DataDecks Wild report 4

We are happy to present a comprehensive list of Wild Hearthstone Streamer Decks in the Darkmoon Faire. Data & Images by Gerben from the DataDecks Discord! To avoid load time issues, each of the archetypes is separated into tabs. To find lists for your favorite archetypes, simply press the button & copy the deck codes!

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  • Demon Hunter: Odd Demon Hunter.
  • Hunter: Even Hunter.
  • Mage: Secret Mage, Odd Mage.
  • Priest: Big Priest, Reno Priest, Mind Blast Priest.
  • Warrior: Galakrond Warrior, Pirate Warrior, Odd Warrior.
  • Shaman: Even Shaman, Odd Shaman.
  • Rogue: Aggro Rogue (Guide coming soon), Kingsbane Rogue, Shuffle Rogue, Galakrond Rogue, Odd Rogue.
  • Warlock: Reno Warlock, Discard Warlock, Darkglare Warlock, Hobgoblin Zoo Warlock.
  • Paladin: Pure Paladin, Odd Paladin, Libram/Exodia Paladin, Hand-buff Paladin
  • Druid: Reno Druid, Combo Druid.
DataDecks Infographics – All recorded game statistics

DataDecks Infographics – All recorded game statistics

DataDecks Infographics – Best performing decks statistics

DataDecks Infographics – Best performing decks statistics

Click here for more about the collection & Categorization of the archetypes featured in the report!


Warrior continues to hold strong in the Wild Hearthstone meta in late January, as both Pirate Warrior and Odd Warrior seem strong contenders. However, both archetypes suffer against at least one of the “big three”, Darkglare Warlock, Secret Mage, and Reno Priest. Because of that it is unlikely for Warrior to take over the Wild Hearthstone ladder anytime soon, but these decks are worth considering if you are looking for a change of pase.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Pirate Warrior

Pirate Warrior #1: AAEBAQcErwSRvALPiQPerQMN/wOoBdQF7gaIDvsPgrACiLAC3K0D3a0D6bADxtEDtd4DAA==

Pirate Warrior #2: AAEBAQcGyAOvBMUVhBeRvALerQMM/wOoBdQF7gb7D4KwAoiwAtytA92tA+mwA/fUA7XeAwA=

Pirate Warrior #3: AAEBAQcErwT6DpG8At6tAw3/A6gF1AXuBvsPgrACiLACz4kD3K0D3a0D6bAD99QDtd4DAA==

Odd Warrior

Odd Warrior #1: AAEBAQcIgq0C4vICkvgCnvgCjvsCoIAD+cIDk9ADC0uiBP8H/g2pFcrnAtmtA9utA7i5A7u5A/bCAwA=

Odd Warrior #2: AAEBAQcIgq0CkvgCnvgCjvsCs/wCoIAD+cIDk9ADC0uiBP8H/g2pFcrnAtmtA9utA7i5A7u5A/bCAwA=

Odd Warrior #3: AAEBAQcIhReCrQKe+AKO+wKggAP5wgPizAOT0AMLS6IE+Af/B/4NqRXK5wLZrQPbrQO4uQP2wgMA

Galakrond Warrior

Galakrond Warrior #1: AAEBAQcGhReRvALjtAPFwAOT0AP21gMM1AXGFYKwAp3wAtitA9qtA92tA/6uA6qvA9KvA6u2A7XeAwA=


Druid is in trouble compared to previous weeks. This time around only two archetypes made the list. The most notable exclusion is Aggressive Druid, which is quite common on the ranked ladder, however isn’t commonly represented by Wild Hearthstone streamers.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Reno Druid

Reno Druid #1: AAEBAZICHkD+AbQD0wOKDugV7BXDFuC7Asu8AqDNAofOAp7SApvoAr/yAo/2Aoz7AvX8AtqdA/SiA/yjA/m1A+i6A+q6A4/OA5vOA/DUA4ngA4rgA9HhAwAA

