Battlegrounds Basics - All Battlegrounds Hero Cheat Sheet
Battlegrounds Hearthstone Hero Guide Strategy

What you need to know about Battlegrounds’ heroes – Cheat Sheet

Battlegrounds is difficult to learn due to the extremely number of unique heroes. We hope this cheatsheet of simple advice helps you start.

There are far too many heroes in Battlegrounds for new players to understand when they first start playing the great game. So, to help them out, we decided to create this guide covering some simple starting advice for every single hero currently available in Battlegrounds.

Be sure to take a look at our most recent guide covering Captain Hooktusk next, as she is quickly becoming the best hero in Battlegrounds. Updated for the heroes of patch 21.0.3 as of August 18th.

A recap of the Basic vs Rafaam Curve

Before I start giving these tips, I want to quickly repeat myself and say that there are usually three types of heroes this game has when it comes to how and when they upgrade. There are standard heroes, Rafaam curve heroes, and special curve heroes. For a quick explanation of how those curves work, refer to this guide.

But to summarize, standard curve heroes are just the normal way you play the game.
Turn 1: Buy
Turn 2: Upgrade

Turn 3: Sell tier 1 minion or token, buy two. Or buy the best minion available and reroll or hero power. Or sell one minion to go to tier three. Going to tier 3 is better explained in the previously mentioned article.

In the upcoming turns, you buy minions and only upgrade when you properly do so while also buying a minion.

Rafaam curve is:

Turn 1: Buy 

Turn 2: Buy, Hero power

Turn 3: Buy and/or roll once Hero power

Turn 4: Buy, Upgrade, Hero power

Turn 5: Upgrade, Hero power

Turn 6: You can be greedy and hero power while upgrading again, or you continue buying minions to replace old ones to keep yourself strong for your upcoming turns.

And then those with a special curve. I will mention it for the hero if they have a special curve. If I do, then please go to the article above to see a detailed explanation.

AF Kay

  • Freeze for Sellemental, Murloc Tidehunter, Deck Swabbie, or an Alley Cat so you can upgrade at turn three.
  • Do not force Hangry Dragons if you are not sure you will win the upcoming rounds. 


  • Have other taunt minions so you can give your hero-powered minion a better chance to attack with the divine shield.
  • Arm of the Empire is a good pick to buff up your hero-powered minion. 


  • Always plan to pivot into a different strategy if you bust on your hero power. Do not focus on dragon composition. A menagerie composition can be just as viable if you don’t get a triple from your hero power.
  • Try to pick up a pair of dragons before going to tier five. There is a high chance that you may get a triple and get a powerful minion from tier six.
  • Level with the standard curve until turn five (seven gold). Then, at turn six (8 gold), level up, and freeze for any dragons you might see in your rerolls in preparation for tavern five.

Aranna Starseeker

  • Unlike most heroes, she has a unique curve of trying to get her hero power out as soon as possible while making a Warband powered by Party Elemental and Molten Rock. When choosing her, know that her preferred tribe is Elementals while disliking Mechs or Murlocs since they are powerful against her strategy.
  • At turn three, at tier two, buy one minion (preferably Party Elemental, Molten Rock, Rabid Saurolisk, or Freedealing Gambler) and then reroll twice. At the next turn, focus on the same minions and reroll three more times. You will take a bunch of damage, but once you get your hero power, you should consistently be able to find Party Elemental and Molten Rock, who together can scale incredibly fast.
  • Only upgrade when you need to look for key cards such as Arm of the Empire.
  • If you do not find elementals, try working with a Rabid Saurolisks build instead. 
  • If both Elementals and Rabid Saurolisks build fails, you can always try to go to tier four and attempt to survive with a Taunt composition.

Arch-Villain Rafaam

  • Do not play too greedy on him for Tavern tier five or six. Always consider your options and health.
  • If you have leftover gold from token generators, don’t be afraid to tier up and get ahead of the normal Rafaam curve. 

