The best use for Runespan Points in Runescape

Runespan Points are the currency for the mini-game Runespan, one of the primary ways players can train the Runecrafting skill in Runescape. There are various unlocks that improve the players’ experience rates including the Master Runecrafting Outfit, Teleports to Altars, and a stackable Essence resource to make more runes without having to bank. With so many options, however, it is hard to decide what the best use for your points is. 

The Master Runecrafter Robes should be your first priority.

As with many of the other skilling outfits, the Master Runecrafter Robes are a must-have to obtain the best experience rates for the Runecrafting Skill. Players can participate in the Runespan mini-game, or purchase Unstable Essence from the Wandering Merchant if they have the required level to enter the Fishing Guild & Deep Sea Fishing platform. 

The Master Runecrafter Robe set consists of four outfit pieces, each granting a 1% boost in Runecrafting experience and costs 4000 points to unlock. In addition, wearing all four pieces of the outfit grants an additional 1% boost, for a 5% boost overall. 

The 5% boost works at every location where you can train the Runecrafting Skill, so you should consider obtaining it before ever training the skill, or by unlocking it as you participate in the Runespan mini-game. 

The best use for Runespan Unstable Essence

A good option to spend your excess points on, after the Master Runecrafter Robes, is to buy Unstable Essence, a stackable resource that allows you to craft runes at any altar. The Unstable Essence grants the full experience players normally would get from the altar they craft the runes at, making the best place to use them the Blood Altar. While the Soul Altar technically grants more experience per essence for normal Runecrafting Training, it only grants 5% of the experience if you use Unstable Essence, making the method worthless to most players.

Altar Teleports – Why the Astral Altar teleports are surprisingly the best.

The other option to spend your Runespan Points on is Altar Teleports. The highest teleport location available is to the Blood Altar, rather than the Soul Altar. Unlike what most players assume, the Blood Altar Teleports aren’t actually optimal. 

With Runecrafting players can utilize an item called the Demonic Skull, which costs 550,000 GP to purchase. The Demonic Skull, when worn, causes the player to become skulled in the Wilderness and it allows anyone to attack the player. In return for the increase in risk, players get a 250% increase in experience if they recently passed through the Abyss Runecrafting area, located just north of Edgeville. 

The Abyss Runecrafting buff is temporary, so most of the time using the Altar teleports isn’t as effective since only a single Altar teleport & restock of Pure Essence is possible before the buff expires. However, due to the Astral Altar’s teleport locations distance to the Altar, it is possible to use two teleports while only having to path through the Abyss Runecrafting area once every three inventories of Pure Essence. That extra teleport use increases the experience per hour of Astral Runes to become significantly better than the Blood Runecrafting alternative. 

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