Reno Druid #2: AAEBAZICHlb+AcQG5AiKDsMW6awCy7wCoM0Ch84CmNICntICmdMCv/IC9fwCxf0Cr6ID9KID/KMD6LoD7roDlc0Dm84D8NQD/tsD/N4DieADiuADouED5uEDAAA=

Malygos Druid

Malygos Druid #1: AAEBAZICBrQD7BXguwLanQP9tgOuugMMQP4B0wPoFYfOAp7SAr/yAo/2Aoz7Aui6A5vOA/DUAwA=


Sadly Hunter hasn’t been a real class in the Wild Hearthstone format for quite some time now. This week, however, Timmy and Eduquesa tried their hands at the Even Hunter archetype to some success. With a few more nerfs, and possibly a new tool in the upcoming Darkmoon Faire mini-set, we might be coming close to the return of a Hunter deck in the Wild format.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Even Hunter

Even Hunter #1: AAEBAR8exwPJBK4G9w3bD4cQ1BHRFMMWx64C+LEC5MIC3dIC39ICmPAC7/ECzfQCm4UD+ZYD/KMDn6UDpqUD+68Dh7AD/7oD+7sD7b4D+84DtOEDj+MDAAA=

Even Hunter #2: AAEBAR8exwPJBK4G9w3bD4cQ1BHVE8MWx64C+LEC5MIC3dIC39ICmPAC7/ECzfQCm4UD+ZYD/KMDn6UDpqUD+68Dh7AD/7oD+7sD7b4D+84DtOEDj+MDAAA=

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter continues to suffer as every card it likes is nerfed because of its Standard format counterpart. While the dedicated Demon Hunter fans still perform on the deck, there are fewer and fewer tools to make the class work in the Wild format.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Odd Demon Hunter

Odd Demon Hunter #1: AAEBAea5AwKvBJ74Ag62E/2nA+C8A96+A9TIA/fIA/LJA9zMA5/NA4LQA9bRA8XdA83dA8/dAwA=

Odd Demon Hunter #2: AAEBAea5AwKRvAKe+AIO1AW2E/2nA+C8A96+A7rGA9TIA/fIA/LJA9zMA5/NA4LQA8bRA8/dAwA=


Shaman is one of the weakest classes in the Wild Hearthstone format, alongside Hunter. The positive news, however, is that some wild players are working on building Reno Shudderwock Shaman, an archetype that is showing a lot of promise in the fun-to-play category. More on the new playstyle in the near future!

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Odd Shaman

Odd Shaman #1: AAEBAaoIBvoOnvgCnM4D0M4D9c4Drt4DDMoWh8QCm/8CrpsDta0D27gDlrkDmLkD4MwDm80DqN4Dq94DAA==

Even Shaman

Even Shaman #1: AAEBAaoIBJS9As30AqH4AualAw3WD7IU+6oCoLYCh7wC0bwC9r0ClO8C9vACj/sC+84Dqt4DyuMDAA==


Priest simply continues to reign supreme in the Wild Hearthstone format. The Reno Priest deck beats effectively everything that stands a chance against other decks in the meta, and it even beats its counters a large amount of the time. The more interesting thing, however, is the return of Mind Blast Priest in an attempt to counter the Reno Priest decks. A large part of the archetype’s strength is the surprise factor, so how it’ll hold up in coming weeks is going to be very interesting to watch.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Reno Combo Priest

Reno Combo Priest #1: AAEBAa0GHpcCnALtBdMK1wr7DPcTwxaDuwK1uwLYuwLRwQLfxALwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAP8owOZqQPyrAOTugPpvgOfzQOPzgPXzgP70QP21gPi3gP73wMAAA==

Reno Combo Priest #2: AAEBAa0GHvsBlwKcAu0F0wrXCvIM9xPDFoO7ArW7Ati7AtHBAt/EAvDPAujQApDTApeHA+aIA/yjA5mpA/KsA5O6A+m+A5/NA8vNA9fOA/bWA+LeA/vfAwAA

