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Editors notes:

Hey everyone, while we know nerfs are coming in the next few days, we wanted to make another report to showcase some of the changes we made since our last report based on your feedback. The changes include:

  • Improved images
  • Matchup charts
  • Text copy buttons
  • Improved grading system
  • Improved winrate prediction system
  • And much, much more!

We are always looking to improve, so please let us know what you think!

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Questline Warrior reigns supreme in the Wild format, coming in with an unbelievable 60.7% winrate over more than 2800 recorded games. Despite nearly every Warrior playing the Questline Warrior archetype the winrates don’t seem affected. With yet another nerf coming to the Warlock Archetype it looks like Questline Warrior may become the new nuisance deck of the format, as Warlock is the only remaining “weak” matchup.

Warrior Matchup Spread

Warrior Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Warrior58.6 ± 1.7%1837W-1299LS83206.4 minutes100.0%10.3%
Questline Warrior60.7 ± 1.8%1699W-1102LS+78906.2 minutes89.3%9.2%
Pirate Warrior55.8 ± 11.1%48W-38LB76205.0 minutes2.7%0.3%
Questline Odd Warrior52.3 ± 10.9%46W-42LC138907.0 minutes2.8%0.3%
Misc. Warrior36.6 ± 11.1%26W-45LF+107507.7 minutes2.3%0.2%
Odd Warrior9.7 ± 6.0%6W-56LX-1267015.8 minutes2.0%0.2%
Reno Warrior47.4 ± 22.9%9W-10LD+*231006.5 minutes0.6%0.1%
Big Warrior33.3 ± 25.8%3W-6LD-*128207.0 minutes0.3%0.0%
Warrior Stats

Despite nerf after nerf, and another nerf being on the horizon for Warlock the Questline Warlock deck is far from gone. Interestingly the other Warlock Archetypes, like Even and Even Reno Warlock, continue to creep up slowly in both winrate and popularity. With over 7000 recorded games of Questline Warlock, compared to the combined ~900 games of the “Even” decks, there is a great opportunity for your opponents to make mistakes in their mulligan phase.

Warlock Matchup Spread

Warlock Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Warlock57.0 ± 1.1%4782W-3611LS-73506.2 minutes100.0%27.5%
Questline Warlock57.5 ± 1.2%4052W-3000LS70306.3 minutes84.0%23.1%
Even Warlock59.6 ± 3.8%408W-277LS-67605.5 minutes8.2%2.2%
Even Reno Warlock59.9 ± 7.2%118W-79LA133805.8 minutes2.3%0.6%
Discard Warlock49.0 ± 10.0%50W-52LD+45105.9 minutes1.2%0.3%
Reno Warlock48.1 ± 9.7%52W-56LD207805.6 minutes1.3%0.4%
Misc. Warlock43.3 ± 7.1%84W-110LE-77105.8 minutes2.3%0.6%
Darkglare Warlock20.0 ± 19.5%1W-4LE+*85603.2 minutes0.1%0.0%
Cube Warlock36.0 ± 18.0%9W-16LE*145105.9 minutes0.3%0.1%
Mecha’thun Warlock32.0 ± 17.1%8W-17LE-*106808.0 minutes0.3%0.1%
Warlock Stats

Surprisingly Shaman lost more in both winrate and popularity than Warlock did since our last report. The likely cause here is a shift in overall meta, where fewer people are surprised by both Murloc and Burn Shaman’s damage ranges. Overall, Shaman remains positioned quite well in the Wild meta, with three of its decks maintaining a solid winrate between 52.7% and 54.6%. 

Shaman Matchup Spread

Shaman Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Shaman49.9 ± 2.5%799W-802LD+76605.8 minutes100.0%5.2%
Questline Shaman54.6 ± 5.7%171W-142LB+54806.1 minutes19.6%1.0%
Burn Shaman52.7 ± 4.5%258W-232LB27904.8 minutes30.6%1.6%
Murloc Shaman53.9 ± 6.7%123W-105LB67705.9 minutes14.2%0.7%
Elemental Shaman56.0 ± 11.3%47W-37LB46906.5 minutes5.2%0.3%
Big Shaman43.1 ± 12.9%25W-33LE+73404.2 minutes3.6%0.2%
Reno Shudderwock Shaman43.6 ± 6.4%102W-132LE-224806.8 minutes14.6%0.8%
Misc. Shaman29.5 ± 8.2%33W-79LX-78907.0 minutes7.0%0.4%
Shudderwock Shaman60.0 ± 21.3%15W-10LB-*114705.0 minutes1.6%0.1%
Shudderwock Quest Shaman50.0 ± 31.3%5W-5LC-*133108.2 minutes0.6%0.0%
Even Shaman42.6 ± 14.3%20W-27LE+*52806.3 minutes2.9%0.2%
Shaman Stats