Captain Eudora

  • Try to get your first golden minion at tier four, so you can get a tier-five game plan. To accomplish this, follow the Rafaam curve.
  • Do not force the second treasure. There will be games where you just won’t be able to hero power again. 

Captain Hooktusk

  • Hero power your minions to aim for triples, but try to discover units from tier five or six.
  • Captain Hooktusk’s hero power often finds you good buffs or units that generate extra gold, such as Selelmental or Freeloading Gambler. Keep this in mind when you have a turn where you are unsure when to hero power.

Cariel Rome

  • If you are forced to pick Cariel, the best build for her would be dragons. Whelp Smuggler really synergizes well with her hero power.
  • You want to go to tier four and five as soon as possible. Consider doing the Toki curve to get the best out of your hero power.


  • You don’t have to go Elementals. Sure, Elementals help make you upgrade faster, but it is always best to play what Bob gives you and do not force strategies.
  • If you are lucky to get your elementals early on, you can still pivot to other compositions that you find at the upper tiers. 


  • Hero power every turn, manage your gold and invest in Selfless Hero. 
  • Do not be afraid to sell minions that got buffed early on in the game if a better option presents itself.
  • You will not get far with just using your hero power; try to find other ways to scale, such as Brann Bronzebeard or Lightfang Enforcer, to go alongside it.

Dancin’ Deryl

  • Consider staying at tier three in games you aren’t strong. Doing so may be more consistent than staying at tier four.
  • Be careful upgrading to tier six as it makes your dances more difficult. 


  • Your hero power is mutual so try not to invest too much in minions with low health that cannot destroy two of your opponent’s minions.
  • Don’t try to think too much about getting all of your deathrattles to spawn. Do what’s optimal to beat your opponent. 

Death Speaker Blackthorn:

-It is a priority to find Quillboars, so skipping from tier three to four to find cards like Bristleback Brute, Bonker, Groundshaker, and Dynamic Duo is advisable.

-If you are losing, do not be afraid to use your Blood Gems on non-Quillboars.

Dinotamer Brann

  • The most important tribe Dinotamer Brann wants are Murlocs. As the Murloc Tribe provides two strong battlecries for the early game.
  • Consider doing the Shinese/warrior curve when playing Dinotamer Brann. It will provide you ways to find plenty of Battlecries to get your hero power off.
  • Brann Bronzebeard does not need to be your win condition, however, he can be a powerful tool to find others. Combine his ability with Murloc Tidecaller and Alleycat to create triples off their token spawns.

Edwin VanCleef

  • Sometimes you just will have turns where you do not buy a lot of minions. Do not force purchases on him. Just think of your hero power as a nice bonus. 
  • A common mistake with Edwin Vancleef is people following the Rafaam Curve. Sadly, his ability is just not strong enough to justify that adjustment.

Elise Starseeker

  • Elise Starseeker is one of the safer heroes to upgrade to tier five. Don’t be afraid to level aggressively. 
  • You do not need to use your maps immediately if there are better options from Bob’s board. 

Forest Warden Omu

  • Understand her curve and money management. Please refer to the guide here if you aren’t familiar with Omu’s game plan.
  • You should expect to be at tier four and five before everyone else. However, to achieve this, you shouldn’t recklessly upgrade, maintain your board, and transition consistently to the late game.

Fungalmancer Flurgl

Fungalmancer Flurgl – (Updated to Patch 21.0.3)

  • Consider doing the Shinese/warrior curve, since you will be trying to find a lot of token generators to use his hero power.
  • By the time you have all of these minions, once you enter Tavern-Tier Four, you can start selling off unnecessary cards and creating potential to find triples on the shop.
  • Brann Bronzebeard makes everything easier,  but if your triple lends itself to a new strategy you can do that instead.