Reno Combo Priest #3: AAEBAa0GHpcCnALtBdMK8gz7DPcTwxaDuwK1uwLYuwKXwQLRwQLwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAPanQP8owOZqQPyrAOTugPWvgOfzQPLzQPXzgP21gPi3gP73wMAAA==

Reno Combo Priest #4: AAEBAa0GHpcCnALtBdMK9xPDFoivAoO7ArW7Are7Ati7AtHBAt/EAvDPAujQApDTApeHA+aIA5ibA/yjA5mpA/KsA5O6A5/NA8vNA4/OA9fOA/bWA+LeA/vfAwAA

Reno Combo Priest #5: AAEBAa0GHpcCnALtBdMK9xPDFoO7ArW7Are7Ati7AtHBAt/EAvDPAujQApDTApeHA+aIA5ibA/yjA5mpA/KsA5O6A5/NA8vNA4/OA9fOA/vRA/bWA+LeA/vfAwAA

Reno Combo Priest #6: AAEBAa0GHvsBlwKcAu0F0wrXCvIM+wz3E8MWg7sCtbsC2LsC0cEC38QC8M8C6NACkNMCl4cD5ogD/KMDmakD8qwDk7oDn80Dy80D184D9tYD4t4D+98DAAA=

Reno Combo Priest #7: AAEBAa0GHvsBlwKcAu0F0wrXCvIM9xPDFoivAoO7ArW7Ati7AtHBAt/EAvDPAujQApDTApeHA+aIA/yjA5mpA/KsA+m+A5/NA8vNA9fOA/bWA+LeA/vfAwAA

Mind Blast Priest

Mind Blast Priest #1: AAEBAa0GBgm0A42CA9aZA/KsA/rfAwyhBNHBAuXMAubMArTOAvDPAujQAuPpApeHA5mpA5O6A+LeAwA=

Mind Blast Priest #2: AAEBAa0GBAm0A9aZA5mbAw2XAqEE+hHRwQLlzAK0zgLwzwLj6QKXhwPTpQPyrAPi3gP63wMA

Big Priest

Big Priest #1: AAEBAa0GBNYK4+kCjYID1pkDDZcC+hHRwQLlzAK0zgKXhwOZmwOZqQPyrAOTugPzuwPi3gP63wMA

Big Priest #2: AAEBAa0GAtaZA8vNAw76EdHBAuXMArTOAvDPAujQAuPpApeHA5ibA5mpA/KsA/O7A+LeA/rfAwA=

Big Priest #3: AAEBAa0GBtYK1pkDmZsDk7oDy80Dj84DDPoR0cEC5cwCtM4C8M8C4+kCl4cDmakD8qwD87sD4t4D+t8DAA==

Big Priest #4: AAEBAa0GBLe7AtaZA/KsA/zfAw2XAvoR0cEC5cwCtM4C8M8C4+kCl4cDmZsDmakD87sD4t4D+t8DAA==


The most popular deck on the wild ladder right now, Secret Mage. Since the past nerf-patch, Secret Mage is simply taking over the format. The deck is incredibly cheap, so many players have access to the cards. And, on top of that, the deck is quite simple to play. Many members of the community are calling for the nerf to Arcane Flakmage, one of the strongest tools in Secret Mage’s arsenal.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Secret Mage

Secret Mage #1: AAEBAf0EBL+kA8K4A5DhA5XhAw1xuwLsBfcN17YC67oCh70CwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDkeEDAA==

Secret Mage #2: AAEBAf0EBHG/pAPCuAOV4QMNuwLsBfcN17YC67oCh70CwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDkOEDkeEDAA==

Secret Mage #3: AAEBAf0EBMABv6QDkOEDleEDDXG7AuwF9w3XtgLrugKHvQLBwQKP0wK+pAPdqQP0qwOR4QMA

Secret Mage #4: AAEBAf0EAtm7ApXhAw5xuwLsBfcN17YC67oCh70CwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDkOEDkeEDAA==

