Rare Foraging resources in Palia – Location & Uses explained

Palia Foraging Guide - Locations & Uses Explained

The new MMORPG Palia, by the development team of Singularity Six, is finally in its public beta stage. Palia brings out a unique mix of social gaming, skill training, and endless exploration. With only a fraction of the total content, thousands of eager participants go wild over the game, exploring together. Meet the villagers, earn gold, and decorate your own homestead in the new wonderful world of Palia.

One of Palia’s eight core skills is Foraging, a skill that combines gathering plants and flowers and the traditional woodcutting skill. With more than a dozen different gatherable plants and resources, the skill can quickly become overwhelming. Below is a list of the foraging plants and resources and the best places to find them.

Crystal Lake Lotus and Emerald Carpet Moss Location in Palia

Crystal Lake Lotus’ and Emerald Carpet Moss are exclusive to the Kilima Village map in Palia. The only locations these resources are available are at the south end of the map, in the region stretching from just south of the Leafhopper Hills to the Fisherman Lagoon. Notably, the Crystal Lake Lotus flower only grows directly on the water’s edge. 

Where to find Mountain Morel’s 

Mountain Morels mushrooms are plenty across the “mountainous” regions of the Kilima Village and Bahari Bay maps in Palia. For the Kilima Village map, your best bet to find Mountain Morels is the region from Maji’s Hallow to the Whispering Banks area. If you are looking around the Bahari Bay map instead, you’ll want to focus on the Flooded Steps region and then go to the Outskirts and the Proudhorn Pass. 

Where to find Spice Sprouts for cooking

One of the most common cooking ingredients in Palia is Spice Sprouts. There are several ways to obtain Spice Sprouts. It is simple to purchase them from Zeki’s General store at only 30 gold each. For those looking to collect their own, focus your efforts on the Kilima Village. The two best places to collect Spice Sprouts are the Mirror Fields and the area surrounding the Leafhopper Hills. 

Where to collect Sundrop Lilys and Wild Garlic

As you train your Bug Catching skill, you’ll inevitably need to craft more, requiring hundreds of Sundrop Lilys. Thankfully these are easy to collect, with various spawns all across the Kilima Village map. Do note that Sundrop Lilys do not spawn directly surrounding the main town area, so instead, focus your efforts on the area near and surrounding the Leafhopper hills, as this offers the densest spawn location. If you find the competition for Sundrop Lilys is too high in your current server, you can always look at Bahari Bay instead. The area surrounding the Hideaway Bluffs and south of the Pulsewater Plains provides plenty of spawning locations for this common flower. 

While you are around looking for your Sundrop Lilys, you’ll have no problem picking Wild Garlic to your heart’s content. The commonly used cooking ingredient follows the same spawn pattern as Sundrop Lilys, but unlike Sundrop Lilys, you can only find Wild Garlic during the night in Palia. 

Briar Daisys spawn location in Palia explained.

One of the tougher gatherable items to find in Palia are Briar Daisys. As the Nobody Won quest requires players to find these, the question of their location is frequent in the server chat. The secret to finding Briar Daisys is that they only spawn on the highest mountain tops in Palia’s Bahari Bay. In addition to their tough-to-reach location, they only spawn at night. The easiest-to-reach locations include the mountain tops surrounding the Statue Garden, Proud Horn Pass, and fewer at the Hideaway Bluffs mountain tops. 

Where to find Brightshrooms in Palia

One of Palias rarest gatherables is Brightshroom, an item with various uses in cooking and as an ingredient to craft Dispell Arrows, which help players hunt Magic Animals. While Brightshrooms can spawn all day in the Bahari Bay, they are hard to find due to their lack of possible spawn locations and long respawn timers, and they often hide away under ruins, logs, and caves. 

We recommend two locations for players needing to find Brightshroom. The first is easy to locate, as up to five Brightshroom can spawn in the Flooded Fortress. The second is a bit more challenging to locate, but they are in the area almost exactly between the Hideaway Bluffs and the Windy Ruins on your map (m). The old ruins here are rarely visited, but there are several known spawn locations of Brightshroom. 

As Brightshroom is a Rare resource, players can craft a Dowsing Rod, made by combining six Coral, ten Ceramic, and five Flint, after unlocking the recipe at level eight Foraging. The Dowsing Rod grants the player information for fifteen minutes on the exact location of Brightshroom and several other Rare gathering resources. 

Where to find Coral, Oysters, Shells, and Dragon’s Beard Peat

Coral, Oysters, and Shells are common resources in Palia with a very fast respawn timer. Players can find Coral, Shells, and Oysters all over the beaches in Bahari Bay, stretching from the top of the Coral Shores to Beachcomber Cove. Players may use Coral to craft Dowsing Rods to find rare Gathering resources or Smoke Candles, an item that stops the player from alerting bugs for ten minutes. Whereas Oysters make for great food, shells serve primarily as gifts for villagers or as a resource to sell for gold at Zeki’s general store. 

Similarly, while Dragon’s Beard Peat is a Rare resource, it follows much the same spawn locations as the other resources. The item is one of the ingredients for Honey Lure, which attracts various bugs when placed. Your best bet for finding Dragon’s Beard Peat moss is just south of the Lighthouse Lagoon, as up to a dozen can spawn there at any given time. The main difficulty of collecting large quantities is their long respawn timer.

The spawn location of Dari Cloves and Sweet Leafs explained

Like Brightshroom, Dari Cloves are difficult to locate without a Dowsing Rod. The locations where Dari Cloves can spawn range the entire northern half of the Bahari Bay map. Despite their wide spawn radius, only four spawn each day in Palia, the equivalent of one real-world hour. 

The “best” way to obtain Dari Cloves for those preparing end-game cooking recipes with this rare plant is through the Challenge Medal system from Ashura, though they cost twelve medals each. 

Similar to the spawning range of Dari Cloves, you can find the uncommon Sweet Leaf herb all across the northern part of Bahari Bay. Players can use Sweet Leaf to create various dishes or to craft Sticky Smoke Bombs, a tool invaluable in catching rare Bugs. 

What are Heartdrop Lilys, and where to find them

Heartdrop Lilys is an “epic” rarity flower in Palia, which is part of the players’ introduction into the romance questlines with various NPCs. Like Dari Cloves, their spawn locations are all over the place, and they’ll be challenging to find without a Dowsing Rod. The two best locations to scout are the mountains between the Statue Garden and Lighthouse Lagoon or the mountains surrounding The Outskirts. However, players report spawns of Heartdrop Lilys all across the Bahari Bay, so you may well come across some as you pursue other resources. 

Where to find Heat Roots in Palia

When you are out searching for Heat Root, it is easy to get confused by their location, despite using a Dowsing Rod to locate them. The unique thing about this spice is that it exclusively grows on the side of cliffs throughout Bahari Bay. That is right; you’ll have to climb to reach this elusive spice. Thankfully, despite being a Rare spice, it isn’t in high demand, making it relatively easy to find. The best place to look for Heat Root is in the area surrounding the Statue Garden and Proudhorn Pass, as more than a dozen can spawn there at a time.

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