Rogue continues its identity crisis in the Wild format as no deck manages to stick out above the remainder of archetypes. Unfortunately, Rogue currently has bad matchups across the board, struggling to find any archetype to target. The best performing Rogue archetypes are Kingsbane Rogue and Pillager Rogue, which largely pick up wins against the weaker decks in the format while stealing the occasional wins against Warlocks. 

Rogue Matchup Spread

Rogue Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Rogue44.3 ± 2.3%784W-984LF-77505.3 minutes100.0%5.8%
Pillager Rogue51.8 ± 4.2%290W-270LB-66405.2 minutes31.7%1.8%
Kingsbane Rogue51.2 ± 7.9%85W-81LC-74305.2 minutes9.4%0.5%
Miracle Rogue45.5 ± 9.5%50W-60LE+39600.7 minutes6.2%0.4%
Odd Rogue46.0 ± 6.2%120W-141LE83605.5 minutes14.8%0.9%
Pirate Aggro Rogue44.4 ± 8.1%67W-84LE-56904.5 minutes8.5%0.5%
Mecha’thun Rogue35.8 ± 12.7%19W-34LE-83405.6 minutes3.0%0.2%
Bleed Rogue34.9 ± 10.1%29W-54LF-51206.1 minutes4.7%0.3%
Burgle Rogue31.7 ± 11.4%19W-41LX+84307.0 minutes3.4%0.2%
Reno Rogue27.6 ± 9.0%24W-63LX-210806.3 minutes4.9%0.3%
Misc. Rogue26.1 ± 8.6%24W-68LX-84207.1 minutes5.2%0.3%
Galakrond Rogue0.0 ± -0.6%0W-3LD+*141605.5 minutes0.2%0.0%
Quest Rogue47.7 ± 15.3%21W-23LD+*62206.1 minutes2.5%0.1%
Questline Rogue45.2 ± 17.8%14W-17LD*74906.2 minutes1.8%0.1%
Big Rogue40.0 ± 18.9%10W-15LE+*132006.7 minutes1.4%0.1%
Mill Rogue28.6 ± 12.9%12W-30LX+*98905.8 minutes2.4%0.1%
Rogue Stats

Shadow Priest continues to fight as the more aggressive archetypes leave Priest’s historic archetypes in the dust. With strong matchups across the board, besides its matchup into the ever-popular Hunter archetypes, the Shadow Priest remains a solid pick in the current Wild Hearthstone meta. Both Shadow Priest’s winrate and play rate maintain strong, with almost 1900 recorded games and a 57.4% winrate. These stats place the archetype as the 4th most popular and sixth-best-performing deck in the format. A new candidate that recently gained popularity is Inner Fire Priest, a deck with which several Wild Hearthstone streamers decided to experiment. 

Priest Matchup Spread

Priest Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Priest50.9 ± 1.8%1511W-1455LB83405.1 minutes100.0%9.7%
Shadow Priest57.4 ± 2.3%1081W-801LS-84204.4 minutes63.5%6.2%
Inner Fire Priest52.0 ± 7.8%89W-82LC+24205.0 minutes5.8%0.6%
Reno Priest46.8 ± 12.8%29W-33LD240207.9 minutes2.1%0.2%
Reno Thief Priest44.0 ± 14.0%22W-28LE+211406.8 minutes1.7%0.2%
Reno Combo Priest38.6 ± 10.2%34W-54LF+187607.8 minutes3.0%0.3%
Big Priest40.3 ± 7.7%64W-95LF62808.1 minutes5.4%0.5%
Boar Priest40.3 ± 5.2%140W-207LF-49605.3 minutes11.7%1.1%
Misc. Priest25.1 ± 5.8%52W-155LX-75706.0 minutes7.0%0.7%
Priest Stats

Despite seemingly being forgotten by most of the Wild format, Paladin is among the best performing classes once more. Especially its primary deck, Aggro Paladin, manages to maintain a winrate of 60.4% over a ~650 game sample size. In addition, many other Paladin archetypes, like Questline, Even, Odd, and Libram Paladin, manage to maintain strong win rates throughout the United in Stormwind balance updates. Give these decks a try. Uther deserves more love than what the community gives him. 

