Datadecks wild report 3

We are happy to present a comprehensive list of Wild Hearthstone Streamer Decks in the Darkmoon Faire. All data used is provided by Donkey. Data & Image Formatting by Gerben from the DataDecks Discord! To avoid load time issues, each of the archetypes is separated into tabs. To find lists for your favorite archetypes, simply press the button & copy the deck codes!

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  • Druid : [Aggro Druid, Beast Jade Druid, Jade Druid, Malygos Druid, Reno Druid, Spell Druid]
  • Mage : [LPG Mage, Quest Mage, Reno Secret Mage, Secret Mage]
  • Paladin : [Exodia Paladin, Handbuff Paladin, Libram Paladin, Murloc Paladin, Odd Paladin, Pure Paladin]
  • Priest : [Big Priest, Reno Combo Priest]
  • Rogue : [Aggro Rogue, Burgle Quest Rogue, Kingsbane Rogue, Mill Rogue, Odd Rogue, Reno Rogue, Shuffle Rogue]
  • Warlock : [Darkglare Warlock, Discard Warlock, Reno Warlock]
  • Warrior : [DMH Warrior, Odd Warrior]


The categorization was done primarily by categorizing the decks based on the amount of core cards they had of an archetype, the core cards per archetype was pulled from the hsreplay API.
This is a flawed implementation of their API and as such the decks are not always categorized correctly, after the initial categorization the decks are categorized again based on similarity to other archetypes within the class and if a deck does change archetypes, I do change their name to [Archetype according to hsreplay mix Archetype according to deck similarity]. Example: A deck could be named [Stealth Rogue mix Tempo Rogue], even though the deck has no stealth cards and is just a regular tempo rogue, but in most cases deck categorization is correct.


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

Warrior sees a surge in Odd Warriors in the later-stages of the December season of the Darkmoon Faire expansion. Likely there is some correlation here alongside the lack of Warrior archetypes like Bomb & Pirate (Galakrond) Warrior featured in the previous reports.

Odd Warrior

Odd Warrior #1: AAEBAQcIhReS+AKe+AKGnQPbrQP2wgP5wgOT0AMLS6IE+Af/B6kVgq0CyucCzqID2a0DuLkD4swDAA==

Odd Warrior #2: AAEBAQcKhReS+AKe+AKGnQPbrQOIsQP5wgPizAObzQOT0AMKS6IE+Af/B6kVgq0CyucC2a0DuLkD9sIDAA==

Odd Warrior #3: AAEBAQcOhReCrQKa7gKS+AKe+AKO+wKe+wKggAOGnQPyqAPbrQP5wgPizAOT0AMIS6IE+Af/B/4NyucCuLkD9sIDAA==

Odd Warrior #4: 


Odd Warrior #5: AAEBAQcKhRfi8gKS+AKe+AKGnQPbrQOIsQP5wgPizAOT0AMKS6IE+Af/B6kVgq0CyucC2a0DuLkD9sIDAA==

Odd Warrior #6: AAEBAQcIhReS+AKe+AKGnQPbrQP5wgObzQOT0AMLS6IE+Af/B6kVgq0CyucC2a0DuLkD9sID4swDAA==

Deadman’s Hand Warrior

DMH Warrior #1: AAEBAQcGhRfgrAL8owPerQO+uQOT0AMMkAOiBNQE+Af7DN/EAo7OAp3wArP8AqGhA6S2A5y7AwA=


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

The prevalence of Reno Warlock is quite surprising, considering the generally considered “stronger” archetype of Darkglare Warlock lacks representation. One reason for the discrepancy could be that people are unlikely to enjoy watching their favorite streamers play the deck that is so common on the ranked ladder.

Reno Warlock

Reno Warlock #1: AAEBAf0GHsQI/g2ODsIP1hHDFoQXhRfgrALYuwLexALfxAKPxwLnywKuzQLy0AKX0wLo5wLD6gKc+AKggAOhoQP8owOdqQPrrAOntQPEuQO9vgPXzgP0zgMAAA==

Reno Warlock #2: AAEBAf0GHtwGjg76DsIPwxaEF4UX4KwC2LsC38QCj8cC58sCrs0Cl9MC6OcCw+oCnPgCoIADoaED/KMDnakD66wDiLEDp7UDxLkDj84D184D9M4Dxt4DzuEDAAA=

Reno Warlock #3: AAEBAf0GHtwGjg7CD8MWhRfgrALYuwLexALfxALnywKuzQLy0AKX0wLo5wLD6gLF8wKc+AKhoQP8owP9pAOdqQPrrAPEuQO9vgOVzQPXzgP0zgPO0gOV3gPO4QMAAA==

