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The basics of how to play Jandice Barov in Battlegrounds

We all know Jandice Barov has a lot of potential in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. However, she might seem difficult to play at first since her ability requires more advanced strategy than many of the heroes around today. Because of that, I’m happy to share some tips & tricks to get you started on one of my favorite heroes in Battlegrounds, Jandice Barov.

The Jandice Barov Guide was the most required guide from the community, so here goes! 

Do note that Jandice Barov performs best in a game with both Beasts & Murlocs available. Try and keep that in mind at the hero selection stage, as she becomes much weaker without access to an early game token generator like Alleycat or Murloc Tidehunter.

The first thing you should know about Jandice Barov.

The best-case scenario for Jandice Barov is to start with one of the token generators we mentioned before. Due to Jandice Barov’s ability, Swap, Lock, & Shop It, you get a near-guaranteed two triples early in the game. Often allowing you to snowball the game from very early on. Here is how you accomplish this:

  1. Buy (Token Generator) & use your ability on the minion *generating* the token. Doing so returns the token generator to the tavern for your next rounds and allows you to play a stronger round one & two board. Remember to lock your board before the timer runs out.
  2. Turn two, we simply level up & lock the board again. 
  3. On turn three, buy your token generator and use your ability on the minion generating the token once more.
  4. Now, buy back the token generator a third time, and choose the strongest tier-three minion available. 
  5. Turn four, you have access to six gold here, return the token generator to the store, buy it & buy the strongest available minion alongside it. 
  6. Now, at turn five, level up, return the generator to the store & buy it once more. 
  7. Turn six, level again, sell your weak units, play the token, return it, and buy it a final time. 
  8. At this point, you are likely to lose the round. However, you should often find a way to start scaling into the late-game from here onward with your tier-five unit. 

To see the strategy in action, watch the VOD of Tenacity191 on twitch.

Throughout all of this, pay attention to your board space & additional token generators of the same type. Buying additional ones improves the speed of finding your triples and could allow you to follow a more aggressive gameplan with tier-four units instead.

What if I don’t find a token generator on turn one?

Finding the token on turn two or three is fine as well. Make sure to use it to get your triples! Just follow the same path we did earlier, and you will have your triples, just one turn later. Delaying it by a turn is significantly weaker, but it is still very possible to reach a good placement or even win the game from this point. Never give up! 

Another card to look out for is Khadgar. Khadgar allows you to increase the number of triples you get as it doubles the number of tokens it spawns. At the highest rating, players developed a complex strategy involving Khadgar and Brann Bronzebeard to generate large numbers of triples, but that is a story for another day. The simple strategy with Khadgar works perfectly fine for most of us, generating one or two triples every turn if you have the board space & gold available for it.

Not every game works out the way we want, however. If you don’t get any token generators, simply follow the normal gameplan. Jandice Barov’s ability works well enough by simply upgrading your weakest units or switching strong Battlecry units. 

How to play as Jandice Barov in the mid-game. 

In the mid-game as Jandice Barov, there are certain advantages you can pursue. Some of the best ways to do this involve Brann Bronzebeard, the minion that doubles all battlecries. Just a few examples of great combinations Brann Bronzebeard allows for alongside Jandice Barov’s ability are Murlocs, Menagerie Jug, Annihilan Battlemaster, and Tavern Tempest alongside Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare. Or honestly, any of the other strong battlecry units with the right units to go alongside it. 

Try to use your eight or nine-gold triple to get one of the strong setup minions, and snowball the game from there. Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare is particularly strong alongside Jandice Barov’s ability. The reason for that is the guaranteed elemental each turn, which becomes even stronger once you get access to a Tavern Tempest or Djinni of Zephrys.

Brann Bronzebeard is the strongest, alongside a board of powerful murlocs. By swapping a Bugurgle or Primalfin Lookout, you can quickly scale to an overpowering board state to win the late-game fights. If Murlocs aren’t a good option, many of the strong battlecry minions we mentioned earlier make for a solid win condition. 

The final gameplan is Annihilan Battlemaster. As it is quite weak in the late stages due to Poison, it’s not something to which we can fully commit. However, Annihilan Battlemaster is one of the strongest mid-game units available due to the massive number of Health it reaches early on and scales incredibly well with Jandice Barov’s ability.

Closing out the game with Jandice Barov.

If everything went according to plan, you should be big by now and create a winning comp. Some of the favorite end-game compositions for me include Murlocs with Amalgadon or a strong team of Elementals. I hope this guide will help you climb, do let me know if you have any questions!

I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to our Educational BG Community, with guides, tons of people to spectate and tutor you – all for free! It’s also a great place to ask questions and share your overall gaming experience.

We are building a place for players who want to learn, and we would love to have you join us! For more of Tenacity, be sure to read his latest guide to Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare & the Elemental Tribe.

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