Paladin Matchup Spread

Paladin Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Paladin55.5 ± 2.7%766W-615LA70106.1 minutes100.0%4.5%
Aggro Paladin60.4 ± 3.8%402W-264LS45605.9 minutes48.2%2.2%
Even Paladin56.1 ± 8.0%92W-72LB+101305.7 minutes11.9%0.5%
Odd Paladin55.9 ± 12.6%38W-30LB-84206.4 minutes4.9%0.2%
Questline Paladin54.1 ± 9.8%59W-50LB-72606.7 minutes7.9%0.4%
Libram Paladin52.5 ± 13.2%32W-29LC109306.3 minutes4.4%0.2%
Handbuff Paladin49.4 ± 8.1%76W-78LD+83305.9 minutes11.2%0.5%
Misc. Paladin43.2 ± 9.1%51W-67LE-79606.8 minutes8.5%0.4%
Murloc Paladin66.7 ± 44.4%4W-2LC*104203.6 minutes0.4%0.0%
Bubble Paladin37.5 ± 22.3%6W-10LE+*128006.1 minutes1.2%0.1%
Reno Paladin31.6 ± 19.0%6W-13LE-*241207.4 minutes1.4%0.1%
Paladin Stats

After one of the Mage class’ best cards, Incanter’s Flow, received a significant nerf, the meta wasn’t looking good for Mage in the Wild format. However, as the dust settles, two Mage archetypes remain standing and are showing signs of life. Secret and Ignite Mage both maintain a winrate of over 50% over a sample of games of just over ~2100 combined. While Mage has a long way to go before being among the contenders in the Wild format, the class is far from out. 

Mage Matchup Spread

Mage Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Mage48.2 ± 1.7%1541W-1655LF+61405.9 minutes100.0%10.5%
Ignite Mage51.8 ± 3.2%493W-459LB45405.4 minutes29.8%3.1%
Secret Mage50.4 ± 3.0%565W-556LC-45106.2 minutes35.1%3.7%
Mozaki Mage51.2 ± 9.2%63W-60LC-52006.1 minutes3.8%0.4%
Lpg Mage47.4 ± 10.3%45W-50LD306406.6 minutes3.0%0.3%
Burn Mage46.8 ± 5.8%138W-157LE55405.7 minutes9.2%1.0%
Even Mage39.1 ± 11.5%27W-42LE-98006.7 minutes2.2%0.2%
Misc. Mage44.0 ± 6.3%107W-136LE-76905.5 minutes7.6%0.8%
Quest Mage36.7 ± 8.0%51W-88LX+84405.8 minutes4.3%0.5%
Questline Mage34.6 ± 8.1%45W-85LX52907.1 minutes4.1%0.4%
Reno Mage24.1 ± 13.8%7W-22LX*223906.9 minutes0.9%0.1%
Mage Stats

The Hunter class continues to perform with two archetypes, Questline Odd Hunter and Even Hunter, finding themselves among the top ten best performing decks. Questline Odd Hunter especially has no signs of stopping anytime soon, finding itself at #3 in both popularity and performance in the Wild Hearthstone format. Two of the less popular archetypes, Even Hunter and Face Hunter, perform well but require more testing to prove themselves. However, the current decklists are showing significant promise. 

Edit: The C’thun Hunter, using the interaction between C’thun and Maxima blastenheimer was bugfixed. As such the deck no longer works.

