increased chance of catching pokemon of a certain type. 

In addition, there are also Quick and Timer balls that work as you might expect. Throw them fast or as late as possible to increase your catching odds significantly. 

Battle with your viewers or compete for rare rewards!

The Twitch Pokemon Community Game features a quite enjoyable battling system, with both a ranked and unranked version. To compete in ranked mode, players need at least one pokemon with 500 or higher base stats on their roster. The battles themselves work as you might expect, with all pokemon scaling to level 50 during battle. 

Competing grants your pokemon with experience, something which will become important in a future update, and Pokedollars to purchase items, pokeballs, and potions. Players gain experience and gold for each pokemon they defeat, allowing new players to start participating right away. 

Something worth keeping in mind for the current version of the battle system is aside from a few specific pokemon from missions who use the move “Baton Pass”, there are no switch moves available at the moment. In addition, the IVs and Nature of pokemon are taken into account when generating the stats for your pokemon as they scale to level 50 for battle. 

The creative tournaments of the Pokemon Community Game

One of the most interesting aspects of the Pokemon Community Game is the community-organized tournaments. A few times a week, a member of the PCG Community broadcasts an open-entry tournament with various rewards and rulesets. The prizes often include unspawnable or even shiny-pokemon, with all participants earning coins for the Battle Coin shop. 

What is interesting about the community-organized tournaments are the wide-ranging rule sets, as often tournaments feature a new theme. To give you an idea of how wide-ranging these tournaments are, the past few weeks featured the following themes: A Rotom-Only tournament, a Heavy-Only tournament with pokemon weighing more than 250 KG’s, a “Babysitter” tournament featuring only pokemon with 300 or fewer base stats, and a tournament requiring the Pokemon Name’s first letters to spell out a certain word. (Ex. Pikachu – P.)

Discord & why you should type !Pokedaily

One of the ways you can obtain unspawnable Pokemon and Poke Dollars is through the Pokemon Community Game Discord. In the discord, you can find all information you need about the game and its future updates, alongside the Pokedaily discord channel. Once per day (roughly once every 20 hours), you can type “!Pokedaily” there to receive a random reward that often includes Pokeballs, Items, and various other possible rewards. 

Shopping for Pokeballs, Potions, and stats changes.

As mentioned earlier, Twitch Pokemon Community Game has quite an extensive shop. The main items you are going to purchase are the pokeballs, but there are many more interesting items available in the shop. A common purchase is potions to restore pokemon’s health as they level up from battles, restoring 20 HP at $150 each. No Super, Hyper, or Max potions are available in the shop, but they are available as a rare reward from Pokedaily. 

However, as catching pokemon is quite limited in the Pokemon Community Game, there are many ways you can change and improve the stats of the rare pokemon you come across. There is the Total Reset item to change everything about a pokemon you caught if it is just not for what you were looking costing $9000 each. To change more specific parts of your pokemon, you can use various items available in the shop. Like the Mood Mint ($7500), which changes the Nature, the Empty Disc ($5000), which resets the moves, or the IV Reset to reset your pokemon’s IV stats. 

In addition, players may purchase Wonder Passes at $3000 each, allowing players to Wonder Trade again, avoiding the usual three-hour cooldown. 

The Pokemon Community Game Battle Coin Shop

An additional system exists to promote community tournaments in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game to provide competitors with Battle Coins. Players can sell these Battle Coins for $1000 poke dollars or use them to buy otherwise unavailable pokemon in the Battle Coin Shop. The stock of the Battle Coin Shop resets every month, with the current stock including a Pokedaily Reset Coin, and the pokemon Totodile, Marowak (Alolan form), Infernape, Buzzwole, and Zeraora. 

Wonder Trading in the Pokemon Community Game

To aid players in working towards their complete Pokedex, the Twitch Pokemon Community Game has a wonder trade system in place to allow people more use from their duplicate pokemon. To make the trading a little more “fair,” the wonder trade system divides pokemon into four tiers, S, A, B, or C, based on the Pokemon’s competitive strength and base stats. A pokemon’s IVs aren’t taken into consideration when considering a pokemon’s tier. S-Tier only includes mission or tournament-exclusive legendary pokemon like Mewtwo. 

The wonder trade system has a real-time cooldown of three hours or instantly when using Wonderpasses obtained through missions or the shop. Players can access the Wondertrade options on both mobile and desktop devices by selecting a pokemon and scrolling down to two options, Trade and Sell. To avoid accidental wonder trades, all trades have an additional confirmation screen.

Additionally, Wondertrade has a 3% chance to return a pokemon of a lower tier or a 1% chance to trade with a pokemon of a higher tier to help speed up the system’s transactions. 

Missions for rare rewards

As a reward for players active in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game, there are five missions to complete each week. The missions often include one or two tasks incentivizing players to participate in the battle system, commonly rewarding a battle item as mentioned above. Two missions to catch specific types or numbers of Pokemon, rewarding an otherwise unobtainable or very rare Pokemon, and many specialty pokeballs. The fifth task incentivizes players to use the Wondertrade system by trading Pokemon with a certain typing.

The latest major update to the Twitch Pokemon Community Game

The 1.0 update introduces various more aspects to the Twitch Pokemon Community Game, including Evolutions, the raised level cap, and the new PVE game mode. Read all about it here.

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