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Why these are the best themed Rs3 worlds for you

Themed worlds are a massive aspect of Runescape. Utilizing the right Rs3 worlds is important to get the most out of your time. Here are five worlds that massively improve your experience rates and completion time of mini games & quests.

Themed worlds are a massive aspect of Runescape. Utilizing the right Rs3 worlds is important to get the most out of your time. Here are five worlds that massively improve your experience rates and completion time of mini games & quests.

World 84 – Community Portable Skilling

World 84 is easily one of the most useful worlds for all your skilling needs. The primary locations for the Portables are in Lumbridge just north of the Castle (near the Teleport location), at the Grand Exchange, or for high-leveled players in Prifddinas at the Lodestone. 

If you are new to Runescape, you might not know yet what “portables” are, so here is a quick rundown of some of their benefits. Portable skilling location benefits include an additional experience boost of 10% for actions done for the skills, including Firemaking, Crafting, Cooking, Herblore, Fletching, and Construction. Another Portable location is the Plank Maker, which allows you to create planks for the Construction skill only a single square away from the bank.

In addition, each of the portable locations for the skills listed above grants an additional effect. For example, for Cooking or Herblore, you can make additional fish or potions deposited automatically to your bank, which reduces the cost or increasing the profit of training these skills. For something like Crafting or Construction, you have the chance of saving crafting materials or planks instead. 

World 31 – Gilded Altars

World 31 is certainly a lot more limited than many other worlds, but it greatly serves its purpose. At nearly every point in the day, someone from the W31 community is hosting a gilded altar at the Taverly lodestone. Commonly things like Torstol Incense and Perfect Juju Prayer potions (providing a 2% and 5%, lasting a full hour) are provided by these hosts, at no cost to the community. 

The world 31 Gilded Altar community provides one of the best places to train the Prayer skill for players without access to their own. Or for those who simply don’t want to pay the cost of lighting the altar (~200k GP/h) for the marginal experience increase. Do keep in mind that the community and the hosts pay for this out of their own funds or from the funds acquired from donations from the community. A great friend chat to join is the “Altar” chat, which runs most things related to the altar community for more info. 

World 79 – The best world for Community Divination Training

Since the recent update to Divination back in late April, World 79 is effectively always packed with players. For those unfamiliar with the Divination update, it is now beneficial to train the skill alongside other players. All players now increase the duration of the wells of memories (to a certain point), allowing everyone to train the skill in a more efficient and AFK manner. 

The increased memory-spring time isn’t the only benefit to training alongside the community, but an important aspect is increasing the duration and frequency of the memory overflow. Since many players are depositing Chronicles at the same location, everyone benefits from increased rates of Enriched memories, which grants additional Energy and Experience. 

Something else worth remembering is that the Chronicles from other players who choose not to capture or don’t notice them are up for grabs for you and the other players. Doing so is an efficient way to train the early Hunter levels since the alternative methods are quite slow until you reach level 63 for Red Chinchompas. 

W60 (or W71) – Penguin Hide & Seek

A great weekly task to complete is the Weekly Penguin Hide & Seek minigame. There are no initial quests or requirements needed to get started with the mini-game. However, there are several quests you can complete to increase the number of Penguins you can find around the Runescape universe. Finding all of the Penguins, however, is tougher than it sounds at first. A great way to improve the time it takes to find all Penguins for the week is by joining the W60 world, which focuses on the Penguin Hide & Seek minigame. 

On W60, where the Penguins spawn that week, other players are participating and helping each other out. W60 is also the primary world for the “W60 Find Pen” friend chat. The friend chat is an incredible resource since the players can help you with all your penguin-finding needs. They regularly call locations, answer questions about the quests, and help you find the invisible Penguin. You can unlock the invisible Penguin after several Penguin quests and Desert Treasure, which moves around all possible spawn locations every minute or so, making it incredibly difficult to locate.

W2 – Buying & Selling volume items

W2 is a world you start appreciating massively later in the game. Think of the World 2 Grand Exchange as an early Runescape world, where players buy and sell items like old times. While the Grand Exchange is simply more convenient for many things, there are various items you need in bulk in the late game of Runescape. W2 solves many of these issues by selling items in large quantities or items and collectibles valued by the community at more than the Grand Exchange limit of 2.147B GP. 

One of the most common times you’ll use the W2 market is for the Archeology skill’s final stages, where the Grand Exchange limit of Chronotes significantly limits you. It is worth noting that the prices of these bulk items are often higher than they are on the Grand Exchange. 

W88 – Shade of Mort’ton (Quest / Minigame)

An honorable mention goes to World 88, the official word for the Shades of Mort’ton minigame. While it is now possible to complete the Shades of Mort’ton quest independently, it is much easier to complete it alongside the World 88 crew. In addition, the World 88 community is also fantastic to collect Sacred Oil needed for various quests & completionist content. The only downside is that the mini-game only is popular during the evenings of the US time zones, making it difficult to attend for players from other regions. 

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