Reno Warlock #4: AAEBAf0GHtwGjg76DsIPwxaEF4UX4KwC2LsC3sQC38QCj8cC58sCrs0C8tACl9MC6OcCw+oCnPgCoIADoaED/KMDnakD66wDp7UDxLkDj84D184Dxt4DzuEDAAA=

Reno Warlock #5: AAEBAf0GHtwG+g7CD/0RwxaEF4UX4KwC2LsC38QC58sCrs0C8tACl9MC6OcCw+oCnPgCoIADoaED/KMDnakD66wDp7UDxLkDvb4Dj84D184D9M4Dxt4DzuEDAAA=

Reno Warlock #6: AAEBAf0GHooBjg7CD9YRwxaEF4UX4KwC2LsC3sQC38QCj8cC58sCrs0C8tACl9MC6OcCw+oCnPgCoIADoaED/KMDnakD66wDp7UDxLkDvb4Dj84D9M4DzuEDAAA=

Reno Warlock #7: AAEBAf0GHtsGxAjMCI4O1hH9EcMWhRfgrALYuwLKwwLexALfxALnywKuzQKX0wLo5wLD6gL26gKc+AKggAP8owOEpwPrrAPEuQOPzgPXzgOS3gPO4QO84wMAAA==

Discard Warlock

Discard Warlock #1: AAEBAf0GAo+CA9a5Aw4w0AT3BM4HwgjEFK+sAtSzAry2Av2kA7W5A7a5A9XRA9DhAwA=

Discard Warlock #2: AAEBAf0GBK+sAvbqAo+CA9a5Aw0w0AT3BM4HwgjZFdSzAry2Av2kA7W5A7a5A9XRA9DhAwA=

Darkglare Warlock

Darkglare Warlock #1: AAEBAf0GBK8Ezgf6Do+CAw3OBsQI3Ary0AKI0gLx9wLXiQPLuQOVzQObzQOfzQPXzgPB0QMA

Darkglare Warlock #2: AAEBAf0GBKECzgf6Do+CAw3OBsQI3Ary0AKI0gLx9wLXiQPLuQOVzQObzQOfzQPXzgPB0QMA


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

Shaman continues its fall from grace in the Wild Hearthstone format, as Even Shaman is the one remaining archetype for the class to see any degree of success in the December season. Shaman fanatics are calling for the return of the Saronite Chain Gang. A card previously featured in Shudderwock Shaman received a nerf a long time ago that significantly damaged the archetype.

Even Shaman

Even Shaman #1: AAEBAaoIBuHpAs30AualA4OnA5PCA6feAwzWD7IU+6oCoLYC9r0ClO8C9vACj/sC9ooD2qUDrK0Dqt4DAA==

Even Shaman #2: AAEBAaoIBM30AqH4AualA6reAw3TAb4G1g+yFLUU+6oCoLYC9r0ClO8CnaMD2qUD+aUD+84DAA==


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

Rogue sees a variety of archetypes near the end of the December season. However, Kingsbane Rogue still stands far above the other archetypes.

Shuffle Rogue

Shuffle Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHCLICrwT6DpG8AsGuA9nRA+rdA8PhAwu0Ae0C1AXc0QKPlwO+rgOk0QPf3QPl3QPn3QPz3QMA

Reno Rogue

Reno Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHHrQB7QKIB4YJ9w36DvUPwxaEF8/hAtDjAtvjAsPqAqCAA4+XA4mbA/yjA/WnA6e1A8y5A865A/vEA6rLA4rQA6TRA+XTA9/dA+fdA/PdA8PhAwAA

Odd Rogue

Odd Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHBq8E+g6bFJG8Ap74AtnRAwzLA9QFmxWm7wK/rgO5uAOqywObzQOI0AOk0QP31APs4QMA

Kingsbane Rogue

Kingsbane Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHApG8ArvvAg7LA9QF7gaIB4YJrxCbFeXRAtWMA6rLA/fUA9/dA+fdA/PdAwA=

Kingsbane Rogue #2: AAEBAaIHApG8ArvvAg7LA80D1AXuBogHhgmvEJsV5dEC1YwDqssD99QD390D590DAA==

Kingsbane Rogue #3: AAEBAaIHBJG8AuXRArvvAvPdAw3LA9QF7gaIB/sPrxCbFdWMA+mwA6rLA/fUA9/dA+fdAwA=

