Runescape’s Grand Exchange to Implement 2% Tax on All Transactions


The Grand Exchange is a popular feature in the MMORPG Runescape that allows players to buy and sell items with other players. However, the Grand Exchange is soon set to implement a 2% tax on all transactions. This tax will apply to selling items and is expected to significantly impact the in-game economy ahead of the upcoming large Death cost rework. In this article, we will explain some details of the upcoming Grand Exchange tax and discuss its potential impact on players. Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the game, it is important to understand how this change may affect your gameplay.

The effect of the Runescape Grand Exchange tax on the economy

Earlier this week, Jagex published a massive blog post covering the upcoming Death cost rework coming to Runescape. Among the explanations was the proposed Grand Exchange Tax coming soon to the game. Due to the reduction in gold leaving the game through the death costs and Death’s coffer, nearly 65 billion gold daily has to leave the game some other place to avoid significantly impacting the long-term economy of Runescape. 

In the blog post, Jagex reveals some data on how the GE tax may impact the game, with the possible taxes ranging from 0.5 to 5%. For example, with a tax of 0.5%, over 21 billion gold would leave the economy every day purely through the grand exchange tax. As the proposed death cost reduction would be nearly 65 million daily gold, the developers have set out to start with a tax rate of 2% to have some leeway to see how the player’s behavior changes. 

In addition to the Grand Exchange Tax, more updates are coming to Runescape later this year, including raising the maximum gold players may hold from 2.1~ billion gold to over nine quadrillions (32-bit to 64-bit), which in turn raises the limit of items traded on the Grand Exchange by a similar amount. Rare items, such as the coveted Party Hats and Santa Hats, will soon again be tradable on the grand exchange, giving us the first real glimpse into their real prices in over a decade. 
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