This is why people buy Burnt Meat in Runescape3.

Why players buy Burnt Meat in Rs3 Runescape3

From time to time, at the Grand Exchange or in Lumbridge, players are asking to purchase any Burnt Meat or Crushed Gems you might have leftover from your training. New players especially ask why people would do that and for what they use these seemingly useless items. 

Why do people buy “useless items” like Burnt Meat?

The most common explanation of why people buy things like Burnt Meat, Burnt Fish, and Crushed Gems is to collect these “useless” items. The items have no use, and players can’t sell them on the Grand Exchange. Since they are more difficult to collect than other more common items, like Feathers or Spirit Shards, the collector’s community values them more. Often time the players who turn to collect items like these have too much money to burn. Some PVM a lot, others won a lot through staking, and they just have more money than they can spend on gear, cosmetics, and other items. 

The second group of people, which are more likely the players you encounter at Lumbridge or the Grand Exchange, purchase these items to sell them to the collectors to make a profit. The commonly advertised prices are anywhere between 500 and 2000 GP per “collectible,” but to the right players, higher-level fish & meats are worth more than that as they are less common overall. 

What you should do with your Burnt Meats from training Cooking

The easiest way to get some money back you lost from training the Cooking skill is to sell the burnt meats at a price with which you are comfortable. Finding buyers between 500 and 1000 GP per item is easy, and finding people to pay more than that takes you some extra time. One way or another, it won’t make you rich anytime soon, but especially for new players, the extra gold can be a welcome benefit. 

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