Hunter Matchup Spread

Hunter Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Hunter54.6 ± 1.6%2004W-1669LA66305.7 minutes100.0%12.1%
Questline Odd Hunter58.4 ± 2.0%1371W-978LS61206.0 minutes64.0%7.7%
Even Hunter58.6 ± 8.5%85W-60LA-76505.0 minutes3.9%0.5%
Face Hunter53.8 ± 8.1%85W-73LB-75905.8 minutes4.3%0.5%
Questline Hunter50.9 ± 5.7%161W-155LC76405.6 minutes8.6%1.0%
Odd Hunter51.2 ± 11.3%42W-40LC-47004.3 minutes2.2%0.3%
C’thun Hunter47.1 ± 4.9%192W-216LE73504.0 minutes11.1%1.3%
Misc. Hunter31.6 ± 6.5%61W-132LX-75906.7 minutes5.3%0.6%
Reno Hunter31.8 ± 18.0%7W-15LE-*183905.8 minutes0.6%0.1%
Hunter Stats

Druid continues to be one of the strangest archetypes in the current Wild format. With Warlock, Paladin, Hunter, and Priest all having standout aggressive decks, Druid just continues to do its own thing and succeed. While Druid’s aggressive archetype, Questline Odd Druid, looks good with its 53.4% win rate, there is a better performing and more popular Druid archetype. Malygos Celestial Druid, sometimes referred to as Combo Druid, maintains a win rate of 55.7% while being more than seven times as popular as the aggressive archetypes. 

Druid Matchup Spread

Druid Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Druid51.0 ± 1.7%1733W-1663LB104206.1 minutes100.0%11.1%
Malygos Celestial Druid55.7 ± 2.5%853W-679LA+139005.5 minutes45.1%5.0%
Questline Odd Druid53.4 ± 6.8%118W-103LB69107.5 minutes6.5%0.7%
Token Druid51.9 ± 9.0%67W-62LC57804.4 minutes3.8%0.4%
Togwaggle Celestial Druid48.9 ± 10.5%46W-48LD+118306.8 minutes2.8%0.3%
Spell Druid48.4 ± 10.6%44W-47LD+49405.8 minutes2.7%0.3%
Celestial Alignment Druid47.6 ± 4.4%246W-271LE106706.0 minutes15.3%1.7%
Questline Druid47.0 ± 4.1%273W-308LE-46407.2 minutes17.1%1.9%
Misc. Druid38.1 ± 7.7%59W-96LF-89706.6 minutes4.6%0.5%
Jade Druid43.2 ± 14.8%19W-25LE+*78007.2 minutes1.3%0.1%
Linecracker Druid25.0 ± 13.5%8W-24LX*97807.6 minutes0.9%0.1%
Druid Stats

Honestly, Demon Hunter isn’t going to be performing better anytime soon. With almost 1000 recorded Demon Hunter matches, the class sits at an overall win rate of only 37.3%. The two primary archetypes of Demon Hunter, Aggro and Odd, follow the path of most other classes where they try and high roll their opponents with a fast, aggressive archetype. However, due to the class’ lack of cards, other classes just do better at whatever Illidan tries to achieve. 

Demon Hunter Matchup Spread

Demon Hunter Stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of class% of all
Demon Hunter37.3 ± 3.0%370W-621LX-64605.4 minutes100.0%3.2%
Aggro Demon Hunter50.0 ± 7.9%82W-82LC-46101.4 minutes16.5%0.5%
Odd Demon Hunter43.8 ± 5.0%169W-217LF+41005.6 minutes39.0%1.3%
Misc. Demon Hunter22.8 ± 10.1%13W-44LX-73506.6 minutes5.8%0.2%
Questline Demon Hunter28.9 ± 5.7%67W-165LX-78806.6 minutes23.4%0.8%
Deathrattle Demon Hunter22.2 ± 6.7%30W-105LX-125606.6 minutes13.6%0.4%
Fel Demon Hunter52.9 ± 25.1%9W-8LC-*71206.1 minutes1.7%0.1%
Demon Hunter Stats

