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How to obtain “climbing gear” in Temtem

Kiwisa Climbing Gear Temtem

The new pokemon-like MMO game, TemTem, entered early access back in January 2020. Ever since release day, players noticed the cliffs that were seemingly impossible to scale. An NPC nearby references the idea of climbing the wall; however, the NPC states that some temtem climbing gear would be required. With the patch 0.6 update, introducing the region of Kisiwa, the climbing gear is finally obtainable. Here is where you can find your own. 

What is a Climbing gear in Temtem

The in-game name for the new climbing gear is the Gravitonic Piolets. The description of the Climbing gear reads as follows: 

“You don’t really understand how this hi-tech device works, but it allows you to cling to rock faces and climb them with ease.” 

Why the developers opted to go with the design of the Gravitonic Piolets, rather than the earlier mentioned Climbing Gear for Temtem is something many within the community wonder about.

Obtaining the Gravitonic Piolets

Location of Gravitonic Piolets on Kisiwa Map

Players can obtain the Gravitonic Piolets early into the journey into the Kisiwa region. During the second quest of the region, shortly after defeating the Quetzal Dojo, players can talk with an NPC called “Badru”. Players find Badru about halfway through the Jino Gap map, where a forced conversation occurs to progress. After this, walk towards the left side of the region and watch the cutscene of the destruction of the bridge to Upinzani. 

After this cutscene, Badru comes up to you and talks to you about how you can reach Upinzani. Now Badru gives you the Gravitonic Piolets. Now you can access all rock climbing areas in all regions. 

Several notable locations within Deniz are worth exploring once you make your way back to the region in the next “postgame” phase as the game continues development in preparation for the next major update to Temtem. 

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