Mill Rogue

Mill Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHCJoCywObBYYJgNMC2eMC5/oCndgDC7QBxAGIB/gH3+MCgKYDqssDx84DutUD4t0D590DAA==

Burgle Quest Rogue

Burgle Quest Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHBr0E+g6AEoDTAqeoA/O3Awy0Ae0CpAeGCYK0AvW7AtvjArulA7i2A+LdA+fdA+bhAwA=

Aggro Rogue

Aggro Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHBu0CyAPNA68EkbwCqtIDDMsD1AXuBogHhgnVjAP/pQOqywP31APf3QPn3QPz3QMA


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

Reno Priest continues to reign supreme despite the recent nerf to Lorekeeper Polkelt. In the final two weeks of December, Reno Priest made up over a third of the (successful) decks. Reno Priest beat its competitor Reno Warlock by over 13% in successful representation this time around. The Reno Priest archetype shows no signs of slowing down. Combining the overrepresentation of the archetype on the ranked ladder, with its high success rate, suggest an additional nerf may be on the horizon.

Reno Combo Priest

Reno Combo Priest #1: AAEBAa0GHpwC7QXTCtcK8gz7DPcTwxaDuwK1uwLYuwLRwQLfxALwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAP8owOZqQPyrAOTugPpvgOfzQPLzQPXzgP70QP21gPi3gP73wMAAA==

Reno Combo Priest #2: AAEBAa0GHpcCnALtBdMK1wr7DPcTwxaDuwK1uwLYuwLRwQLfxALwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAP8owOZqQPyrAOTugPpvgOfzQOPzgPXzgP70QP21gPi3gP73wMAAA==

Reno Combo Priest #3: AAEBAa0GHpcCnALtBdMK1wr7DPcTwxaIrwKDuwK1uwLYuwLRwQLfxALwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAP8owOZqQPyrAOTugPpvgOfzQOPzgPXzgP21gPi3gP73wMAAA==

Reno Combo Priest #4: AAEBAa0GHvsBlwKcAu0F0wrXCvIM+wz3E8MWg7sCtbsC2LsC0cEC38QC8M8C6NACkNMCl4cD5ogD/KMDmakD8qwD6b4Dn80Dy80D184D9tYD4t4D+98DAAA=

Reno Combo Priest #5: AAEBAa0GHvsBlwKcAu0F0wrXCvIM+wz3E8MWg7sCtbsC2LsC0cEC38QC8M8C6NACkNMCl4cD5ogD/KMDmakD8qwD6b4Dn80D184D+84D9tYD4t4D+98DAAA=

Reno Combo Priest #6: AAEBAa0GHpcCnALtBdMK8gz3E/wT+xTDFoO7ArW7Ati7AtHBAt/EAvDPAujQApDTApeHA+aIA9qdA/yjA5mpA/KsA5O6A5/NA9fOA/bWA53YA+LeA/vfAwAA

Reno Combo Priest #7: AAEBAa0GHpwC7QXTCtcK8gz7DPcTwxaIrwKDuwK1uwLYuwLRwQLfxALwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAP8owOZqQPyrAOIsQPpvgOfzQPXzgP70QP21gPi3gP73wMAAA==

Reno Combo Priest #8: AAEBAa0GHpwC7QXTCtcK9xPDFoO7ArW7Ati7AtHBAt/EAvDPAujQApDTApeHA+aIA9qdA/yjA5mpA/KsA5O6A5/NA8vNA4/OA9fOA/bWA53YA+LeA/vfA7/gAwAA

Reno Combo Priest #9: AAEBAa0GHvsBlwKcAu0F0wryDPcTwxaDuwK1uwLYuwLRwQLfxALwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAOYmwPrmwP8owOZqQPyrAPpvgOfzQPXzgP70QP21gPi3gP73wMAAA==

Big Priest

Big Priest #1: AAEBAa0GBtYK8M8C1pkDmakDj84D/N8DDPoR0cEC5cwCtM4C4+kCl4cDmZsD8qwD87sDy80D4t4D+t8DAA==

Big Priest #2: AAEBAa0GBtYK8M8C1pkDy80Dj84D/N8DDPoR0cEC5cwCtM4C4+kCl4cDmZsDmakD8qwD87sD4t4D+t8DAA==

Big Priest #3: AAEBAa0GBLe7AtaZA/KsA/zfAw2XAvoR0cEC5cwCtM4C8M8C4+kCl4cDmZsDmakD87sD4t4D+t8DAA==

Big Priest #4: AAEBAa0GBOjQAtaZA5mbA4/OAw2XAvoR0cEC5cwCtM4C8M8C4+kCl4cDmakD8qwD87sD4t4D+t8DAA==


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

While Paladin’s six unique successful archetypes may look impressive, the class is still not quite in a good spot in the meta. While sure, the class sees more representation than Hunter, Shaman, and Demon Hunter combined, no archetype stands out. Odd Paladin is still a favorite among some players, but the deck continues to fall, with Reno Priest gaining more popularity.

