Runescape Firewall Error 7,28 – Common Causes and how-to-fix

Runescape Error 7,28

One of the most common errors players may encounter when trying to start the Runescape client is running into the Firewall Errors 7,7 and 7,28. The article will cover the most common cause of the “7,28” or 7,7 error and how you can fix the associated problems.

Note: Server Maintenance Notice: July 4th – 10:00 CEST to 12:00 CEST – All Servers of Runescape offline.

The 7,28 & 7.7 Runescape Firewall Error

The 7,28 and 7.7 Runescape errors gives the following error text: 

“There was an error loading the game configuration from the website. If you have a firewall, check that this program is allowed to access the internet. (7,28/7,7)” 

Before you go off and look at issues relating to your internet or firewall, the Error primarily occurs on Monday and Wednesday. If the error occurs on Monday (around mid-day CET/6 AM EST) or on Wednesday between mid-day and 3 PM CET, or between roughly 6-9 AM EST, the cause is almost exclusively related to the Runescape Server Maintenance. The communication surrounding these updates is lackluster at best, which often confuses the player base. 

The solutions for the Firewall Error 7.7

The solution for the 7,28 Runescape Error is simple. Simply wait until the updates are complete, often taking between 10 minutes or 2-3 hours for major updates. Commonly Monday’s Runescape update (for Runescape 3) takes far less time than Wednesday’s Oldschool Runescape Server Maintenance, which is worth remembering. 

Suppose these issues occur outside of Monday or Wednesday. In that case, there are other solutions worth looking into, which we cover in the article surrounding the Update Server Down error for various major games. The errors we cover include synching your system clock and allowing certain services through your firewall manually, which you need to be careful about changing as they can cause different errors if done incorrectly. 
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