The Hearthstone 2022 Standard rotation: All you need to know

With less than two months until the first major Hearthstone expansion of 2022, it’s that time again to look at how Hearthstone’s Standard format is changing. In 2021 a lot changed to how Hearthstone releases its expansions, so there is a lot to discuss. From the new mini-sets to an all-new core set for Hearthstone 2022, there is a lot to be excited about.

When is the 2022 Standard Rotation taking place?

The 2022 Standard format Hearthstone rotation is expected to take place alongside the first major Hearthstone expansion of the year, sometime around the end of March or the beginning of April 2022. While there is no official confirmation yet about the exact dates the rotation takes place, we can make an educated guess based on the upcoming miniset Onyxia’s Lair which was released just yesterday, February 15.

What expansions are rotating with the 2022 Hearthstone Standard Rotation?

The three major expansions leaving the format with the upcoming set rotation include the Ashes of Outlands, the Scholomance Academy, and Darkmoon Faire expansions, alongside their mini-set expansions. In addition, we expect a new core set update, which will be freely available for all Hearthstone players.

What is next for the 2022 Hearthstone Set rotation?

Morale is high for the upcoming year of Hearthstone as new game modes, expansions, and updates keep players engaged. The 2022 year for Hearthstone includes four new major expansions, each with new a Miniset, around halfway through each expansion. These new minisets include 35 entirely new cards each, with a focus on drastically disrupting the meta. The new sets, alongside the regular 135 card expansions, bring a total of 170 new Hearthstone cards for you to play several times each year. 

In addition, there is a major overhaul of Hearthstone’s tournament scene and its qualifications, including competitions for Battlegrounds and Mercenaries.

A quick breakdown on what to expect in the 2022 Core Set.

(tentative breakdown, more information expected soon)

The fantastic thing about the yearly Core set is that it’s 100%, completely free. That’s right, FREE! All 235 cards every year, including many cards currently limited to the Wild format, are free for everyone who reaches level 10 or above on the Hearthstone classes.

What is Hearthstone’s new Classic format?

There is no official news yet on the changes to Hearthstone’s classic format, released a year ago. However, many content creators speculate we’ll see an update to the Classic format soon, including the re-release of older expansions to the format. The first new expansion to arrive would be the Curse of Naxxramus, the idea of which excites many players to return to the format.

More on the upcoming Standard Hearthstone rotation will be added here as we learn more.

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