Galakrond – (Updated to Patch 21.0)

  • Do not be greedy with his hero power. If they provide you with a powerful Tavern-Tier Five that can scale, maybe the best answer is to pick that now instead of losing health and tempo to buy a Tavern-Tier Five minion next turn
  • I do not suggest doing a Rafaam curve on him. (Add link to guide or curve lists) Consider the Toki or Token Pocky curve

George the Fallen

  • Do not be afraid of selling minions that you hero-powered. 
  • Pick up a Selfless Hero to combat against an Unstable Ghoul. 


  • With Mechs available, he can spawn many minions from Sneed’s Old Shredder in combination with Baron Rivendare. Since they have Taunt, this allows you to have a Kangor’s Apprentice that will be less likely to get sniped.
  • Similar to Deathwing, minions that spawn other minions should always be a priority pick early on. Acolyte of C’Thun and Micro Mummy are better minions than most tier two minions. 

Guff Runetotem

Guff has a special curve similar to Toki’s. To make the best use out of his hero power, level up to tier three at turn four, so you can quickly gain access to a tier-three minion.

Optimize your minion choices by focusing on extra useful minions with extra stats such as any mechs (due to easy access to Divine Shield), Glyph Guardian, or Tough Tusk.

Do not be afraid to throw away minions you buffed for better late-game minions.

Illidan Stormrage

  • Illidan Stormrage’s two best builds are Monstrous Macaw builds with beasts or selfless hero or Scallywag Eliza composition. 
  • Think carefully about your positioning when dealing with cleaves or divine shields. 

Infinite Toki

  • You do not have to buy every minion you see from her hero power. Focus on finding your win condition and go from there. 
  • Sometimes you do not even want to use your hero power because you only want minions from the current tier.

Jandice Barov

  • Understand her curve and what she can do with Murloc Tidehunter and Alley Cat.
  • When you get triples from Murloc Tidehunter and Alley Cat, try to get two tier-fives. Only do a tier three and tier five if you are losing too much health and need the tempo. 
  • In games where you might not find an early token minion, aim for AoE buff minions such as Metaltooth Leaper, Menagerie Jug, Strongshell Scavenger, and King Bagurgle.
  • Faceless Taverngoer is a great minion as you can use it on one of your swapped minions and create a triple.

Kael’Thas Sunstrider

  • Pay attention to what is getting buffed next. 
  • Understand that this hero is very midrange-oriented. There will be a time where your hero power just doesn’t matter too much. Pay attention to when that is happening and take advantage of when you are strong.

King Mukla

  • Following the Rafaam Curve with King Mukla is often a great choice. However, it is beneficial not to use all your Bananas in the early rounds since you won’t hold most of the minions until later in the game. I like using my Bananas on minions like Mechs or other units with Divine Shields to get additional strength from the increase in attack the bananas grant.
  • Do not be afraid to sell minions that you needed to buff early in the game; it’s a small loss that you can afford. 

Kurtrus Ashfallen

  • If you find a bunch of minions in a shop that you want to give your hero power buff too, consider staying at that shop and buying all of them rather than upgrading or rerolling.
  • Keep a good idea of how much gold you will have next turn for the last step “Close the Portal”. Buying five minions in one turn is difficult, but if you keep in mind your gold then it will be easy to make work.
  • His hero power also effects tokens and deathrattle spawns. Cards such as Replicating Menace and Ghastcoiler become extra effective on him.

Lich Baz’hial

  • When you are at six or less health in the late game, just hero power, you will die any time you will lose anyways. Just make sure your health is above two. 
  • The best unit Lich Baz’hial can find is Mal’Ganis, as she gives you free hero powers.

Lord Barov

  • Learn every hero first. Learn their curve, their swing turns, and what strategy they are doing.
  • Give it some time before you choose who the winner will be. They might triple at the last 20 seconds.
  • You are going to use the Rafaam curve on Barov unless you win your first bet. Upgrade aggressively but buy minions on the way, don’t be greedy with your coins. Use your coins to hero power and fit your curve when you upgrade.

Lord Jaraxxus

  • It is okay not to have any Wrath Weavers. Just make your demons strong and work from there.
  • It is okay to stay at the lower tiers for a while since tripling for tier five or six is not that important on demons.
  • Be sure to hero power every turn with the Rafaam curve, when you manage to find demons.