All stats you may want to know

All class stats
NameWinrateGame RecordGradeDustGame Duration% of all
All Classes52.9 ± 0.6%16127W-14374LA76705.9 minutes100.0%
Questline Warrior60.7 ± 1.8%1699W-1102LS+78906.2 minutes9.2%
Aggro Paladin60.4 ± 3.8%402W-264LS45605.9 minutes2.2%
Questline Odd Hunter58.4 ± 2.0%1371W-978LS61206.0 minutes7.7%
Questline Warlock57.5 ± 1.2%4052W-3000LS70306.3 minutes23.1%
Even Warlock59.6 ± 3.8%408W-277LS-67605.5 minutes2.2%
Shadow Priest57.4 ± 2.3%1081W-801LS-84204.4 minutes6.2%
Malygos Celestial Druid55.7 ± 2.5%853W-679LA+139005.5 minutes5.0%
Even Reno Warlock59.9 ± 7.2%118W-79LA133805.8 minutes0.6%
Even Hunter58.6 ± 8.5%85W-60LA-76505.0 minutes0.5%
Questline Shaman54.6 ± 5.7%171W-142LB+54806.1 minutes1.0%
Even Paladin56.1 ± 8.0%92W-72LB+101305.7 minutes0.5%
Burn Shaman52.7 ± 4.5%258W-232LB27904.8 minutes1.6%
Murloc Shaman53.9 ± 6.7%123W-105LB67705.9 minutes0.7%
Ignite Mage51.8 ± 3.2%493W-459LB45405.4 minutes3.1%
Elemental Shaman56.0 ± 11.3%47W-37LB46906.5 minutes0.3%
Pirate Warrior55.8 ± 11.1%48W-38LB76205.0 minutes0.3%
Questline Odd Druid53.4 ± 6.8%118W-103LB69107.5 minutes0.7%
Face Hunter53.8 ± 8.1%85W-73LB-75905.8 minutes0.5%
Odd Paladin55.9 ± 12.6%38W-30LB-84206.4 minutes0.2%
Pillager Rogue51.8 ± 4.2%290W-270LB-66405.2 minutes1.8%
Questline Paladin54.1 ± 9.8%59W-50LB-72606.7 minutes0.4%
Inner Fire Priest52.0 ± 7.8%89W-82LC+24205.0 minutes0.6%
Token Druid51.9 ± 9.0%67W-62LC57804.4 minutes0.4%
Questline Odd Warrior52.3 ± 10.9%46W-42LC138907.0 minutes0.3%
Questline Hunter50.9 ± 5.7%161W-155LC76405.6 minutes1.0%
Libram Paladin52.5 ± 13.2%32W-29LC109306.3 minutes0.2%
Secret Mage50.4 ± 3.0%565W-556LC-45106.2 minutes3.7%
Kingsbane Rogue51.2 ± 7.9%85W-81LC-74305.2 minutes0.5%
Mozaki Mage51.2 ± 9.2%63W-60LC-52006.1 minutes0.4%
Odd Hunter51.2 ± 11.3%42W-40LC-47004.3 minutes0.3%
Aggro Demon Hunter50.0 ± 7.9%82W-82LC-46101.4 minutes0.5%
Handbuff Paladin49.4 ± 8.1%76W-78LD+83305.9 minutes0.5%
Discard Warlock49.0 ± 10.0%50W-52LD+45105.9 minutes0.3%
Togwaggle Celestial Druid48.9 ± 10.5%46W-48LD+118306.8 minutes0.3%
Spell Druid48.4 ± 10.6%44W-47LD+49405.8 minutes0.3%
Reno Warlock48.1 ± 9.7%52W-56LD207805.6 minutes0.4%
Reno Priest46.8 ± 12.8%29W-33LD240207.9 minutes0.2%
Lpg Mage47.4 ± 10.3%45W-50LD306406.6 minutes0.3%
Reno Thief Priest44.0 ± 14.0%22W-28LE+211406.8 minutes0.2%
Miracle Rogue45.5 ± 9.5%50W-60LE+39600.7 minutes0.4%
Big Shaman43.1 ± 12.9%25W-33LE+73404.2 minutes0.2%
Burn Mage46.8 ± 5.8%138W-157LE55405.7 minutes1.0%
Celestial Alignment Druid47.6 ± 4.4%246W-271LE106706.0 minutes1.7%
C’thun Hunter47.1 ± 4.9%192W-216LE73504.0 minutes1.3%
Odd Rogue46.0 ± 6.2%120W-141LE83605.5 minutes0.9%
Pirate Aggro Rogue44.4 ± 8.1%67W-84LE-56904.5 minutes0.5%
Misc. Paladin43.2 ± 9.1%51W-67LE-79606.8 minutes0.4%
Questline Druid47.0 ± 4.1%273W-308LE-46407.2 minutes1.9%