Reno Secret Mage


Odd Mage

Odd Mage #1: AAEBAf0EBvoOgbICnvgCqIcD0M4D2dEDDLYTvfoCo/0CpIcDzYkD/acD+6wDiLYD4MwDhc0Dm80DpNEDAA==


Paladin right now has a surprising amount of variety. However, that is because the class has no standout archetype. None of the builds do particularly well against all of the big-three, but many streamers are willing to give the class a chance as it is quite entertaining to watch. Another thing players are experimenting with is the new(?) Prismatic Lens decks, which are increasing in popularity on the Chinese server.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Pure Paladin

Pure Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FBtwDucECiMcC4+MChMEDv9EDDOoP7Q/jywLt0gLZ/gKcrgPKuAP9uAPquQPruQPsuQPKwQMA

Odd Paladin

Odd Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FAp74AofeAw5GpwXsD+0P0xO4xwLjywL70wLZ/gKMrQOVzQObzQOD3gOE3gMA

Handbuff Paladin

Handbuff Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FBK8EpwX6DsrBAw2IBbO7Ave8AoG9Arq9AuPLAtn+At3+ArWfA8ikA/2nA5XNA57NAwA=

Exodia/Libram Paladin

Exodia Paladin #1: AAEBAZ8FBtcTjtMC4+MCh60DhMEDn80DDPYHwg7iEYjHAtn+Asq4A/24A+q5A+u5A+y5A8rBA/neAwA=


Kingsbane Rogue continues its impact on the meta despite not being in the “big three” archetypes. With its consistent, decent performance against any deck in the meta, it is a good deck for those wanting to try something proven, but different. The playstyle of the deck is quite simple, and the recent new build is bringing many people to give the archetype another shot.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Shuffle Rogue

Shuffle Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHCLICrwT6DpG8AsGuA9nRA+rdA8PhAwu0Ae0C1AXc0QKPlwO+rgOk0QPf3QPl3QPn3QPz3QMA

Odd Rogue

Odd Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHBq8E+g6RvAKe+ALZ0QOq0gMMywPUBZsVgcICpu8Cj5cDubgDqssDm80DiNAD99QD890DAA==

Kingsbane Rogue

Kingsbane Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHBM0DkbwC5dECu+8CDcsD1AXuBogHhgmvEJsV1YwDqssD99QD390D590D890DAA==

Kingsbane Rogue #2: AAEBAaIHBM0DhgmRvAK77wINywPUBe4GiAevEJsV5dEC1YwDqssD99QD390D590D890DAA==

Kingsbane Rogue #3: AAEBAaIHBs0DxgWGCZG8ArvvAt/dAwzLA9QF7gaIB68QmxXl0QLVjAOqywP31APn3QPz3QMA

Kingsbane Rogue #4: AAEBAaIHBIYJkbwCu+8C390DDcsDxgXUBe4GiAevEJsV5dEC1YwDqssD99QD590D890DAA==

Kingsbane Rogue #5: AAEBAaIHBIYJkbwC5dECu+8CDcsD1AXuBvsPrxCbFdWMA+mwA6rLA/fUA9/dA+fdA/PdAwA=

Kingsbane Rogue #6: AAEBAaIHBs0DkbwCu+8C390D4t0D590DDMsD1AXuBogHhgmvEJsV5dEC1YwDqssD99QD890DAA==

Galakrond Rogue

Galakrond Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHBrICkbwCl+cCkpcDy8ADw+EDDLQB7QK0hgOPlwO2rgO5rgO/rgPOrwOqywPf3QPn3QPz3QMA

Laboresangre Aggro Rogue (guide coming soon)

Aggro Rogue #1: AAEBAaIHBsgDrwSbFZG8Ap/NA6rSAwzLA8YF1AXuBogHhgnVjAP/pQOqywP31APf3QPz3QMA

In a couple of days Laboresangre is publishing his full guide to this unique Rogue archetype. Stay tuned!


Warlock continues to perform as Darkglare Warlock continues to be the deck of choice for many high-legend players and streamers. The power of free Giants, and the ability to beat any deck in the entire game is simply appealing.