  • Know when to hero power your board or Bob’s board instead. One of the best uses of Malygos’ ability is in the early game when you can transform tokens into other tier-one minions on your own board. 
  • Hero power for minions you are actually looking for, not simply minions of the highest tier. 

Maiev Shadowsong

  • Until mid to late game, hero power every turn with her by utilizing the Rafaam curve.
  • Think ahead of when you will get that dormant minion for a triple. Do you want it at the turn where you can triple for a tier four, a tier five, or a tier six?
  • Later on in the game, use your hero power more for potential future builds or triples instead of doing it for the sake of doing it. If you really can’t spare the gold to use your hero power, then do not do it.

Master Nguyen

  • Always think twice on which hero power to choose from. What is the best hero power to help you in your situation right now.
  • Do not be greedy with hero powers if it ruins your tempo. For example, in turn one with Great Akazamzarak’s hero power, do not waste your first purchase by trying to get Ice Block. It’s not worth it.

Millhouse Manastorm

  • Do not play builds where you need specific minions.
  • Understand when to upgrade with Millhouse Manastorm. To learn more, read our early-game guide.
  • There is no reason not to buy Sellemental, Tavern Tempest, or Murazond. Always do it just in case you find a Majordomo Executus or a good random minion from the latter two. As well, Freeloading Gambler is always a must-buy since she gives you extra gold when you sell her.
  • Single targeted battlecries are better on Millhouse since they do not cost as much, and he can buy quite a lot throughout his turn. 

Millificient Manastorm

  • Mechs are the best type of units you could take. However, be prepared to switch into different game plans if you can’t find Deflect-o-bot to be your win condition. Your hero power gives you a decent power advantage over other players if you can get mechs. Take advantage of this. 
  • You often don’t need to upgrade past tier four, and even sometimes can stay around tier three. Your goal is to find Deflect-o-Bot and do the typical mech build. If you need to stay behind at tier three to look for him, do it, but do not spend too much time there because tier four has important minions too.

Mr. Bigglesworth

  • Focus on midrange builds where you can last long in the lobby.
  • Do not be afraid to play only for tempo and for safe plays. Your endgame composition and builds will come from your hero power.


  • Whenever you sell a minion, think about using your hero power instead.
  • In a way, his hero power is like a random Rakanishu hero power except with a different stat line. Use his hero power with that in mind.


  • Do not reroll on turn one for a token generator if Bob offers you a strong tier-one minion. It’s not worth the chance of getting worse minions and losing the next two combat phases.
  • Refreshing Anamoly does not stack with his hero power, so be careful not to play one at the end of your recruitment phase.


  • It is okay to sell the Fish if it does not benefit your build.
  • Place your fish in a proper position where you can get the most effective use out of it, even if that isn’t where it gets the most deathrattles. If you have a Spawn of N’Zoth, maybe it is best to treat it as a second Spawn of N’Zoth and positioning it to attack early instead of later.

Overlord Saurfang

  • Don’t be stingy on his hero power. If you got a minion you want to buy and will stay on your Warband, just use your hero power on it. You might not be able to find the particular card you want if you keep rerolling. Remember, buying a minion with your hero power is effectively four gold, so be careful.
  • Your minions often become a glass cannon if you are just relying on your hero power for stats. Be sure to invest in a Selfless Hero to allow them to attack more than once.

Patches the Pirate

  • Understand how you can use his hero power to work with your curve.
  • Your plan is not to make your hero power free but to use his hero power as much as possible.


  • Take advantage of your extra health by playing slightly more greedy with your upgrades and pivots.
  • He has good synergy with demons since he has enough health to take Wrath Weaver’s damage and makes Annihilan Battlemaster get bigger stats.


