The two-tick Hunter method in Runescape explained

Runescape two-tick Hunter method explained

The two-tick Hunter method is one of the lesser-known techniques used by Runescape players to speed up the rates at which they can train the Hunter skill. Unlike in Oldschool Runescape, the method requires significantly more than a herb and some tar. The requirements for two-tick Hunter are quite high, with players needing to reach level 99 in the Hunter skill to access the Hunter skill cape. The method involves a lot of input compared to the more laid-back ways of training the Hunter skill, but learning the method is incredibly worthwhile for those looking to obtain level 120 or 200 million experience in the Hunter skill. In this guide, we will explain the two-tick Hunter method in detail and provide tips on how to use it effectively to train your Hunter skill

The two-tick Hunter strategy

Once you know it exists, the method is simple: wear the Hunter cape (or include it in your Gatherer’s Cape), drag it to your action bar, and bind it to any easily accessible key. 

Now, press the key it is bound to, and click on the Hunter skill plot. Doing so allows you to make a catch-attempt instantly rather than having it on a four-tick cycle. (~2.4 seconds vs. ~1.2) Repeat this action (key, click the skilling plot or trap) until you have gathered the required resources. 

Two-tick Hunter at Croesus

The two-tick Hunter strategy is vital to succeeding in Croesus mass events and is especially valuable for those first looking to learn the boss to mitigate the effects of the mistakes everyone makes at the beginning. Noteworthy is that this action of two-tick Hunter also works on Croesus’ Core, allowing you to collect additional contribution points or speed up the fight’s duration. 
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