Pure Paladin

Pure Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FBtwDucECiMcC4+MChMEDv9EDDOoP7Q/jywLt0gLZ/gKcrgPKuAP9uAPquQPruQPsuQPKwQMA

Odd Paladin

Odd Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FBq8EpwWbwgKD1AL96gKe+AIMRvkK68ICg8cCuMcC48sC+9MC0eEC1uUCteYC9v0C1v4CAA==

*Note* There is probably an error here, but the data is recorded so who even knows. Again, should be fixed in the upcoming update as mentioned below!

Murloc Paladin

Murloc Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FDq8E4AWEF9OqAtO8ArWYA/yjA8qrA8m4A/u4A/y4A8PRA/neA/TfAwjFA9sD4wWnCLPBAp3CAvz8ApupAwA=

Libram Paladin

Libram Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FBvoOiMcC4+MChMEDk9ADw9EDDO0P48sC2f4ClaYDyrgD/bgD6rkD67kD7LkDysEDlc0Dn80DAA==

Libram Paladin #2: AAEBAZ8FCvoO1xO5wQKIxwLj4wKggAOVpgOEwQOfzQOT0AMK7Q/jywLZ/gLKuAP9uAPquQPruQPsuQPKwQOVzQMA

Handbuff Paladin

Handbuff Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FAq8E+g4OiAWnBbO7Ave8AoG9Arq9AuPLAvfQAtn+At3+ArWfA8ikA/2nA57NAwA=

Exodia Paladin

Exodia Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FCO0F+wydvQKO0wLsuQObzQOezQPLzQML+wGcAvYH2f4Cz4YD7IYDlaYDyrgD/bgD67kDn80DAA==


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

Mage, and in particular Secret Mage, is one of the biggest successors from Hearthstone’s latest nerf patch. Many popular tier-lists now rank Secret Mage as one of the best decks right alongside Darkglare Warlock & Reno Priest. Some players even go as far as to call for a nerf to Arcane Flakmage due to its potential against other aggressive matchups.

Secret Mage

Secret Mage #1: AAEBAf0EBL+kA8K4A5DhA5XhAw1xuwLsBfcN17YC67oCh70CwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDkeEDAA==

Secret Mage #2: AAEBAf0EBHG/pAPCuAOV4QMNuwLsBfcN17YC67oCh70CwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDkOEDkeEDAA==

Secret Mage #3: AAEBAf0EAr+kA5XhAw5xuwLsBfcN17YC67oCh70CwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDkOEDkeEDAA==

Secret Mage #4: AAEBAf0ECMAB7AW6Foe9AvSrA5DhA5HhA5XhAwtxuwL3Dde2Auu6AsHBAo/TAr6kA7+kA92pA8K4AwA=

Secret Mage #5: AAEBAf0ECMAB7AXuE7oWh70CkOEDkeEDleEDC3G7AvcN17YC67oCwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDwrgDAA==

Secret Mage #6: AAEBAf0EBnHAAeu6AqLTAr+kA8K4Awy7AuwF9w3XtgKHvQLBwQKP0wK+pAPdqQP0qwOQ4QOR4QMA

Secret Mage #7: AAEBAf0EBMHBAr+kA8K4A5XhAw1xuwLsBfcN17YC67oCh70Cj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDkOEDkeEDAA==

Secret Mage #8: AAEBAf0EBnHAAdm7Aoe9Ar+kA5XhAwy7AuwF9w3XtgLrugLBwQKP0wK+pAPdqQP0qwOQ4QOR4QMA

Reno Secret Mage

Reno Secret Mage #1: AAEBAf0EHnHAAewF9w2JDvoOwxaFF9e2Auu6Ati7Aoe9AsHBAo/TAvyjA5KkA76kA7+kA92pA/SrA/usA8K4A425A9nRA/bWA/rdA5DhA5HhA5XhA+jhAwAA

Quest Mage

Quest Mage #1: AAEBAf0EBNDBAu72ArT8AvOvAw3mBOMRgrQCmMQCzu8CyIcDn5sD4psD/50Du6UD+6wD/awDuLYDAA==