  • With Arm of the Empire in the game, you can use hero power more freely now since there’s a way to scale with every minion. Be more flexible with how you use it.
  • Follow the Rafaam curve with Pyramad to get an early powerful Warband of high health minions. If possible, focus on minions that can find a cheap way to scale, such as Micro Machine, Murloc Tidecaller, Wrath Weaver, Rabid Saurolisk, or taunts. Be sure to find an Arm of the Empire if you choose to go with the taunts. Micro Machine is still his most preferred minion choice.
  • Pyramad is strong in the early levels. Use that advantage to be healthy in the mid-game and transition into a composition that scales.

Queen Wagtoggle

  • Rafaam curve with her and try to get minions that do well with the extra stats such as Micro Mummy and Fiendish Servant.
  • Once you have all of your minions big and strong, try to find a Selfless Hero to make your trades better.

Ragnaros the Firelord

  • Get that hero power immediately. If that means not tiering up with everyone else, then so be it.
  • Eventually, your hero power will not be enough, so do not let it be the only way for your minions to scale.


  • You do not need to go to tier five or six to be effective, do not be greedy with his hero power. Spending two gold for additional stats is worthwhile on occasion as early as tavern tier three.
  • Manage your gold properly, so you have enough gold to hero power every turn you want to.

Reno Jackson

  • In situations when you are nowhere near a triple, consider hero-powering a mid-range minion such as Champion of Y’Shaarj or Soul Juggler. You can pivot later or at least make it to the top four.
  • Hero powering Wrath Weaver early on is almost always the best course of action. But remember, you are not pigeonholed into only doing demons. A golden Wrath Weaver will just make you undefeatable for the beginning eight turns in the game. That is assuming you have demons to play with him.


  • Shudderwock performs best with Murlocs and Mechs as available tribes.
  • Do not be greedy with his hero power; sometimes you will not use it in certain turns, and sometimes you will use it with only a weak battlecry.

Silas Darkmoon

  • Do not force the tickets early on since you want them more once you’re at tier four. You don’t force the tickets because there are plenty of scaling minions on tier four that help you build a Taunt composition.
  • When you buy your third ticket at a tavern-tier upgrade turn, please be sure to upgrade first before you buy your ticket.
  • My preferred build with Silas Darkmoon, when mechs are available, is the Taunt Warband. The constant discovers with your hero power at tier four make it easier to find the key cards to this build.


Sindragosa (Updated: Patch 21.0)

  • Now with the new change to her hero power, use her single targeted hero power for cards you do not need right now but would like to see in your next turn.
  • You really only use her hero power early on. Take advantage of your early wins, in the beginning, six rounds.
  • Think hard on your freezes later on in the game. Is your freeze worth it, or would it be better to seek out another minion instead?

Sir Finley Mrrgglton

  • Consider what Bob is offering to you at turn one before you choose your hero power.
  • Your opponent might accidentally think you’re Dancin’ Deryl. I’m not sure how but take advantage of that mistake.

Skycap’n Kragg

  • Do not be afraid to use his hero power when it is around 6-8 gold. You do not need his full hero power to be effective.
  • Since mid-range taunt builds are effective as of Patch 20.0, skipping tier four and jumping straight to tier five is a strategy I only recommend if you have triples ready to be made.

Tess Greymane

  • Do not force doing your opponent’s build if you already have one established. 
  • Do not use your hero power in the early stages of the game, as it is usually not worth it.

The Curator

  • Do not be afraid to sell your Amalgam.
  • I only really recommend playing this hero when there are Murlocs and Mechs available, so you can make your Amalgadon have poison and divine shield.

The Great Akazamzarak

  • If you already failed to get multiple competitive spirits, stop doing the Rafaam Curve and just use your gold efficiently. Besides Ice Block, the other secrets are useful, but the wasted gold will hurt you in the long run.
  • If you feel like you’re going to die the next round but have Ice Block, use that turn to play greedily. Upgrade, buy pairs and don’t waste your gold on using hero power.

The Lich King

  • Try not to hero power minions with deathrattles that could flood your whole board. You may not even get the Reborn to go off.
  • Think carefully about what you want to hero power early in the game between minions such as Spawn of N’Zoth, Kaboom Bot, Harvest Golem, and Imprisoner. It may not be obvious at first.