DataDecks Class Infographic

DataDecks Class Infographic

Reno Warlock

Reno Warlock #1: AAEBAf0GHooB3AaODsIP9Q/DFoQXhRfgrALYuwLfxALTxQLnywLFzAKuzQKX0wLo5wLD6gKc+AKggAOhoQP8owOdqQPrrAOntQPEuQOPzgPXzgPG3gPO4QMAAA==

Reno Warlock #2: AAEBAf0GHo4Owg/6D8MWhBeFF+CsAoivAti7At7EAt/EAo/HAufLAq7NAvLQApfTAujnAsPqApz4AqCAA6GhA/yjA52pA+usA6e1A8S5A72+A4/OA/TOA87hAwAA

Reno Warlock #3: AAEBAf0GHooB3AaODsIP1hHDFoQXhRfgrAKIrwLYuwLexALfxALTxQLnywLy0AKX0wLo5wLD6gKc+AKggAOhoQP8owPrrAP2sAOntQPEuQO9vgOPzgPO4QMAAA==

Hobgoblin Zoo Warlock

Hobgoblin Zoo Warlock #1: AAEBAf0GBM4H+g6PggPn0QMNMLMBmBC3bOLKAvLQAtyGA5XNA5vNA9fOA8/RA9DhA8rjAwA=

Discard Warlock

Discard Warlock #1: AAEBAf0GAo+CA9a5Aw4w0AT3BM4HwgjEFNkV1LMCvLYC/aQDtbkDtrkD1dED0OEDAA==

Darkglare Warlock

Darkglare Warlock #1: AAEBAf0GBPoOmxDx9wKL1QMNzgbOB8QI3Ary0AKI0gLXiQPLuQOVzQObzQOfzQPXzgPB0QMA

Darkglare Warlock #2: AAEBAf0GBPoOmxDx9wLXiQMNzgbOB9wKvLYC8tACiNICy7kDlc0Dm80Dn80D184DwdED0OEDAA==

Darkglare Warlock #3: AAEBAf0GAvoOj4IDDs4GzgfECNwK8tACiNIC8fcC14kDy7kDlc0Dm80Dn80D184DwdEDAA==

Darkglare Warlock #4: AAEBAf0GBK8Ezgf6Do+CAw3OBsQI3Ary0AKI0gLx9wLXiQPLuQOVzQObzQOfzQPXzgPB0QMA

Darkglare Warlock #5: AAEBAf0GAs4Hj4IDDs4G3AqbEN3CAvLQAvH3AteJA8u5A5XNA5vNA5/NA9fOA8HRA5feAwA=

Darkglare Warlock #6: AAEBAf0GBM4H+g6PggOL1QMNzgbECNwK8tACiNIC8fcC14kDy7kDlc0Dm80Dn80D184DwdEDAA==

Darkglare Warlock #7: AAEBAf0GCPoOmxDnywKI0gLx9wKPggPtrAPQ4QMLzgbOB9wKvLYC8tACy7kDlc0Dm80Dn80D184DwdEDAA==


The categorization was done primarily by categorizing the decks based on the number of core cards they had of an archetype. The HSreplay API works by pulling the core cards per archetype. If a deck has fewer than six core cards, it will resort to manual categorization based on certain cards included in the deck.
Deck categorization was never the intended use for the API. However, implementing it this way works decently well. After the decks are categorized this way, they are remapped based on similarity to other decks in other archetypes.
The functional categorization may lead to a handful of decks appearing in a different category than they should be, but the overwhelming majority is classified correctly. This way, it is done to keep maintenance costs low and still achieve a meta snapshot with sufficient quality for our readers.
The decks not featured in this report still count for the class infographics and are classified based on either very strict similarity to the successful decks of that archetype or, if none are present, classified based on manual categorization.

For more unique Hearthstone decks, be sure to take a look at our recent Wild Streamer deck collection by Gerben! Do you want to have your deck featured or work with AceGameGuides on creating strategic content? Email, and we’ll talk! For more of AceGameGuides, be sure to join the new discord!

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