The basics of Farming in the world of Palia – Explained

Gardening Farming in Palia

The new MMORPG Palia, by the development team of Singularity Six, is finally in its public beta stage. Palia brings out a unique mix of social gaming, skill training, and endless exploration. With only a fraction of the total content, thousands of eager participants go wild over the game, exploring together. Meet the villagers, earn gold, and decorate your own homestead in the new wonderful world of Palia. 

However, as with every beta stage, numerous issues are popping up, and the Palia community raises many questions. In this series of articles, AceGameGuides hopes to help answer some of your questions and bring solutions and workarounds for various issues awaiting their fixes. 

Farming in Palia is one of the cornerstone skills you cannot do without. The skill is one of your main sources of income throughout the game and provides the resources required for the Cooking skill, several quest lines, and even for certain pieces of the Furniture Making skill. However, the skill can quickly become overwhelming, so here are the basics you need to know for farming in Palia. 

The Basics of Farming in Palia

Farming in Palia is one of the first skills introduced to the player during the tutorial phase. To start your journey, the player receives two farming plots, with equate to eighteen plant-able locations. While you don’t start out with that number of seeds immediately, it is vital to plant more as soon as you start exploring the city. As the days on Palia tie to real-world time, you want to ensure you don’t miss out on your progress. Plants need to be watered roughly once every hour, as that progresses a full day in Palia’s time. 

Your crops in Palia can’t ever die but do not progress while covered in weeds or left without adequate water. There are three ways currently to water your crops, with the simplest being to water your crops with your watering can manually every time a new day starts. The other two options are to plant certain crops that provide water to your other seedlings or by purchasing HydroPro fertilizer from the General Store in town. 

Most crops require between three and five days of growing time in Palia’s world and provide two or more of whatever seed you planted once you harvest. Similar to certain crops granting the crops surrounding them with water, there are several other types of benefits the crops may provide, including larger harvests and preventing weed growth. 

The seeds available so far in the world of Farming

There are many seeds available in the world of Palia, and below you can find a quick list of seeds purchasable and currently obtainable in the game. To obtain the best results, try mixing and matching the crops to suit your needs. Longer Growth Time seeds are more efficient with HydroPro Fertilizers and provide more experience once harvested, thus making great overnight farming choices. 

CropGrowth Time (days)BenefitCost of Seed
CarrotThreePrevent Weeds15g
PotatoFiveWaters Crops40g
OnionFourPrevent Weeds20g
TomatoFourWaters Crops80g
WheatFourBoosts Yield25g
RiceThreeBoosts Yield23g
BlueberryNineBoosts Growth SpeedNot for sale
Apple TwelveBoosts Growth SpeedNot for sale
CottonFiveBoosts Quality40g
Seed types & information in Palia

The Seed Maker Machine

Once you reach level three in the Farming skill, Badruu, the farmer, will sell you the recipe for the Seed Maker Machine for a hundred gold. The machine drastically improves your earning potential from the Farming skill, allowing you to turn your crops back into several seeds per crop. Turning your crops into seeds requires a varying amount of (real-world) time but is vital to making you into a master farmer. 

In addition, it is currently the main way of obtaining Blueberry Bush and Apple Tree seeds, as these are almost impossible to obtain otherwise, as very few players have progressed that far into the game of Palia. As it is possible to request up to four sets of items from the community per day (resetting at six AM ET, real-world time), you can access certain crops far earlier than your farming level grants you access to, making far more progress during your early levels possible. 

Another great way of accessing seeds, if you want to avoid getting ripped off by Zeki and his General Store, is to purchase crops you don’t have from the Farming Shop run by Badruu at his farm and then turning them into seeds with your machine. This method is especially valuable for high-cost seeds like Cotton and Tomatoes. 

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