The Rat King

  • Do not buy tribed minions that your hero power is on if it goes against your established game plan.
  • If you are lucky to get multiple minions buffed minions from your hero power, use your early game strength to find a proper late-game strategy rather than relying on your hero power.


  • Refer to my old Darkmoon Treasures article for the best options in the early game.
  • Be careful about choosing to change your hero power. If you think the game will go to Turn 16, then you may regret it.
  • Tickatus gets an extra spike in power when the Darkmoon Treasures are available. Consider picking him in these lobbies rather than in the regular Battlegrounds games.

Trade Prince Gallywix

  • Keep a good gold count on what you will have next turn. Use this information to plan ahead on what to do in your future turns.
  • This takes a lot of practice, but think fast and carefully once you have a win condition to keep your hero power going.  Make small decisions first such as buying cards you know you want, then take the time to make big decisions last.


  • You can swap any two minions, that includes Bob’s board. If you have a Bronze Warden on your board, you can swap it with a Herald of Flame’s stats to make it stronger. If you have leftover gold and are just rerolling, you can swap your weakest minions with one of the stronger minions on Bob’s board that you do not plan on buying.
  • Another trick you can do is making one minion incredibly strong such as Wrath Weaver or Bristleback Brute, and swapping it onto a minion with Cleave or Divine Shield.
  • It’s a minor trick, but you can swap stats with minions from aura buffs. For example, if you have a Freedealing Gambler and a Southsea Captain, they should have 4/4 and 3/3 in stats, respectively. If you swap them, they will be 4/4 and 4/4.
  • This is a slight exploit that may get deleted, but there is a trick with Necrolyte. Swap stats with one minion with Blood Gems and another minion. Then you use Necrolyte to bring all of the Blood Gems from the first minion you swapped into that same minion (or, if you want, another minion).

This way, you double the Blood Gem stats:
Step 1. Pile Blood Gems on a minion (For example, 10 Blood Gems)

Step 2. Swap their stats with another minion with Hero Power.

Step 3. Play Necrolyte, use her with the minion adjacent to that minion with Blood Gem.


  • Prioritize cards that are already 2/2 or have utility and do not need stats. Cards such as Spawn of N’Zoth, Sellemental, Brann Bronzebeard, Kaboom Bot, Lightfang Enforcer, Acolyte of C’Thun, Tavern Tempest, Primalfin, Freedealing Gambler, and Murozand.
  • She can follow the same curve as Yogg-Saron, but it may not be as effective since minion will not be as strong, however, it is a good option if you find yourself with potential triples from Sellemental.

Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End

  • If you keep using your hero power, you should not lose to most opponents until turn eight. Take advantage of that. 
  • It is best to Hero power when there are three or more minions you want to purchase. 
  • Focus on pairs rather than blind hero powers.


  • If your dragon choices are horrible, do not reroll for better ones in the early game. 
  • Do not focus on dragons only. Think of your hero power as an easy way to get triples. If you triple early for a tier five and find a win condition, then work towards that.


  • Y’Shaarj is not like Old two-cost Elise Starseeker or Forest Warden Omu. While Y’Shaarj can do similar curves, it won’t be as powerful. But one thing he can do is replace your weakest minion with possibly a better one, so do that often.
  • In the late game, do not force using your hero power. It may be a waste of gold if you already have an established Warband.

Zephrys, the Great

  • Hero power for tempo when you are losing and need the boost, then triple for a tier four. If not, then save for a tier five. Do not always try to get that tier six triple.
  • Do not be greedy with your hero power choices. If you need to triple now for that win, then do it. Do not save it for a golden Brann or golden Kalegos.
  • Pay attention to your pairs. Your hero power is random, so it might triple two minions you do not want to triple instead of another pair you may have. For example, you have two Imprisoners and two Soul Jugglers. To guarantee you triple the Jugglers, sell one Imprisoner.

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