LPG Mage

LPG Mage #1: AAEBAf0EHk2KAcAB9w36DvwPwxaEF4UX2LsC38QCm9MCw+oCvuwCzu8C7vYCxvgCoIADvZkD/KMDi6QDkqQDv6QD3akDp7UD4MwDlc0D2dED5dED5uEDAAA=


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

As mentioned earlier, Hunter, alongside Shaman & Demon Hunter simply don’t stand a chance. With the nerf to Dinotamer Brann most streamers started to avoid the class entirely. However, the main victor in the Hunter class is Even Hunter, which some streamers started to experiment with due to its new tool now that Dinotamer Brann is eight mana.

Even Hunter

Even Hunter #1: AAEBAR8exwPJBK4G9w3bD4cQ1BHVE8MWx64C+LEC5MIC3dIC39ICmPAC7/ECzfQCm4UD+ZYD/KMDn6UDpqUD+68Dh7AD/7oD+7sD7b4D+84DtOEDj+MDAAA=


Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

Druid continues to come along. Consistent as always, but currently not spectacular. There are some playable and even strong archetypes for the class, with the standout being Jade Druid. While it struggles against the popular two, Darkglare Warlock & Reno Priest, it does surprisingly well against most other available decks in the meta.

Reno Druid

Reno Druid #1: AAEBAZICHkBW6QH+AbQD0wPEBuQIig7oFcMWvq4Cy7wCoM0Ch84CmNICntICmdMCv/ICj/YC9fwC2p0Dr6ID9KID/KMD+bUD6LoDm84D8NQD0eEDAAA=

Reno Druid #2: AAEBAZICHsQG5AiKDsMWtLsCy7wCoM0Ch84CmNICntICmdMCm+gCv/IC9fwC2p0D9KID/KMD26UD6LoDj84Dm84D8NQDndgD/tsD/N4DieADiuADouEDpOED5uEDAAA=

Malygos Druid

Malygos Druid #1: AAEBAZICBrQD7BXguwLanQP9tgOuugMMQP4B0wPoFYfOAp7SAr/yAo/2Aoz7Aui6A5vOA/DUAwA=

Jade Druid

Jade Druid #1: AAEBAZICBOmsApnTAtaZA/atAw1W6QGKDrS7Asu8AqDNAofOAp7SAoTmAr/yAvawA5vOA4rgAwA=

Jade Druid #2: AAEBAZICBOmsApnTAtaZA53YAw1Wig60uwLLvAKgzQKHzgKY0gKe0gKE5gK/8gL2sAObzgOK4AMA

Jade Druid #3: AAEBAZICBumsArS7ApnTAtaZA/atA+i6AwxW6QGKDsu8AqDNAofOAp7SAoTmAr/yAvawA5vOA4rgAwA=

Jade Druid #4: AAEBAZICBumsArS7ApS9ApnTAtaZA53YAwyKDsu8At2+AqDNAofOApjSAp7SAoTmAr/yAvawA5vOA4rgAwA=

Beast Jade Druid

Beast Jade Druid #1: AAEBAZICBLS7ApnTAtaZA/atAw2KDsu8AqDNAofOAp7SAoTmAvLxAr/yAvawA5LNA5vOA5PRA97RAwA=

Aggro Druid

Aggro Druid #1: AAEBAZICAoQXkbwCDvcD1AXmBeUH6BXNuwL9pwP7rQPpsAPczAP5zAPG0QO50gPK4wMA

Aggro Druid #2: AAEBAZICAoQXkbwCDvcD1AXmBeUHiA7oFc27Av2nA/utA+mwA9zMA/nMA8bRA7nSAwA=

Demon Hunter

Dust cost of median deck of archetype (left), % of time of all playtime of successful decks (right)

Demon Hunter is bound to struggle for a long time in the Wild format due to its extremely limited card pool. However, now with the new nerfs to Demon Hunter, the class is removed from the format once more. Only a single archetype, Lifesteal Demon Hunter, found enough success to feature in the report.

Lifesteal Demon Hunter

Lifesteal Demon Hunter #1: AAEBAea5AwrtBdYR/KMD4L4D7b4D1MgDztID9tYD0N0D2d4DCoe6A9e7A+C8A+m+A8fGA9nGA9XIA/zIA93TA8fdAwA=

Certain data appears to not be accurate in the report. As such we are taking action to further validate it for the upcoming reports. This process may take a few weeks, but we are working hard to provide better content for the community

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