Even Mage39.1 ± 11.5%27W-42LE-98006.7 minutes0.2%
Misc. Mage44.0 ± 6.3%107W-136LE-76905.5 minutes0.8%
Misc. Warlock43.3 ± 7.1%84W-110LE-77105.8 minutes0.6%
Reno Shudderwock Shaman43.6 ± 6.4%102W-132LE-224806.8 minutes0.8%
Mecha’thun Rogue35.8 ± 12.7%19W-34LE-83405.6 minutes0.2%
Reno Combo Priest38.6 ± 10.2%34W-54LF+187607.8 minutes0.3%
Misc. Warrior36.6 ± 11.1%26W-45LF+107507.7 minutes0.2%
Odd Demon Hunter43.8 ± 5.0%169W-217LF+41005.6 minutes1.3%
Big Priest40.3 ± 7.7%64W-95LF62808.1 minutes0.5%
Misc. Druid38.1 ± 7.7%59W-96LF-89706.6 minutes0.5%
Bleed Rogue34.9 ± 10.1%29W-54LF-51206.1 minutes0.3%
Boar Priest40.3 ± 5.2%140W-207LF-49605.3 minutes1.1%
Quest Mage36.7 ± 8.0%51W-88LX+84405.8 minutes0.5%
Burgle Rogue31.7 ± 11.4%19W-41LX+84307.0 minutes0.2%
Questline Mage34.6 ± 8.1%45W-85LX52907.1 minutes0.4%
Misc. Shaman29.5 ± 8.2%33W-79LX-78907.0 minutes0.4%
Misc. Hunter31.6 ± 6.5%61W-132LX-75906.7 minutes0.6%
Reno Rogue27.6 ± 9.0%24W-63LX-210806.3 minutes0.3%
Misc. Rogue26.1 ± 8.6%24W-68LX-84207.1 minutes0.3%
Misc. Demon Hunter22.8 ± 10.1%13W-44LX-73506.6 minutes0.2%
Questline Demon Hunter28.9 ± 5.7%67W-165LX-78806.6 minutes0.8%
Misc. Priest25.1 ± 5.8%52W-155LX-75706.0 minutes0.7%
Deathrattle Demon Hunter22.2 ± 6.7%30W-105LX-125606.6 minutes0.4%
Odd Warrior9.7 ± 6.0%6W-56LX-1267015.8 minutes0.2%
Shudderwock Shaman60.0 ± 21.3%15W-10LB-*114705.0 minutes0.1%
Murloc Paladin66.7 ± 44.4%4W-2LC*104203.6 minutes0.0%
Fel Demon Hunter52.9 ± 25.1%9W-8LC-*71206.1 minutes0.1%
Shudderwock Quest Shaman50.0 ± 31.3%5W-5LC-*133108.2 minutes0.0%
Reno Warrior47.4 ± 22.9%9W-10LD+*231006.5 minutes0.1%
Galakrond Rogue0.0 ± -0.6%0W-3LD+*141605.5 minutes0.0%
Quest Rogue47.7 ± 15.3%21W-23LD+*62206.1 minutes0.1%
Questline Rogue45.2 ± 17.8%14W-17LD*74906.2 minutes0.1%
Big Warrior33.3 ± 25.8%3W-6LD-*128207.0 minutes0.0%
Bubble Paladin37.5 ± 22.3%6W-10LE+*128006.1 minutes0.1%
Jade Druid43.2 ± 14.8%19W-25LE+*78007.2 minutes0.1%
Big Rogue40.0 ± 18.9%10W-15LE+*132006.7 minutes0.1%
Even Shaman42.6 ± 14.3%20W-27LE+*52806.3 minutes0.2%
Darkglare Warlock20.0 ± 19.5%1W-4LE+*85603.2 minutes0.0%
Cube Warlock36.0 ± 18.0%9W-16LE*145105.9 minutes0.1%
Reno Paladin31.6 ± 19.0%6W-13LE-*241207.4 minutes0.1%
Reno Hunter31.8 ± 18.0%7W-15LE-*183905.8 minutes0.1%
Mecha’thun Warlock32.0 ± 17.1%8W-17LE-*106808.0 minutes0.1%
Mill Rogue28.6 ± 12.9%12W-30LX+*98905.8 minutes0.1%
Reno Mage24.1 ± 13.8%7W-22LX*223906.9 minutes0.1%
Linecracker Druid25.0 ± 13.5%8W-24LX*97807.6 minutes0.1%
All Stats (Wild)
Popular Deck Matchup Chart

Class Distribution

For the previous Datadecks, you can take a look at the previous reports here! Standard (1), Wild (2), Standard (3). Or if you are reading this at a later date, find all you need in the all-new Datadecks Category!

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